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Autumn has passed, long live autumn!

Well Thanksgiving has passed us by and now it’s December. We’ve yet to have any real snow here in Salem but there has been several snowfalls in the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I don’t think Mother Nature will skip us for much longer though.

I’m not planning on writing a ton of articles between now and March. Instead I’m going to try to make my site easier to navigate to find the answers all of you are looking for. We’ll see if I can accomplish that… 🙂

The overall comment to win winner!

Winner 2016 Jeff Foliage comment to win winner

Steve Rosen

This year I picked from among the 10 monthly winners (Jan-Oct) and picked the winner in November. This years print winner was Steve Rosen.

His father loved sailboats so he chose a B&W sailboat image of the lynx sailing past Whaleback lighthouse. I made it look like an old photograph from the early days of film and Steve picked this one to hang next to his father. I’m very honored.

What’s in Sugar Hill

Like any other subject this article is to give you a taste of Sugar Hill and New Hampshire. You could go and explore this area in any season but to me autumn is the best.

Between Polly’s pancake house and the nearby farms  to small quaint churches, I’m never at a loss to find photographic subjects there.

Arriving in the area

I think I left off several months ago with a picture of a rain slick dirt road somewhere near Sugar Hill NH. To be very honest I can’t recall which road this was anymore. It was a road leading up to Sugar Hill during one of my trips from the Beaver Pond to Sugar Hill.

wet dirt road fall foliage reflections

wet fall foliage reflections will look great on metal please purchase on my website!

You can take a look at my “exploring-sugar-hill-nh pdf” to get an Idea of my route of travel.  This combined with your own map books/GPS will get you there. Basically Routes 116 and 18 will bring you in to Route 117. Once on 117, you’ll head west into Sugar Hill.

I’m going to list a few places that you can look for, for some iconic images. Or at least real nice ones.

Polly’s Pancake Parlor

Instead of a long write-up here is a link to an article all about Polly’s Pancake Parlor. Last year Lisa and I were coming up from Route 18 to 117 and passed a nice morning scene at a farm down the road. There is no room to park so I drove up to a dirt road further up, parked and walked back. There was a single red/orange tree back away from the  road and while I didn’t get any great shots I do plan to go back and explore some more.

St. Mathews Church

incredible hues of rainbow colors of New England fall colors over a small white church in Sugar Hill New Hampshire.#Vistaphotography #JeffFolger, #JeffFoliage,

Sugar Hill New Hampshire: St. Matthew’s Church

This small church in Sugar Hill NH is one of those iconic locations that you find and never forget. You can find it on Route 117 and Birches road in Sugar Hill. In June you will find views all around the chapel of lupine fields and you should be able to create a good composition with the flowers of purple and white. In early October the colors change to orange and gold and you have to walk around to frame it to your hearts content.

Due to the small footprint but tall steeple I usually have gone for the full portrait view but I will frame the front door with colorful branches in order to see it differently. If you have a better view, share it on the fall foliage Facebook page.

Sugar Hill Sampler and a view from the Inn at Sunset Hill

Sugar Hill Sampler museum

Sugar Hill Sampler museum

Further down the road you can make a right onto Sunset hill road. Along here you have the Sugar Hill Sampler and the Inn at Sunset Hill.  The Sampler is a gift shop and museum where you can taste some of their maple goodies and read newspaper clippings and see old movie posters. The movie posters may include some of Betty Davis’s and this is notable since she loved to come here to relax in the 30’s. Betty Davis even owned a home up here called Butternut farm.
If this intrigues the movie buffs out there, you should read this article on Betty Davis from the NH Magazine.

Inn at Sunset Hill

Inn at Sunset Hill in autumn

Inn at Sunset Hill

I’ve stayed here a few times and one note you need to know, that are no motels or “cheap” lodging in Sugar Hill. This was the playground of the rich and famous in the 1800’s and into the early 1900’s. Today there are several beautiful B&Bs/Inns in Sugar Hill and you can find them by hitting my lodging page (put in the location and it will give you a list).

cool autumn morning

Morning mist of Sugar Hill

I stayed there the first time because I ran out of daylight and decided not to drive back home. They also had the only place to get a meal which was convenient. The nearest places for meals are Polly’s and driving back down to Route 18 towards Lincoln and route 112 (The Kanc). They serve a full breakfast and I’d say the food is well worth it.

The next morning I woke early to find the clouds or fog rolling over the tops on the near by hills and into the valley below. The sight was simply breathtaking.


Next Time…

For Now I’m going to leave you to explore your maps or Google online and I will pick up in a week or three where I will talk about the Meeting house and exploring some of the back roads of Sugar Hill. (Did you know they have a lovers lane???) 🙂

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    • I did stay up there once $99 at a motel just off the exit. The reason I went that far was it was close to Dixville Notch. And while Littleton is close to Sugar hill (30-40 min north) it is quite the haul if you are coming in From Boston (or Salem) because of distance. But you are right once you are up there it is close, it’s all relative.. Thanks!

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