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The weekend foliage report for October 15-16th

It’s been a wonderful week except that I had to be at work all week! Then on the day I go out, I end up with the one rainy day of the week! You would think I would plan it better but sometimes you just have to take what Mother Nature gives you.

Marsh Billings farm in Woodstock Vermont under fall foliage

Rainbow after the rain

Making lemonade from lemons (read that as rain)

Woodstock covered bridge

Woodstock covered bridge

I had a sunny day all the way up till I hit the Springfield rest area on I-89. From there on it became overcast and once I was in Woodstock it was misting with periods of rain. I continued to shoot around Woodstock and I got a new view (for me) of the Woodstock covered bridge. (I’ll cover how to find this spot in a future article)

I continued up to the Marsh-Billings farm museum and then hiked up (in the rain) to the Pogue pond. and at every turn I was presented with possibilities. *Note to self remember the wet weather gear even when the reports say sunny until evening...

I got back down to the farm after my 3 mile jaunt where I could see the sky was clearing, so I shot different scenes waiting to see what happened. Yes the shot on top has a bit of a rainbow in it.

After the rain, comes the miracles

After making the decision to either leave or stay here and camp out to see what the sky would do (I left). I headed up Cloudland road for the Sleepy Hollow farm. You may remember that I hit this last Friday but I like to keep hitting the same places, because everyday is a new palette of sunlight, colors, and clouds.

In between these shots I was leaving the farm behind (or so I thought) to photograph this tunnel of fall color and that was when I went back to the Farm to photograph the last set of images.

farm at the end of the lane

farm at the end of the lane

From here I headed back to Woodstock and had dinner with John Vose over in the Common Man restaurant in Quechee. Blue cheese burger is awesome!

Other Vermont reports

linda-buggyLinda at Vermont Perspective says Orange VT is quickly fading but Berlin pond VT is “actually not too bad but after the weekend probably a no go. She says this is all she could get… 🙂

Brian Drourr says the drive from Burlington down Speer Street to Ferrisburgh is AMAZING as is the drive over in New York along I-87 in the Adirondacks. But no pictures…

scott-in-se-vtScott Snyder Photography says that South East VT is looking very nice around Brattleboro also… But I would have loved a location!

The website says these are the best bets:

Best Bets (North to South):

– Northeast Kingdom Byway from St. Johnsbury to Newport and Jay.
– Route 242 from Montgomery to Jay.
– Lake Champlain Islands: Route 2 & local roads.
– Route 302 through Orange, Groton & Ryegate.
– Route 100 through south-central Vermont.
– Route 11 through Chester, Andover and Londonderry.
– Route 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington.

New Hampshire

michelle-jenneEric Gendron reports: Seacoast Report – Colors in Portsmouth/Dover/Newmarket starting to pop! Mostly some select yellows have turned and started dropping already. route 25 from lee to Epping nearing peak with nice reds and yellows. route101 West towards Manchester moving a little slower.

Michelle JenneView Profile sent this shot in from a little while ago (today)


If anyone wants to take a little jaunt up to Northern Maine then CJ Photography says they have color still. Sharing a few shots of beautiful Boyden Lake in Perry/Robbinston!!!…..PIC 1: Ridge Road in Robbinston PIC 2: Taken on Station Road in Robbinston, part of the Pennamaquan River, PIC 3: St. Croix Island Int’l Historical Site, Calais, PIC 4: Same as pic 2, PIC 5: Taken near the Reversing Falls in Pembroke, PIC 6 & 7: same info as pic 2 PIC 8: Trees on Ridge Road in Robbinston….Hope this helps!! My neighborhood!!!!

Overall Round up

Well I’m having to look on my link to the Mass tourism folks website for images as I haven’t had time to drive around my own state… (too much time in Vermont) but click their link above and you can look at the images by the day they were submitted. Sturbridge had a very nice image.

I then turned to my webcams and Bowdoin college in Maine looked especially nice along with the Middlebury college campus webcam.

All in all we’re getting to that point were the colors are slowing down but pretty much no matter where you head off to, you will find a very good afternoons drive ahead of you.

Check my New England fall foliage Facebook page for more up to date reports from other leaf peepers like yourself.

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Weekend foliage report — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I am from California and visiting hartford CT area for business this week. I was planning to go to Vermont for fall foliage over the weekend. I am also into photography, so wanted to check with you if this coming weekend (Oct 21-23)will be too late to visit Vermont. If not, what areas can I target?

  2. Thanks, Jeff!! We did today this route: 101 road from Brattleboro to Manchester via all ponds and it was amazing!!!

  3. Jeff, thank you so much for this article just on time!!! I daily monitor your updates and it is a treasure! Today we are hitting Greylock mountain-Bennington-Brattleboro (staying over night). My hesitation is still there: yes or no for White mountains on Mon, 17th.. o_o

    • AS of Friday the east side of the Kanc still had some color but I think you should look more towards Route 101 over towards Peterborough NH and Keene. I think those areas will be more productive.

  4. Thanks jeff. What are you hearing about color in the berkshires in mass? Heading there for a few days starting 10/21. Will that be past peak at that point?

    • I assume the upper elevations will be (mount Greylock) but the lower areas should be nice… Waiting to hear from a photog out that way…

  5. So, all in all I think it was a great season! I really think the colors were the brightest since 2012…in NH anyway we had a sunny week, only 1 day overcast and 1 kinda misty. The waterfalls, rivers and ponds were low but you can’t have everything!
    Now back in PA, going to look forward to our foliage now.
    Thanks for all you do….great shots, love the bridge in Woodstock from the new angle. I was sitting there on the end in the weeds last week trying to figure out where to shoot from and got frustrated and didn’t take it at all. Looking forward to hearing where you were to take your photo.

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