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The general outlook for this weekend

This coming weekend should provide some wonderful fall colors throughout southern New England. But! as always, Mother Nature will have the last word on that. You will need your umbrella for much of this afternoon and throughout Saturday. Snow possible in the Green, White mountains and the Berkshires over Saturday night. Turning bright on Sunday and cooler.

Scenic Byway Massachusetts fall foliage

Scenic Byway 20 Oct 2016

On top of all that it’s going to be be very brisk winds starting  today and that means the leaves that have turned will be coming down. I’m betting that some are asking if this is the end of the fall foliage season? Well I saw a webcam from Hartford CT this morning and it showed the leaves barely turned and most all of those will be turning during this coming week.

What does the Halloween weekend hold for us? It should be colorful along the ocean and in the southern most portions of New England and out into southern New York should be seeing good color develop.

Drought, good or evil?

The upside to the drought that stretches across southern New England is that in general, the colors are brighter. The downside is that many of the trees are jumping out there to full color in a very short period of time and then dropping their leaves. But what a show!

Southern New England

Southern NH is looking gorgeous as of today as you can see by these shots from Robert Clifford. Guilford NH is on the southwest corner of lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire’s lakes region.

manchester-to-essex-fall-colorsI think southern NH, southern VT, and southern Maine along with Massachusetts, and northern Connecticut and Rhode Island should be your goals this weekend.

This report from Central Connecticut just came in this afternoon. From Manchester CT, south to Haddam along the Connecticut river valley (routes 17, 66, 151 and 154) From Manchester through Portland routes 17 and 66 showed a lot of near peak to peak conditions with plenty of vibrant yellows, reds and oranges. From Middle Haddam through to Deep River most areas were showing some color with the occasional area showing strong color.

Eastern Massachusetts

My personal report will be a long one. I have told all of you, my loyal readers, that you should NOT try to do too much in a day and here is the perfect reason why. Imagine if you had planned to do a run from Salem to North Adams in western MA. This is very doable in a day! (144 miles 2 hours and 47 minutes, round trip 5 hours)
But what if I said if you can’t reasonably do that in a single day, you might say Whaaat??? Here’s my story.

Rock and a hard place under fall foliage

Rock and a hard place

I left the house late at 9:30 and my first image is at 9:46AM. You see I dropped into Peabody MA at a little scenic byway that I know of. It has a deep meaning for me since down the road is the nursing home where my dad used to be. I would walk down the road and gather colorful leaves to place around his room. each day, different colors. Last November after the fall foliage season and the leaves had passed, so he also had passed. I think he knew how important it was for me to share my love of autumn with him, before he left…

Historical Concord Massachusetts

Well I got off I-95 on Route 2 heading towards Concord and I stopped at the Minuteman National Historical Park and explored a few trails and took a tour with a Park ranger. I drove down Route 2 a little ways to the Hartwell tavern and I walked down tot he tavern but it was closed. I made a few nice images and talked to some artists about the fall colors and headed back to the car.

Then I headed over to downtown Concord and up the road is the Sleepy Hollow cemetery where they have a place called Author’s Ridge. Basically Ralph Waldo Emerson, (Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.), Henry David Thoreau, (Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.) and Louisa May Alcott, (I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.)

From there I went to the Old North Bridge on Monument St. The Old North Bridge has been replaced 6 times since the shot heard round the world in 1775. I walked over the bridge and up to the park administration building talking to the rangers up there.

View from the old North Bridge

View from the old North Bridge

Then I came back down and went over to the Manse which Emerson’s Grandfather built and Nathaniel Hawthorne lived there for three years with his wife Sophia. They had their first child there, Una and their daughter looked out onto a wintry landscape standing on a window sill which Sophia recorded on a pane of glass with the diamond of her wedding ring, Una’s view on this cold January morning.

Sophia Hawthorne

Sophia Hawthorne

I took the tour which I found to be very fascinating! And then I headed for home.

The results of this short days travel

You may be saying that’s it? You’re done? Actually I have to still drive home. Total mileage for today hit 63 miles (round trip).

I took every bit of 8 hours to do this 63 miles. You see if I had planned to do the 144 miles to get into western Massachusetts then I would have skipped the tours and the history, OH! you will also notice I didn’t mention anything about lunch… I had an apple in the car and that was my lunch.

So keep in mind how far you have to travel versus all the things you are missing along the way in order to get from point A to point B.

Calendars are available in my online gallery at and if you are going to be in Salem for Halloween, stop in at the Visitor center and say hi! I’m the National Park ranger with the grey beard… 🙂

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Fall foliage for October 22nd & 23rd — 7 Comments

  1. Jeff, I’m just now commenting! Very much appreciated your details in tbis post as Sleepy Hollow cemetery was on last day of adventure before we headed into Boston before returning to Austin the following day. Unfortunately Mother Nature gave us a day of heavy rain and wind. Ended up having to drive on through Concord instead. Saddened and disappointed but filing this post away for another year’s journey! Thanks again for all the details. They guide us so well and the photos keep us in awe when we can’t get there in person ourselves!

  2. Your short trip is a great example of Emerson’s and Thoreau”s counsel. How I miss New England in the fall!
    Ed Gruber

  3. Just shared this past weekend with friends from around the country.
    We were in the White Mountains of NH and they were blazing with
    Mother Nature’s brilliance and blue sky one mostly dreams about.
    Breathtaking, literally. We ran out of adjectives as we explored the
    highways and byways. Spectacular and definitely – quintessential
    New England Fall Foliage!

  4. Love your website! We interred my wife’s father at Arlington Cemetery in DC September 26th then drove up to NH the next day. Over to Vermont on Wednesday, chased lighthouses in Maine Thursday along with covered bridges and old cemeteries on Friday. We put 2338 miles on that rental car and had a great fall getaway albeit we were about a week or two early for the vibrant colors you are seeing now. I have a picture that I’d like to share with you of a covered bridge from our trip. I’ll try to find your email address so I can send it. Can’t wait to come back next year!

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