Keeping on the road is not all that easy on a limited budget and military retirement is nice but it only covers basic needs. Gas and motels for multiple day trips in search of fall foliage requires more. So please click on ADs on my pages and give business to the vendors like, and MooseJaw (and others). It all helps me by putting a few pennies into my pocket. (especially by clicking the Google ADs) (no purchase needed there)

I also have this direct method of keeping me traveling and on the road. Click the arrow below and make a payment through Paypal directly. You can choose any amount and I will be humbly grateful.

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You can also visit my Fine Art America gallery and choose one of my Fall Foliage images or even a scenic New England image that reminds you of your trip to New England. I don’t make much money on these artworks but even if you buy a greeting card, I appreciate that I have created something that you feel is worthy of taking home with you.
Best yet, you don’t have to stop into a store and get it boxed up and get it on the plane or train. Just put an order in on my FAA gallery and have it delivered to your home and it has a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy…
Jeff “Foliage” Folger


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  1. Hi Jeff: I am working for a non profit in a battle to save our historic sites and would love to use your autumn print of the North Bridge in our save Historic District . Is there a fee to use the image? Also do you have a print of the Minute Man with his plow at the bridge?