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5 October fall foliage report — 21 Comments

  1. I bought 4 of them but haven’t received them as of today. They shipped on 10/5/16

    • Mine took something over a week to get to me.. I think they ship book rate or the slow boat to chine method.. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get it soon. It’s really worth the wait as I think the quality is very good.

  2. Hello! Any foliage report on Connecticut for Oct 15-19? Or would Massachusetts be a better bet?

    • Nothing concrete as of yet, but it could be either… early or on time. But either way it arrives it will be fleeting and quite bright is up north in southern NH is any indication… I’ve been seeing post of colors showing MA and this may mean CT and RI may turn early as well. This will work in your favor.

  3. Hi Jeff! I’m one of your earlier commenters Fri. Ohio that was road tripping through your neck of the woods with my wife. I had asked your thoughts on what we’d see and I have to say, overall, we were very pleased! How can I send you some pictures?

  4. Thank you, Jeff, for posting your reports, I am silently following and keep my fingers crossed that beautiful foliage will last till the late October in NE.

  5. Going to Vt next week for our 2nd New England fall
    foliage trip! Though praying to get through safely first this hurricane Matthew here in Fl.

  6. Jeff,
    We are here in the amazing White Mountains, we were blessed with a clear and windless day on top of Mt Washington today. Tomorrow we will be taking the long and less traveled roads to Stowe, then on to Lake Placid, and back to Boston to fly home to CA on the 15th. I have relied heavily on the information and photographs that you so generously share to plan our very first leaf peeping trip. Prior to arriving in the Whites we visited Maine; Portland, Acadia NP, Carrabassett Valley, popped into Québec to Lac-Mégantic, Rangely Lakes, hiking the AT at Grafton Notch, Evans Notch, then into the Whites for 3 incredible days. We have stopped at many beautiful locations you have inspired us with, my wife says I am a good planner, but I keep telling her that I give you all the credit. The colors have been fantastic, and as you have suggested, getting off the main roads as much as possible. Thank you, we are already planning our next trip(s) to New England.
    Best Wishes

  7. Thank you again for all the information and help. Myself and the wife are really looking forward to this trip and have so many things we want to see and do, it’s possible that you might hear from me again, lol. On another note i ordered 4 of your calendars and just received noticed yesterday that they shipped. Thanks again

  8. Jeff…Thank you for the information. How far is to the lake region from Lincoln? I am asking because I have planned on staying at the new Riverwalk for a few days and am hoping to drive to multiple sites from there and we also intend to visit the Flume Gorge along with covered bridges. Thanks again for your’s alot of help for us people not knowing the area

    • Well Chris that’s the good part about 20-30 minutes… Depending on route it could take an hour or two. going south on Route 93 go down the highway to exit 23 or Route 104 east to Meredith. Or exit 24 for ashland and make your way in that way.. Orrrrr you can go my favorite way and that is the back road way. Take Route 112 (the Kanc) over east over to Conway and head south on 16 (or better still take 113) south to route 25 west. Follow it to Moultonborough. BUT!!! before you get there make note that you are passing Route 109 and taking the to the South East will lead to Route 171 and follow that for a mile or so which will lead you to the Castle in the clouds:
      And that is but one treasure that you can find in the lakes region… Now the rest of the trip is up to you to explore OH! OH! I almost forgot!!! IF you come in Route 104 and head towards Meredith, then you will be switching to route 25 in downtown Meredith. (a right turn) then you will head about two miles until you see the signs for the Moulton farm. turn in and stop. go to the shack next to the store and prepare to curse my name. This is ciderbellies and they make perhaps the most addictive cider donuts I’ve ever had. They even have one with chocolate and bacon… I know right??? I have to also admit that I didn’t see that until I had purchased a dozen of the regular and maple drizzled ones… I almost went back for another dozen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… 🙂

  9. We are now in Ohio and I want to thank you for all the beautiful pictures. I’m enjoying everyone of them. We will be headed to Florida as soon as things clear up. Thank again.

  10. Hi Jeff we’re up in Jackson NH and convinced its peak. Haven’t seen color like this since 2012. Last year at this time we were lucky to see a birch with yellow leaves. Headed toward Lake Winnepasaukee tomorrow. Back to Philly on Monday 🙁
    Have a great weekend of peeping. By the way, Beaver Pond on 112 W out of Woodstock has a bald eagle as shown on their chamber of congress website – tried to get a glimpse yesterday but had no luck.

  11. Hi Jeff, we are going to be in Lincoln N.H. on the 15th. Do you think we will still have some good colors then?

    • Well Chris I think you’ll find some late color in that area and maybe even on the Kanc but which ever side of the Kanc you end up on, I think you’ll be wanting to head south on Route 16 or I-93 to get down in the lakes region.

      I said it might be early this year and while not early… it is more or less on time…

  12. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. We were unable to make our annual foliage trip this year, so we surely appreciate your reports and photos.

    • Well I do my best, I’ll be heading back up into the north country on Friday, it’s killing me to have to work a day job when I want to be up in the mountains…

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