Scenic New Hampshire Fall Foliage Gallery

The fall colors lead the eye to the Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

The Scenic New Hampshire Fall Foliage Gallery shows that New England’s fall foliage turns across the state from around the 25th of September through Mid October.  Whether you are out up the White Mountains or down in the lake region around Winnepesaukee and points south you will find a feast for the eyes, heart and soul.

The fall colors travel from the north to the south but never in a straight line nor the same way from year to year.  Play the guessing game and see where peak fall foliage will show up this year.


Scenic New Hampshire Fall Foliage Gallery — 7 Comments

  1. Link below to a New England Fall Foliage Aerial Video I put together which might interest folks here.

    It highlights the beautiful New England fall foliage from in and around North Conway and Lincoln, New Hampshire. It features the Conway Scenic Railroad’s “7470” steam engine and dramatic aerial views of the White Mountains area at high peak color.

    • Well Greg thank you… Perseverance is the key. I’m blessed to be in New England so I don’t have to come in from some far off location and every Thursday and Friday I plan to be on the road in Oct.
      As far as “If only every Fall was like that”… Heaven forbid… How boring would that be… I know it would make things so easy and safe for everyone making their vacation plans…
      But! I think one thing that makes it such a draw that only once in a while do all the events come together to create these fall foliage scenes. If it happened every year and was totally predictable it would become boring. Its the chase that makes it interesting.
      Just my opinion but I like the challenge that Mother Nature throws at me each and every year. When I leave the door I never know whether I will have a successful day or just a day out…

      • well, I agree–Its always interesting to see what kind of Fall it will be, every year is different, and forecasting it is always tricky, depending on the rainfall,temps, and sunshine–and every area is different also–hope this year is a colorful one, some nice cold morning temps this year, and more to come–should help…I hope

        • I agree Greg, we never know what we will get… As Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of Chocolates” you never know what you are going to get” I tend to just assume the box is full of nuts so if we all go a little nuts during this season then all is good to my way of thinking! 🙂

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