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Welcome Leaf Peepers!

The fall colors are upon us and I’m seeing a lot of wonderful pictures from you of the fall colors across New England.I hope you are having a great time! I will try to post some of the current leaf spotters reports of pans and picks at the bottom.

Comment to win contest

Well this is the last open contest for the year. In November I will choose from among the winners to be the overall winner and they will receive a 11×14 canvas gallery wrap print from my online gallery collection. They will get to choose from all my images and choose their favorite.

Sleepy hollow far in a Vermont autumn landscape

Sleepy Hollow farm in fog 7 Oct 2016

So you can try to be in the running by leaving a comment on this article and I will pick the winner on Saturday evening and let them know by email and post their name on the New England Foliage Facebook page.

Jenne farm may be off-limits

I posted this on the Facebook page:

If anyone is thinking of going to the Jenne farm in south Woodstock, I just got a heads up from John Burk and he says: Anyone thinking of shooting at the Jeanne Farm anytime soon, hold your horses (or cows) they have put electric fence up with orange tape all along the road and cows now roam The field where everyone shoots from….

Jenne farm in fall foliage in Vermont's Reading Vermont.

looking down the road to the Jenne farm in dawns early light

And another friend describes it this way: No it says don’t park
On the grass but the electric fence runs just outside the pull off and the ENTIRE length of the road with ugly orange tape every 8-10 ft. Your only option is to shoot from the road now.

I would suggest not crossing the fence until I or someone gets confirmation if they mean to make this a no photography zone. If you don’t know what Jenne Farm “did” look like…
Image of the Jenne farm from 2015.

New Hampshire

Fall color northern white mountains is starting to fade a bit but the color is still there to enjoy.


Over in the Orange Vermont area, Linda says: Out towards Washington & Orange VT. Colors are duller and noticeably, very few reds. We’re entering the yellow, orange, amber and rust stage.


John Burk in MA says: Scattered frost here, but still early in the hills. Still some red maple wetland color for a few more days. Sugar maples quite mixed, some dry and done, others starting to peak bright , some still green.

Hints of color are starting to show in CT and RI as well but they are taking their sweet time…. 🙂

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October Comment to win! — 26 Comments

  1. Thank you Jeff for being the ‘eyes on the foliage’ and reporting on the different areas so others can enjoy what you see! We are now official ‘leaf peepers’ now after our trip through Main via 95 to Portland and across to Lincoln via the Knac and up north to Quebec City, Quebec and return to Bennington, VT and back to 91 South to Boston via 11 and 103. The Green Mountains were at their peak and I rate Vermont in this area and the route to 91 the best.
    The Knac was not yet at the peak. Pictures and photos are not enough – one must see the beauty of the trees – and it is overwhelming! Oct 10 Portland, Oct 11 Lincoln, Oct 12 Quebec, Oct 13 Bennington, Oct 14 Boston.

  2. Hi,thanks for your posts and reports about the foliage.
    Last tuesday we flew back to Holland after a great roadtrip through New England. We loved the landscape and the people☺.
    Would love to go back sometime.

  3. Thank you Jeff for the beautiful pictures and letting us all know the great spots with the awesome colors.

  4. Jeff, thanks for taking the time to post the foliage reports every week. I am visiting NH this upcoming weekend and have been watching your reports faithfully. Still have my fingers crossed that there will be some color left to enjoy. Hope we are not a day late, dollar short:). Also love the beautiful pics! Honored to comment to win!!!!!

  5. Thank you, Jeff, for the foliage forecasts and other commentary. I followed your reports for many weeks before making our flight reservations from Seattle. And we hit it perfectly! Goreham and west on Oct. 6th and the Kanc and 302 on the 7th. Wow! I grew up in Maine and but forgotten how fabulous the fall foliage is after 40 years away. My favorite photo is one I took from the top of Wildcat, looking east to Maine — a sea of color. Thanks again!

    • And thank you, I’m glad I could be of some assistance… I’m amazed each year and even though I can get kinda jaded on just what really good fall colors are and listening to those who don’t see them every year is a great reminder…

  6. My grandmother is from Vermont, I’d love to be able to win her a canvas for her birthday as a surprise!

  7. Jeff,
    Please enter me in Saturday’s contest. I have been in New England the last 2 falls but missed this year. I do enjoy your photographs.

    Winston-Salem, NC

  8. Thanks again for some gorgeous pictures posted. We hope to make our foliage trip next year – missed this one, but almost felt like we were there seeing the beautiful photos.

  9. Jeff, Thank you so much for a perfect two foliage trip to the White Mountains last week. We just followed your route, ( Sept 30 update), starting at Polly’s Pancakes and followed it step by step, including taking the Auto Road to the top, to North Conway and then added the Kanc in both directions. Great color everywhere! You made it so easy to see the best color all the way and we really appreciated that. – Mary

  10. Good morning, my daughter and I will fly in to Boston on the 19 th. Will there still be color, and where are the best areas. We will b renting a car. Any help would b appreciated. Nadine

    • I think you should focus on southern VT and NH down into MA. Those areas should be very nice as long as no big storm fronts come through. I’m seeing a bit of rain in the forecast for around the 21st but until it gets closer we can’t be sure

  11. I am looking forward to my trip the weekend of the 21st. Hopefully i’ll be able to still catch the end of the leaves if I stay more south – CT and NY area. I love all your posts and read each and every one of them. I grew up in the NE and miss the leaves! It’s sad that I now have to fly to see them – I wish I appreciated them more when I lived there! Thanks so much for all the great information and insight.

  12. Not too much going on here in south coastal Delaware–some green fading and yellow here and there. Think peak will be later this year.

  13. How come that since my trip in NE the last year now autumn to me it’s just Foliage in a land 6000 miles away from me? it’s not fair, but it’s good to travel with my mind too…keep going with the excellent posts and pictures; they are needed!! Regards

  14. You were such a great help with our visit to Vermont last October! It was a special birthday for me and I still long to be there again. I now look forward to your gorgeous pictures all year, and voraciously read every word of your newsletter every month, especially in our 112 degree summer days

  15. I’m going to miss seeing the fall colors this year. I will be seeing them through someone else’s camera! Got the calendar today and love the covered bridges. Thanks

  16. We had to schedule our trip to DC to inter my wife’s father at Arlington, so our trip up to NH, VT, and ME was about 1 week early, however the leaves were turning and the 2338 miles that we drove were definitely worth it. We returned to Denver Oct 1 so next year we will be scheduling on an early October trip for better leaves. It was incredible all the same!

  17. Jeff – we had an awesome time on our trip to see the fall foliage! Thanks again for all your suggestions! We just got home a few days ago and we are still “basking in the afterglow” of the colors! Everything was fantastic! The weather was great, the people we met were terrific and we want to go again another time! Once is not enough! Once you go, you see there is so much MORE to see! Wish we could do it every year!

  18. I just came from my trip to New England and covered several places. Vermont –> Nee Hampshire –> Maine. We were able to see the best fall colors while driving from Starksboro to Bolton. Bolton had rich and deep colors and seemed like the peak foliage on Oct 9. Stowe had peak colors too but were not as dense as those in Bolton. The drive through Vermont 100 and the white mountains had beautifully colored mountains and looked extremely pretty during late afternoon/evening. I have several pictures of fall colors which I took throughout this trip. Will be sharing them soon.

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