The backroads of Sugar Hill NH

Exploring the backroads of Sugar Hill. In all my conversations with you, I always tell you to look for the back roads. To look for the views that don’t get photographed as often. I don’t mean to say ignore the … Continue reading →

Exploring Sugar Hill NH in Autumn

Autumn has passed, long live autumn! Well Thanksgiving has passed us by and now it’s December. We’ve yet to have any real snow here in Salem but there has been several snowfalls in the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire and … Continue reading →

Late versus early fall color, does it matter?

Late versus early fall color, my thoughts… Hello Leaf Peepers! I drove to northern Vermont this past weekend and I was amazed by the amount of fall colors in the trees and I’m not just talking at the shore, or … Continue reading →

Last wonderful remnants of autumn

The last remnants of autumn are upon us! The afternoon light was perfect on the “common”. Halloween had just finished and the colors are either, just arriving or just leaving. Maples and oaks are the predominant types of trees on … Continue reading →