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Well Leaf Peepers, the Columbus Day weekend is upon us and for those who are up north wanting last-minute words, here is what we saw on 7 October 2016! Ok, Actually the first picture is all you leaf peepers heading up I-93 and if you saw someone waving from the southbound lane in a white sedan, Yes that was me!  Oh for those who care Lisa was taking this because NH and VT are a no touch your device while driving state!. 🙂

Columbus Day weekend rush

Columbus Day weekend at a crawl

Lisa and I left the house at 5AM and arrived at Woodstock VT at dawn. We drove up to the Sleepy hollow farm on cloudland road and not for the first time my jaw hit the dirt.

Vermont and Cloudland road

Cloudland road is just north of Woodstock VT in the town limits of Pomfret VT. Read my article from last year on finding it. But I have to say that the Sleepy Hollow farm may have a few more days to go before it’s really colorful. Where my jaw hit the ground was down the road from the farm.

7 Oct fall foliage report from Cloudland road in Pomfret Vermont

Cloudland road in Pomfret Vermont

The foggy mist was filtering between the trees and the sun was just cresting the hills to my right and it really set off the scene.

I’m not going to post a dozen pictures (sorry) I need to get to bed because I have to get up early in the morning for work. So here is a listing of roads we hit. From Cloudland road we hit:

  • Pomfret road (great color)
  • Howe rd (great color)
  • Allen rd (great color)
  • Maple Grove farm (great color)
  • East Barnard (great color)
  • Broad Brook rd (great color)
  • Tower rd (great color)
  • Barnard and the Barnard general store for a great breakfast. (great color on Silver lake)

You’ll sense a theme here, great color all through these areas. IT WAS NOT PEAK! but remember anything above 50-75% is awesome in my book!

Northfield to Route 100

A little after this we got on Route 12 and Northfield VT. We hit:

  • I did see a lot of color in Northfield but that is by my standard. The average person would think it was very nice.
  • We headed through the Northfield fall covered bridges and stopped at the Cox brook covered bridge which looked nice but is definitely better photographed in the afternoon.
  • We headed from there, up towards Stowe and Smugglers Notch.

    Smugglers Notch in Stowe Vermont for 7 Oct fall foliage report

    Smugglers Notch in Stowe Vermont 7 Oct 2016

  • When we were south of Stowe the color on the west side of the road was wonderful but the color on the east side of the road was decent… So don’t look to the east
  • From there we hit:
  • Route 15
  • A slight detour took us into Cabot creamery and several blocks of Cabot cheese bought.
  • Took a short cut to Route 2 and you can check the name of that road in your Gazetteers.
  • Went past Joe’s pond and while the color was nice it wasn’t nice enough for me to stop.
  • We hit Wolcott and the color was fantastic at the Fisher train covered bridge
  • We kept pushing to the East and New Hampshire

New Hampshire

We caught I-93 and took that south to 302. I will have to say that Twin Mtn was gorgeous and most of 302 was between 50-to 75% towards peak.
We headed south till we almost got to Conway but due to traffic concerns we headed up Bear Notch Rd. From there we caught the Kanc (route 112) east to Lincoln. The route shows the Kanc mostly at 75% towards peak and a few spots along the road at 100% of peak.

From Lincoln I stopped at Dunkin Donuts (I really needed a potty break!)
From here we hit Route 93 south for home.
By the time I got to Waterville Valley we saw very little color down to Concord. The funny part is that we saw very bright color in the southern parts of New Hampshire along Route 93. I figure it must be the drought  making the trees turn early.

I’m sorry it took so long to get this out.. I hope it helps you out… Whew…!

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Oct 7th fall foliage report — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    your blog is great…after reading your blog I am pretty excited for my pre wedding shoot …I am from NJ and I want to have fall colors for my you think Oct 22nd is a peak weekend for fall colors ? and which places would you suggest for pre-wed shoot . I am going to stay over at my friends place in Shrewsbury MA…your help is appreciated !! 🙂

    • I would say to check back with me as we get closer but that date may be good for central MA. How far out of Shrewsbury are you looking to go? I think you co go out to sturbridge and other historical areas. Do you have a theme or something specific in mind. As an ex-wedding photographer I would usually take my cues from the bride and then make my recommendations. I shot an early wedding (out doors) in CT at a famous hotel. But they left it up to me to get the fall colors into the shots. In some cases all I could get were some fire bushes…

  2. I had today off and wanted to go to Vermont. Saw this blog and decided to go to Pomfret. THANK YOU – this was absolutely perfect and I had a wonderful time!!

  3. Hello Jeff,

    I am arriving in Boston (from Florida) on Wednesday night and staying until Sunday (10/12-10/15).I strictly came to see the Boston fall foliage but I feel like I am going to be disappointed. I made plans to also visit Salem as this point.. seeing how I am a solo traveler… what is the safest bet to not miss out on the foliage ? take the train to NH to the mountains ?
    please give me hope.

    • Hmm train travel for the foliage seeker… I feel another article coming on… I’ve never thought of that.
      The Lake Shore Limited:The daily train between Boston and Chicago stops at Worcester and Springfield MA in the Pioneer Valley, Pittsfield MA in the Berkshire Hills.

      So you could take this one west but getting from Worcester MA to NH is problematic. I see connecting trains but I’m not sure which lines they are. I think if you just stayed in Mass you would do better. Go out to the Berkshires get a room for a night or two then go back to BOS. Does that help at all?

  4. Thank you so much for the updates? Is it peak around Killington now? I am hoping to head up there the 15th!

  5. Is that already peak for Smugglers Notch? We will be there on 13th. I hope there were be still nice colors. Also planning to go to Cloudland rd area by the 14th.

    • I think the colors in the same areas I was on Friday will mostly be gone by next weekend. I think you should move your sights a little further south. Either the lakes region of NH or Killington down to the MA border… But as I mentioned to someone else you can travel up Route 7 in VT and travel along the edge of Lake Champlain. Up in St Albans they are just getting close to peak…

  6. Jeff your site is amazing and full of inspiring work and knowledge thank you! We are headed that way Sunday night. Do you have any info to offer on the classic Waits River scene and if that is close to or near peak? Again thank you for this wealth of info and your dedication to the craft!



    • If any rains and winds are gentle then we may see color in that area through this week but it was showing near peak in Corinth and that is not that far away.

  7. I Came down Rte 100 Vermont yesterday. Most was nice, but the southern end north of Wilmington was fabulous. Was surprised like you at more color in the south than in the north

  8. Hi Jeff,
    I stay in Boston and this will be the first time I will be visiting to NH for fall colors.
    I was planing to go this Sunday (10/09) to white mountains & mt.washington . I am kinda skeptical whether to go this Sunday or next weekend (10/15) . Can you suggest when to go to see the peak colors?


    • For the white mtns I think sooner rather than later. The leaves are coming down each day. There may be color next weekend but not as much as this one. After this weekend you may be looking further down towards Meredith NH

  9. Love it! We’ll be in Stowe on the 14th and headed to Woodstock the 17th onto Manchester a few days after that and then into MA for a bit. Do me a favor, can ya keep the leaves on the trees just another week?!! Looks gorgeous now! Appreciate the details of the street names and the photos today!

  10. We just got back from our annual fall foliage trip. Have to say Maine had the most beautiful coltors that I’ve ever seen! Was disappointed in a lot of areas. Vermont was not good. New Hampshire had some good places. North Pole, NY wasn’t bad in places heading up to the White Face Mountains had some pretty color. But a lot of the Adirondack places were disappointing as far as fall foliage goes, But love the areas and still worth the trip!! Plus, getting to see some moose made it even better!

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