Mills have served people for hundreds of years. I love the form and function of a mill. The fact that they are still functional today is amazing to me.

This Gallery will encompass the different types of mills that I have or “will” run into, throughout New England. From grist mills to saw mills and many different types other than that. If you have a favorite mill, leave me a comment and tell us about it and where it is…

The grist mill goes back to the early days of farming and man learned to harness the power of water to do the work of turning the massive stone grinding wheels to turn wheat and corn into flour. This enabled farmers to bring their wheat to a grist mill and go home with their flour ready for use or sale.

I never hesitate to photograph a mill when I find one. Many are gone, but a few have been preserved. The ones here are fairly local to me in my New England travels. But I’m always on the lookout for a new one…

Jeff Foliage




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