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Hi leaf peepers!
The colors are coming on fast and furious and today I’m pulling reports from Photographers from around New England along with those who leave comments on some of my articles.


Linda Baird-White of Vermont perspectives, says that Orange VT that is in her neck of the woods is looking great.

Brian Padraig O’Connor says: “Woodstock, Vt was another place that had good foliage. Northern Vermont is disappointing so far, I was all the way up in Newport,VT on Saturday and there wasn’t much there.”

Amanda says: “We drove from Stowe, VT to Manchester, VT today (October 2nd — little color), and We are in Manchester tonight — very little color here. We drove in from Stowe.”

John Vose of Jericho Hills Photography submitted: These shots from East Corinth Vermont

In the North East Kingdom (NEK) of Vermont John Rowe of NEKwx shared this drone footage AWESOME!

New Hampshire

Where to start here? There are areas of near peak colors from Franconia Notch north to the Canadian border. but that are areas in this coverage where many areas are dragging their feet for whatever reason. But I know around Sugar Hill is nearly peak. Route 302 is looking wonderful and if you get out of the car at Zealand Valley off of Route 302 you will will find images like this one by Jeff Sinon Photography.

View of Zealand Valley by Jeff Sinon Photography

View of Zealand Valley by Jeff Sinon Photography

These images are from today bu Robert Clifford Photography: They cover the Kancamagus Highway and Lincoln NH and Bear Notch road at the southern end. Both he and Jim Salge (Yankee Magazines foliage blogger) says “the northern portion of Bear Notch road is still green”… (Yes I find this confusing as well.) 🙂

Scott Snyder photography posted this one Near Twin Mountain NH:

Near Twin Mountain NH by Scott Snyder photography

Near Twin Mountain NH by Scott Snyder photography


Up in Errol New Hampshire Chris Whiton of White Mountain images posted these shots:



Steven Beckwith submitted this image of Evans Notch Maine:

Evans Notch Steven Becwith Photography

Evans Notch Steven Beckwith Photography


Also Robert Ford says “we’re in north-central maine around moosehead lake/routes 6 and15, and colors coming out – wondrous reds/oranges/golds b/t greenville and rockwood, and between greenville & kokajo.“.





Escape today

This ends today’s Foliage report. I hope you find it useful!

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3 October foliage report — 7 Comments

  1. I won’t be able to get into the area until Oct 21st-ish. Do you think all the colors will be gone by then? or are there particular areas that will turn later that I should concentrate on? Right now, I’m not that limited on the location although right now I’m planning on driving from NYC. (This can change if there’s another state that will have colors…)

    • It depends on where you are going. Right now the White mountains are beginning to peak and by the 20th the colors will be down in Mass. CT and RI and well faded up north. My big question is what will the severe drought do to the colors down here…

  2. Oooh slow it down! We don’t arrive until the 14th in VT! LOL. It appears just gorgeous there now!

  3. I’m glad that you said colors are coming fast and furious. I hope it’s gonna visual treat for us this weekend ! Appreciate your efforts in updating the current status and I admire your great photography skills !! Have a good one !!

  4. Rhode Island is beginning to show some color as well, in East Providence at the Turner Reservoir

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