FAQ for Where and When to look for fall colors in New England

Best places in New England for fall colors

This is both easy and impossible! To make this simpler for me (and you), I have a page called locations by state and this is some of my favorite locations with directions and shooting tips. It’s not an exhaustive list since every year I find new fall foliage spots and I try to locate them on a map and tell you about them.

What is the Big E Fair

The Big E is a fair in Springfield MA and in 2015 it will be from Sept 18 to Oct 4th. I see the Charlie Daniels band will be there and My Big E page describing the fair is here.

Where can I find a Fall foliage forecast?

I have a Forecast and foliage reports page that you can bookmark. You can go straight to my current fall foliage forecast and read what I see in my crystal ball for the current New England fall foliage season.

Best places to visit in New England to see the countryside and fall colors?

Ok, this is easy, I have many articles that talk about how to find foliage locations like, 3 easy steps to finding fall foliage locations, And when choosing when versus where these 3 simple rules to plan your fall foliage location should explain it. But I have one last article for you to check out. Here are 15 locations that you shouldn’t miss on Oct 1st. But! if you arriving on 17 Oct then read the 3 easy steps to see why that won’t work…

Best time for fall leaves in New England

This is where it gets tough. First the fall colors don’t change all across New England at the same time. Stressed trees or those in swampy areas (we call them swamp maples) and those in higher elevations will turn before the ones around your favorite barn or covered bridge. Also they turn first in Canada and then the colors move south into New England. Then in mid Sept, they move into northern Maine and maybe New Hampshire and the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

Also, the weather we receive will impact this. From 2012 through 2014 have had cool to cold September weather so the rules change and the colors will start in September where ever it is getting cold enough and if these nights are followed by bright sunny days then the rules change. We haven’t seen “peak fall color” in CT or anywhere in Sept but during these conditions you will find colorful solitary maple trees.

Best time to see fall foliage in New England this year?

Easy! Anywhere from mid-September to the middle of November and these dates will cover northern Maine to coastal Connecticut.

Best time to visit New England

Another easy one, year round because we have it all!

When will peak foliage be found on or around Mount Washington this year?

Now here is a good question! A single location focuses on the area around the feet of this mountain. I’ve caught really good if not peak in different years between 2 Oct to 7 Oct.

You may have to go south of the mountain on Route 16 or North depending on the year, for in no year have I found peak fall colors on all four sides on the same day. But! during this week I can usually find one or more sides in full color.

When is peak fall foliage in Vermont?

I have found near-peak fall foliage in Vermont starting from around 30 Sept/1Oct and ending down south around 20 Oct. I also have found “nice color” as early as 23 Sept but never earlier than that. Nice color equates to 35% towards peak. It’s usually in places like Hazen’s notch off Route 58. I’ve never found great color before 1 Oct in Peacham VT. I believe it has to do with the temps and weather patterns over Peacham.

This can go on for quite a while as we analyse year by year for Vermont. But the general dates above give a bit of guidance.

Best months for fall foliage in New England

Not very specific but you will find early color in late August to mid-Sept (individual leaves to branches and an occasional whole tree showing fall colors).  BUT! this tree may be in a sea of green. You rarely will see much more than that until mid-September.

Then as the September continues, the color will continue to flow south from Canada into Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

By Mid-October Massachusetts should be turning nicely and by mid to late Oct the coastal areas of MA,  RI and CT are or should be turning brightly.

Best time to see the leaves in New England

🙂 This can be taken a couple of different ways and you can either read the previous answer or… The best times of the day will be at dawn and an hour or two before sunset. Between these times you will find tons of fall colors but if they are in bright sunlight your camera may record them as washed out due to the brightness of the sun and its overhead position. If it’s an overcast day with a little mist then you may find that the colors are more saturated and this means that you can add the time period outside of dawn and sunset to your shooting times.

What are good New England fall dates?

Really? 15 Sept to 15 November

Don’t you have a New Hampshire foliage map

Here is a link to Yankee Magazines foliage maps. I’ve never found any maps to be all that accurate but these are better than most. http://www.yankeefoliage.com/new-england-foliage-maps/

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