Fall Foliage Forecasts and Foliage Reports

In December/January, I start looking at the weather patterns put out by the NOAA climate Prediction folks and I make my forecast or a better description is a fall foliage prediction…  based on their reports.

I also will look at Yankee Magazine’s Old Farmer’s Almanac, and then I mix it with my own experience and guesswork! So, below, you will find my GUESS about what we are going to have in the way of fall foliage for this year. Before you go changing your plans please read my Disclaimer of liability. (Don’t pass it around but I’m not perfect) 🙂

Foliage Forecasts for the 2016 season


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  2. I’ve been travelling lots over the past week and the colors aren’t very good anywhere. Not much in Toronto. Ottawa/Gatineau, which is usually beautiful around this time (especially Gatineau Park), seems to be either green or brown/leaves falling off the trees. Montreal, isn’t great either. I think it will be a disappointing year for leaves up in Canada.

    • Sorry to hear that… Well, read my blog that I just published a few minutes ago and you can see what it looks like on the Vermont border areas and New Hampshire also… Not sure if we’re really all that much better but it seems like a little better…

  3. Hello Jeff,
    I will be going to the sugarbush/Stowe area the weekend of the 16th.. Will it be too late?? What do you recommend for that weekend? Thanks

    • I think that will be either too late or the tail end of color. I would say set your sights more like Woodstock area and if there is still a lot of color up north take a drive that way…

  4. Hi Jeff,

    We are planning a very short Fall trip to NH(October 10,11&12). We are driving from Delaware. Can you please suggest good places to see colors and places to stay?

    • I try not to offer to many places to stay unless I have stayed there. but since you are coming on Columbus Day weekend. It makes it irrelevant. Please hit my Lodging affiliate page and pick one or all of them and see who is NOT booked up for that weekend. You will want to minimize driving so I would visit southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts. Old Deerfield MA is a wonderful stop and nearby is the Yankee Candle store and that one thought will eat up one day alone… Head up or down the Connecticut river and check the farms and maybe the hills around auburn MA. Take a drive to Florida also! (Florida MA is on the Mohawk trail and North Adams is a wonderful town to see and if you come east on Route 2 (the Mohawk trail) you will pass the hairpin turn (There is a hotel there) and the scenic overlooks and old stores and… if you make it to Erving (on the trail) stop at the antique place on your right and they have a little lunch counter that serves wonderful sandwiches and deserts (all home made) 🙂

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I’m trying to plan a trip up to Boston to see a friend and I’ve never been to New England. I (like everyone else) would like to see the fall foliage. I’m looking into October 14-17th.

    Day One: I was going to fly into Boston and rent a car. It was suggested that I go to Newport, RI and spend the night.
    Day Two: Then head to Cape Cod the next day. Any hotel or itinerary suggestions would be appreciated. I like supporting local restaurants, B&Bs and hoping to see some less touristy locales. I read that Sandwich, Chatham, and Longnook Beach are worth seeing.
    Day Three: Drive back to Boston with a stop at Plymouth along the way.

    It looks like it’s been warmer where you are so would it be better to wait a week or come the weekend that I had planned?

    Thanks so much for any suggestions!

    • Well you are asking the million dollar question(s). Right now with a hurricane as a possible visitor to New England I don’t know which way to go with this.
      But… I might suggest a drive west to Sturbridge Village then the Quabbin Reservoir and the small towns around it like Petersham and New Salem and then head south into CT looking at either the Litchfield hills in the west or stay closer with less driving by hitting the quiet corner of CT (route 69 is a very scenic byway..
      Then head to Warren, Little Tiverton and Compton and the over to the Cape. Old windmill in Eastham, Lighthouses in Woodshole, Chatham, Nauset beach (X2, 3 sisters and Nauset light), then Highland light and a few others….
      Come back through Plymouth and if it a meal time look at Wood’s Seafood, 15 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360 I have eaten there, Its not fancy but good.

  6. Some awesome colors along side Rte 7 and Rte 100 and any of the gap roads, like Lincoln Gap and Rte 125. South of Shelburne to Killington. Saw them September 29th, 2015

  7. Hi Jeff. Your website is great. I recently moved to Quebec and was thinking of heading down either this Thursday (the 1st) or next Thursday (the 8th), just for the day. So I probably won’t get very far south. I was thinking of hitting Ben and Jerry’s, so probably not south of that. Which weekend would you recommend? I saw that another person asked about Stowe around these dates as well, but that was about a week ago, so I was thinking that you might have an update. Do you still think next weekend is best? Again, thanks for this great site.

    • Actually this Thursday is looking kind of sunny, next Thursday not so much. but we look like clouds most of next week… So I may lean forward to this week… Just my opinion mind you… BTW, what are the colors like up your way?

  8. Jeff, Any particular resorts, lodging you recommend in Merrimack Valley? And by Salem, are you referring to Salem, Massachusetts?

    • Yup Salem Massachusetts. I think I answered this on Facebook…? I don’t know of any resorts in the Merrimack Valley But Lowell and Andover Mass are good candidates. What kind of resort? A luxury resort for lodging? Then I would hit my lodging affiliate page Maybe Booking.com and plug in the higher price. It depends on what you mean for resort…

  9. Sorry that I’m unable to figure out how to write a new post. Really a new topic. This page says “Foliage Reports for the 2015 season. This area will be filling in between August and September 2015”
    BUT…it’s 9/29 and I can’t find any reports, just predictions. Maybe the only way to see current reports is to subscribe??!!

  10. Jeff, I love your website, and the pictures are fantastic! I live in Eastern MA, north of Boston, and am trying to plan a weekend away, up north, could be ME, VT, or NH, and available weekends are Oct 16, Oct 30, and Nov 13. My objective is to enjoy beautiful Fall foliage, driving, hiking, biking, etc, and maybe enjoy a really nice resort setting as well. Any suggestions on locations and best weekends? Thanks so much

    • October 16th is Merrimack valley, the 30th is Salem (of course) and November is anywhere along the coast. I found late color in Salem at the visitor center. The Ginko trees turn a glorious yellow, especially in the sunshine.

  11. Hey Jeff great page !! We are planning to visit second week of October. We were thinking to visit southern vermont as the yankee fall foliage predicts it would be peak then. Do you have suggestions for which towns in south vermont would be best ? Do you think it will be peak fall colors in southern vermont in second week of october ? Thanks !!

  12. We r planning to visit Gorham NH from 2 to 4 October 2015
    Would like to hear about the fall conditions on above dates in white mountains
    Will u suggest any scenic drive apart from kancamagas highway
    Would like to drive some internal roads if colors r present that time

    • Route 110 and 16 was looking very nice on Monday but we have rain coming in today and Wed and cloudy conditions through the weekend… Explore 110 up into Milan state park (they have a fire tower for impressive views. Route 2 have quaint churches and Carters stone Tower and south off 2 is 116 which heads down to Pondicherry wildlife refuge. Not easy to find the parking lot to walk in but the walk in is about a mile and is flat and a lake with the mountains reflecting in it at the end.. dress for rain though.. http://www.nhdfl.org/events-tours-and-programs/visit-nh-biodiversity/pondicherry-images.aspx Check the link for directions.

  13. Hi Jeff: We are planning to make our first time trip to the area arriving in Boston on October 7 with time in Woodstock, Vermont on October 10-11. We are becoming concerned about the late foliage change. Can you let us know how you think it is likely to be north of Boston from October 7-12? We can take a day to drive north to Maine if that is helpful, and we intend to drive north from Woodstock on the 11th. Thanks for any help you can give us! My wife has wanted to take this trip for years and I am trying to help plan the best trip possible- thanks!


  14. Jeff, great help for those who don’t live here. I’ve been following your posts for a while. Fell in love with your Beaver pond,NH photos. I will be in NH from Oct 7 to 9. Would it be colourful for reflection photos. Any other locations around that would be peak at that time?

  15. Jeff, I’m heading up hiking this weekend and was shooting for north country, NH, north of Jefferson NH. I know I’m a bit early but was curious to know of any reports about the colors up there? I’m also heading out for a backpacking trip in the Wildcat Range Oct 2-4, which I believe will be peak season so I’m looking to it.

  16. I am on your foliage FB page. I saw that post right after I asked the above question. Do you have any specific places to see in lower part of VT? I have printed out a list of covered bridges. Thanks.

    • Route 9 has some lovely viewing overlooks where you can see into Massachusetts.
      On Route 7 is Machester VT, lovely college town and picturesque. Nearby is Hildene, home of Todd Lincoln and some wonderful views can be seen from the grounds.
      From Londonderry hit route 30 and pass through peru VT small rural toen/village with lots of farms. You can try some of the seasonal forestry roads that cross the green mountains. Not a lot of traffic on these dirt roads but there are some wonderful views of ponds and even a few waterfalls to be found. NF10 comes to mind and Google Mad Toms Notch. You’ll have to turn around when you hit the Appalachian trail 🙂 but I went up that road in my 4 dr sedan… so it was in pretty good shape when I was there.

  17. Hi Jeff,
    I read your foliage FB page, it is great. We will be in Lincoln (NH I-93) from 10/4 – 10/10. Do you think it is worth it to drive to Smuggler? hoping to see the autumn tunnel. If so, is there only 1 way up from Stowe on 108? Thanks

    • One way in and one way out… walking the trails along it might be good but one very narrow road and hard to photograph since you can’t stop until near the top where there is a parking lot for hikers…

  18. I have a reservation near Stowe for the 30th-2nd and the 7th-9th, but I have to cancel one. I’m not planning on going too much further south than that. Any advice you can give on which to cancel would be fantastic!

    • I think I answered this somewhere else.. OR I answered it in my head… 🙂
      I would go for the later but I think the 2-4 will be good but the 7-9 will be a little better. I think both are safe bets.

  19. I am. I actually saw that right after I asked you the question. Do you have any recommendations for the lower/middle part of Vermont (while we are in Londonderry) – I’ve printed out all of the covered bridges, but if you have any specific places to visit I would love to hear them.

  20. We will be in Vermont starting Oct. 2. We have 2 nights already reserved in Londonderry (the 2nd and 3rd), along with Stowe the 4th and 5th. The way things are shaping up looks like we will be a little early for any peak color. Do you have suggestions in these areas of places to visit since we can not cancel the rooms.

  21. Hi Jeff,
    We are planning to visit Ludlow VT on 10/3. Need an advice. Do you think its worth to postpone this visit to 10/10? as various forecast maps shows 10/10 as near peak in south VT.
    Thank you,

    • I would definitely move it to the Columbus Day Weekend. Even in a year without the season starting late I would not have gone with the 3rd (Stowe yes but Ludlow?)
      Wait did I tell you that the 3rd was good for Ludlow? I hope not… not even in a early year would there be much color except up in the ski area above… in fact I’m thinking that may still be true a little but less than the 3rd. But! reservations are the interesting part… most people have the Columbus day weekend booked already… I have three sites on my Thrifty lodging page that may help you narrow it down (Booking.com, B&B.com and Combined hotels.com) One of them should be able to help.

  22. Hi Jeff,

    Planning to visit Stowe area for fall colors this year. I am confused between Oct 3rd and Oct 10th weekend. As September has been warmer this year, which weekend do you think is a better pick for route 100?


    • Unless things pick up rapidly and it could if we get straight through cool days and night and no clouds but I would be a little later than the 3rd for absolute peak (which is mythical as I’ve said many times). If you get it anywhere from 50% to 75% in color you and I would be very happy. This is where I say timing it and hooking everything on arriving at the moment rarely works…
      Hmmm… If you have reservations already and before you cancel them see if it is even possible to find accommodations near to where you want to be for the Columbus Day weekend… I wouldn’t think you’ll have much luck… But if you can secure the new dates then slide it back. Worse case will mean that the colors speed up and have moved south of Stowe… With the current data I don’t think that will be the case…

  23. Thanks! When I booked the trip I did some quick research and saw that generally the last week of Sept. or first week of Oct. was good for foliage viewing in VT. We had a conflict the first week in Oct., but now I wish I had moved things around since it’s been a warm Sept. I am hopeful Mother Nature will be nice to us and we can see some color even if we have to drive a few hours to see it. Either way though, we will just appreciate the cooler weather and any leaf changes. We are from FL, so fall is non-existent here.

  24. We will be traveling to woodstock, VT the Sept. 24-27th. Do you have any suggestions on where we might be able to see some color?

    • Head to Peacham or Danville. The colors haven’t fully started yet but this week the temps across New England are dropping down where they should have been all of Sept. I’m hoping that they will start turning fast… but only Mother Nature knows how fast they will turn… Woodstock normally isn’t real colorful until after the 8th of October so north, head north… 🙂

  25. Thank you – so Wolfboro as a base and then choose direction based on the colors. Which may or may not include Woodstock – great. Thanks.

  26. Great website – I have gone to it often while trying to plan a trip with my parents. But now there are too many choices! 🙂

    We are heading up mid-October to Boston. I was thinking driving Boston to Woodstock, VT and staying there two nights – basically driving around day trips from there. I would like to see the lake district in NH but wondering if (right after Columbus Day) if driving to Woodstock one day, driving from Woodstock to Meredith (and back) next day and then back towards Boston on day three is just too much driving. Other alternative is we have a place to stay in Wolfeboro – so Boston to there and use that as a “home base”. So Boston to there one day then either boat ride or drive around the lake – maybe up to North Conway area if we want to drive for a while – back to Wolfeboro for the night then back towards Boston.

    Trip will be with parents who will enjoy the rides – slower pace than hikes and long walks. Want lots of good photos along the way. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

    • I like the second option and use Wolfboro as the base. Woodstock is not that far from there and the drive along route 11 through Laconia across to Franklin. From there you can follow it all the way to Woodstock or jump on 10 and take that to Woodstock. Either way you’ll be on the road 1.5 to 2 hours getting there (longer if rubber necking is involved and most likely will be. What is good about this is IF the colors speed up you can head south more and stay in the colors… If it stays a few days behind, then you can stay more northerly…

  27. Good morning! We are taking a road trip leaving Indiana September 30th. Spending two days in Holmes County, OH, then driving through PA, NY, & CT, arriving in Medford, MA for a church meeting October 3rd. Plan to leave MA Monday, October 5th and stay at the Yellow Farmhouse Inn in Waitsfield, VT for 5 nights doing various back road day trips from there. Any suggestions you may have are most welcome!

    Kevin in Indiana

    • Possibly both, 🙂 Sorry but it’s still summer like up till this weekend and next week the north country is cooling off highs of 70 next week so I’m betting that will get things moving. But its how much it gets moving is the key. I would say the WMs are a good plan but be ready to drive as far as Stark NH or the NEK to find really good color…

    • I think the last week in Sept through the 1st week of October will see descending temps (finally) and while the color may not be perfect, I think it will be somewhat normal. The areas like the Kancamagus and the NEK, northern NY (yes, I said New York) and northern Maine should be where it’s coloring up. But you may have to drive more in search of solid fall colors. The drought will bring the colors down faster leaving bare patches or bare trees.

  28. Hey Jeff, are you still blogging about Fall Foilage? I don’t see recent updates. I hope that you are indeed doing so, as I enjoyed reading and your photos are beautiful!

  29. ….breathtaking…you inspire me to work harder to be a better photographer.

  30. Hi,

    We are planning to hit Vermont on the ween of October 10th to 12th. Not sure how the folliage would be. Can we see good colours at this time or is it late to see only dark colours

    • hard to say what it will look like in 10-12 days but I’m thinking you will be in southern VT. but as northern MA is already showing color you might want to plan on a location on the Mass border

  31. Thank you sir I had been watching your posts. This may seem like a stupid question, but what would be the best part of the southern lakes region of NH, as I am not familiar with that area at all. Thanks, so much

    • Sorry Jerry I sometimes forget that not everyone knows all the “non-official” names for places/things 🙂

      The lakes region refers to the area around lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. This is the area south of the white mountains.
      Better? 🙂

      Want me to explain the NEK?

  32. Hi Jeff. I’ll be driving from Killington to Chesterfield NH then on to Hanover 10/3-10/9 — any favorite stops along the way? Hoping the foliage cooperates but even not, it’s beautiful country. Thanks! ~Sheila

    • Well if you are coming down Route 100 and I would take a look at Okemo and grafton. Hell all these areas are beautiful.. 🙂 Manchester has the home of Todd Lincoln. At Bellows Falls you have Hallidays (look it up!) seasonings and get their maple creamcheese pie mix (killer) Oh I assume you are staying on Route 5!


  33. Dear Jeff, recently I shifted to NH.. n want know best time & places to see colors..What do you recommend we do for fall foliage and get some great pictures.

    Thanks in Advance.


    • You don’t tell me what your dates are so I will assume you are arriving next week. on the first you should be in the northern Whites mountains or over into Sugar hill around Cannon mountain click this link to see what the sugar hill area can look like at dawn. https://www.facebook.com/NewEnglandFoliage/photos/a.134232298717.106362.94506448717/10152681733753718/?type=1
      These areas will be good till the 5th. Then I would say you slide your focus to the south along the Kanc to Waterville valley Center Sandwich and Ossipee. Another few days later you will slide the focus to the lakes region around Meredith to Alton bay…
      This should give you a starting point to plan from.

      • Thank you Jeff for your time and input. I lives in Salem NH, n want to cover beautiful foliage of NH or nearby area..we are planing for white mountain area for this wkend ( plz suggest me places in white mountain area ) .or shd we plan any other place

        I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance,


        • I think most color will be light this weekend but a drive up Route 16 to route 302 or stay on 16 and take it past Milan NH to Route 2. The further north you go the better it will be. But I would go up the east side of NH and back down the west side. This should take care of your desire for color… 🙂 For this week…

  34. Hi Jeff
    Not ever having been East I am curious about the fall foliage for the Maine area this year. We plan to be in Acadia, Oct 8, 9, 10 and possibly Greenville 11,12. In your opinion the way things are sitting right now will we have missed the peak season in both places? Would I be better off to come to Maine another year for this kind of trip? Because of things on our home front I cant get there earlier than this. It seems color wise this should be a bumper year so I hate not to come. If I don’t miss it in Acadia I will be fine. In your opinion will the time in Acadia and or Greenville be to late or would there still be plenty of leaves and color. I have been a little overwhelmed by trying to figure this all out. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance, Jerry

    • If you can wait on Greenville until this weekend you will get first hand reports since I will be there Thursday and Friday (Sat in Rangeley)
      But I think in general you are going backwards. Acadia being on the coast will turn last or at least later for overall effect. The fall colors spread out from Canada from the north down to the southeast and southwest across VT/NH/ME.
      So you should choose for your earlier dates a location further inland and then slide to the coast.

      Now that said will you see color in acadia? YES! Mother nature has been giving us bouts of frost and cool daytime temps so more trees are turning where they normally wouldn’t until weeks later. So if your dates are set in stone you will still have a colorful vacation. But once in Greenville I think you’ll be driving south by southwest to find better color but not hours away but maybe 30 min to an hour. And you will get to explore Paris, Mexico, and Norway.
      I hope this helps a bit…

      • Thank you sir for your time and input. I will be anxious to hear your reports from the Greenville area this weekend. I guess my concern was I thought things might be a week ahead of schedule. Again I will look forward to your repots.

        • color is a bit ahead of schedule but so far the majority of the color isn’t that far ahead… but wait For Wednesdays report on my blog. (hint you can sign up for it so it’s email to you automatically).

        • I published over the weekend and based on your dates of 11/12 I would say the Greenville area will be faded color by then. The Acadia portion will be pretty good I think and I would say if you moved your later dates to the coastal areas south of Acadia or even the southern Lakes region of NH then you will be very happy..

  35. Dear Jeff, We are arriving in Portland on Oct. 15 thru Oct. 19 for our 50th Anniv. Will the foliage be in beautiful color at that time.
    Thank you for this info.

    • Well Susie, That should be a perfect time for the fall colors. The plain fact is that this is a screwy year and we’re having a lot of frosty nights and this has even me wondering…
      But in general I think you should have a lot of color along the coast.. Please post a picture on my fall foliage facebook page if you get a chance. https://www.facebook.com/NewEnglandFoliage

  36. Jeff, thanks so much for your reassurance. I was hoping that the 30 degree night in Waitsfield last night wouldn’t shock the leaves too badly. We are looking forward to a great visit to VT.

  37. Hi Jeff, we are from Australia and planning a trip to USA next year – the end of our time in USA we want to come and see the gorgeous New England area. Our dates in this area are roughly 21 Sept. to 10 or 11th Oct. We fly into Boston and will hire a car from there, drop it there and then maybe Newport / Cape Cod before heading to New York City. We would like to see the coast from Boston to Acadia and I love photography and want to spend around 10 or so days “leaf peeping” VT and NH. I am wondering what is our best plan after getting into Boston? We wondered about hitting VT around 28 Sept – 2 Oct then NH from 3-7 Oct. Do you think that timing is right? Also would love suggestions of towns to base ourselves in , in VT and NH (we’d thought of Stowe VT and Jackson NH) do you have other suggestions. Thanks so much for any advice and also for your great website. cheers.

    • Hi Sam, the 21 Sept is a bit early for any serious color but you could drive up the coast in Maine where the color is less anyways and then drive westerly to get into NH and then VT. Really 28 Sept is the earliest for meaningful color and that is up in the Northeast kingdom and north of the White mountains. Around the 1st the White mountains are usually very nice and will develop over the next week.
      The dates as you lay them out are fine. but just plan on driving north and maybe pick Emergo farm in Danville VT to base yourself there. http://emergofarm.com/ I have friends who stay there almost every year so I think the place is a safe bet.
      Jackson NH of the NH part should also be about right and you should be able to head north or south to find great colors. (as needed)

      • Great thanks very much. I’ve had a really good look at your Facebook and this site yesterday and today and have decided to hit Stowe on 28 Sept and stay for a week then over to New Hampshire. I’m thinking of basing in Stowe hoping it is a good area to do day trips from. I know you are so busy replying to the billion questions you get – could I just ask – do you think I will be spending too much time in the car if I base in Stowe for a week and want to explore? or would the area around the b&b you suggested be better. (just checking cause I found a good place in Stowe). Thanks again, I really appreciate the time you have taken.

        • The only bad thing about Stowe is the traffic. Everybody else in the world wants to be there with you… Um so do I.. 🙂 But when it gets closer remind me to tell you about the great church steeple in the fall foliage shot from there… Not hard to find but few know where it is… I found it last year..
          And don’t forget to go up 108 which is smuggler’s notch… awesome road. and down route 100 from Stowe is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and cold hollow cider mill… nothing better than ice cold apple cider (or hot on a colder day) and warm cider donuts…

          Any time in the car is too much time… Don’t go for distance.. go for quality and stay out of the car as much as possible. There is also a place that rents bikes and has bike trails in Stowe…

          • Thanks Jeff – I’m going to try and look for places to visit with minimal driving and maximum walking / photography. Thx for the steeple insiders tip!! I’d really love that – you could send it to me now if you want, cause I am making a spreadsheet with all this info on, and then I just print and take it with me – so it will be safe to send now 🙂 and thanks again

          • 🙂 you are a gem! Thanks so much, I will post some pics from my photography trip to New England. I’m so excited. Just booking accommodation now. VRBO, airbnb and other great booking sites have made it easy to find very reasonable priced accommodation that will allow me to self cater. Thanks again for everything.

  38. Yiou have an excellent website! Been referring to it for a month now. We are taking our first fall fiolage tour through New England the first week of October. From Cleveland heading through the Finger Lakes, up through Vermount (Burlington), New Hamphire (White Mountains region) Maine (Porqtland) and then into Boston. From what I can see on your site, and other sites, it should be the perfect time this year.looking for an update on your forcast and prediction, and some advice on the best viewing areas in the areas we are visiting. Thanks for giving yiur time to us Midwesterners turned “leaf peepers”.

  39. Hi!
    I live in the high desert of California, and I’ve never been back East! I’m flying in to Boston the morning of October 2, and returning the evening of October 15. Basically, I have two weeks, and no real plans, except to explore!

    I’m renting an SUV, and maybe bringing a tent. I plan to drive all over New England and just pull over to camp (not sure where I can for *free* along the route – definitely don’t want to be by RV’s) or sleep in the car. The foliage and the woods in general is my main interest, along with any other “can’t miss” nature things/areas. I’d like to maybe stop by an apple farm and a maple farm, and maybe drive through a couple of cute old towns. I might be interested in a fall/Halloween festival, if it’s a good one, and I do want to visit Salem.

    I know that Maine should be one of the first places I go, because it should be in full color by then, right?

    Help with an itinerary/driving route, please?! With main spots to go, and places with options to just spend some time driving around and exploring.

    • Something is working against me. this is my third time doing this and when I get up to 400 plus words, dragon speech recognition software close it out… So this is being typed the old fashioned way.. And much shorter.
      I don’t have any hiking experience so I will just say to leave Boston and head north to either the northeast kingdom or northern white mountains. Also pick up a Gazetteer http://www.jeff-foliage.com/planning-tools/ for the areas you’ll travel in as they are great for planning your trip. They show all the covered bridges and points of interest.

      You might head west the the Vermont border and Guildhall VT http://www.jeff-foliage.com/2013/05/guildhall-grist-mill-fall-colors/ And all of these spots are just a short drive. Also try this NH drive, http://www.jeff-foliage.com/2014/06/nh-scenic-drive-autumn/ It hits many great scenics along with the Milan state park. If you stay there for the night you can climb the fire tower at dawn and watch the sun (hopefully) wash over the near and distant hill tops.

      I would look in the Gazetteers for all the state parks as they are cheap and safe. If you stay on the back roads you will find farm after farm and their road side stands. Buy a bag of apples and the doctor won’t come for a visit for a long time. 🙂

      Maine will be last and I would just follow my way down the coast and see what you can find. Stopping in places like Portland and Nubble for their lighthouses. and then stopping in Kittery for their outlet shopping malls.

      I would pick salm for last and you can call up Winter island to arrange a camp site. This is the nearest to Salem MA for camping. http://www.salemweb.com/winterisland/
      I hope this helps a bit..

  40. Hi Jeff, We are from Texas, and are planning to stay in a B&B in Waitsfield, VT on Oct. 4th thru the 8th. Will we be hitting the foliage change at a good time in that area? Then we’ll be going to Arlington, VT for three nights,– the 8th through the 10th. What-cha-think? Ron

    • It all sounds good to me. But in Arlington you might have moved a bit too far south but within a 30 minute drive north if the colors haven’t gotten to you there, you will be back in the color or should be.

  41. Jeff – just reading the above comments is quite helpful already. My bride and I will be having our honeymoon in New England, and maybe looking for tips to enhance our visit. Oct 7th and 8th we will be staying at Gifford Woods SP in Vt, with planned trips to Crown Point, NY and Quechee (with a balloon ride). A long drive to Acadia NP with a stop at Flume Gorge, NH. Oct 9th and 10th in Acadia followed by another long drive to Burlingame SP in RI for the 11th and 12th. My fiancee loves lighthouses, and I see several good ones referenced in comments above. Looks like we should be hitting peak colors mostly, but any particular scenic drives or locations along our routes?
    Can’t wait to compare Minnesota fall beauty to New England.

    • hi Randy, I think you get into okay on the early side of your plans but as you move across the Maine, I think you’ll find that the colors will be somewhat less because Acadia will probably have decent color I am making a wild guess at 50% but I don’t think it’ll be peak until closer to the 20th. But! If we get lots of frosts over the next 20 days and lots of bright sunny days then you’re liable to find great color the entire distance. It all depends on what mother nature gives us as far as whether for the next month.
      Generally the first week in October has been rainy the last few years and down in Boston we haven’t had rain for better than three weeks. But up in Vermont New Hampshire and Maine there has been periodic rain in August and September. This means the leaves are healthy and happy but they’re not can it be in a big hurry to change.
      The lighthouses along Maine’s rocky coast are many and you’ll be able to find listings of these in many locations. Acadia has its lighthouse which is bass head lighthouse and as you head down the coast you’ll find Portland lighthouse, nubble lighthouse, as well as owls head lighthouse in Brunswick.
      And your state Park and Rhode Island will also be a little on the early side but there are many great lighthouses down in Rhode Island as well and as you well know lighthouses tend not to have great fall foliage around them so you trade one photographic opportunity for another.
      As far as routes go you just have to watch the amount of time that it takes to get from point a to point B. As you say getting from Vermont to Acadia will be a very long haul. Mostly because there are very few direct East West roads in Maine. You’ll have to let me know if you’re leaving from wheat she direct to Acadia or from a particular hotel to Acadia.
      I might try to cut North towards the Northeast kingdom and then cross into New Hampshire at Wentzville on route 302 and catch route 112 into the Western white mountains. This will bring you towards North Woodstock New Hampshire and on your way in after you pass route 116 keep your eyes open on the right-hand side for the beaver pond which is in a bowl formed by kinsmen notch. if you look on the maps real closely you’ll see where lost River Gorge and Boulder caves are and just North of that is a small pond that has the potential to be incredibly filled with color and on a wind list day you can get beautiful reflections of the walls around the pond that are covered in various deciduous trees turning colors.
      from here you can head through Woodstock into Lincoln and follow the Kancamagus Highway over to Conway and then follow route 302 E. through Freiburg (the fair is over on the fifth so you’re safe from that traffic jam) I would make a general East line you pick the routes because anything you take through that area is going to be pretty and full of color (pretty much) I would go into Brunswick Maine and if you have time go down route 123 two harpswell and continue down to the and which is called lands end (literally) this really depends on how much time you have to spend, skip it if you’re getting short on time.
      From Brunswick catch route one take it up through Wiscasset and take a look and see if Reds eats is still open and catch what has been described to me as the world’s best lobster roll. you can either continue on route one all along the coastline up to Acadia or if you need to make up time, you can cut West to I-95 which will be a longer route but probably faster.
      You could also take I-95 North first into Acadia do your exploring in your time there and then take route one S. and do your exploring on the way down to Rhode Island. I will reiterate one last time A. Watch your time because it may seem like you have all the time to get from point a to point B but when you factor in getting out of the car and going OMG! Look at that freaking color you’ll find that you’ve used up many hours of driving time by playing tourist. I hope this helps, a little and I hope you’ll remember to send some pictures and when you get a chance after this wonderful trip especially shots of the fall foliage from the balloon. I want to take my wife up in one, one of these days over the fall colors.

  42. Hi Jeff, I live in the Boston area and have been wanting to hike Mt Jackson in Crawford Notch on Rt 302; I have 2 possible Sundays on which I could do it as a day trip– Sept 28 or Oct 5– and was wondering on which you think there will be closer-to-peak foliage for that hike (I realize it will change with elevation; but lets say for the elevation of the start of the hike, and for looking down at the scenery). I prefer pre-peak to post-peak views. I am very familar with when things tend to turn in Lincoln and the southern part of the Whites but I wasn’t sure about Crawford Notch. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • hi Deb, I’m ago with the safer predictions because I’m just not sure where the lower elevations are going to start turning the heaviest. So I’ll go with 5th October as I think that’s the safest play.
      I think if you go up on this Sunday coming up you’ll probably see good color at the higher elevations but a little less color at the lower elevations depending on the Frost conditions in that area running the ravine to the North East and then the ravine over route 302 between Mount Jackson and mount Wiley.
      Good luck on the climb and I’ll cross my fingers for good weather. it looks like we have good weather for most of next week and I’m hoping that holds true through the first week in October. Stop in on my Facebook page and post some pictures from the top as I’m not a big hiker myself but I’d love to see what the view looks like.

  43. Jeff,

    We are leaving from KY heading to NY, Dennisport MA, oct 3 and returning oct 12th. We would like to know how it looks for fall colors during those dates. Also can you recommend some da trips to maybe Vermont, New Hampshire or even Maine. Would love to get to see some bridges with with beautiful fall foliage. First time to this area so any advice would be great. Thanks.

    • Hi Jan, I’ll assume at this point you are driving. The first problem that I see, is that you are going to the Cape during the first two weeks in October when most of the color is going to be up in New Hampshire Vermont and Maine. Dennis Port is about halfway down on Cape Cod, it’s gorgeous, and you will undoubtedly see some folks that are turning various shades of red and brown which is normal down on the Cape as they don’t have a lot of Maple trees.
      The next thing I see is that you’re asking for day trips from Dennis Port and at the first week during your trip which is October 3rd to the 8th, to get up in the color, you would have a drive of about 3 to 4 hours, just to get into sugar Hill New Hampshire. The colors will be also further south and you would probably be able to see colors around the Lakes region of New Hampshire or central Vermont. the drive times are still for these areas in the 3+ hours bracket.
      I think your options are basically going to be, enjoy your vacation on the Cape. It will be hopefully sunny, not too chilly and there won’t be many people there so you’ll have a very relaxing time (remember to locate Cuffy’s to get some great T-shirts and sweatshirts at end of season prices)
      I would say you could make a day trip into Boston, go to the freedom Trail and take some historical tours. Faneuil Hall is a great place to visit and the National Park Service has tours of most of the wonderful things to see around Boston that are of historical nature. Don’t forget the Arboretum and the various parks around Boston that will have wonderful fall colors. You could take a duck tour which my wife tells me is a lot of fun. All of these things can be done right near the end of your vacation.
      Boston is one hour and 23 min. from Dennis Port and to me that is a doable daytrip. Anything more than that and I think you’re just going to wear yourself out driving. That is the last thing I want to see anybody do because you are on vacation you should be enjoying yourselves.
      I know that you may be coming up specifically for fall foliage and you arbitrarily picked Dennis Port and the Cape because of how wonderful they are. And depending on if you are locked in to those reservations will determine what you do next.
      If you are locked into those reservations, and I would say make the very best of it. You have lighthouses galore starting in Woods Hole in the southwest corner or the heel of the boot of Cape Cod (Nobska lighthouse) and as you go around the foot of Cape Cod, you will find Nauset lighthouse, the three sisters (on the national seashore in the national Park) Highland lighthouse race point lighthouse and I’m probably missing a few. You could take the ferry from Hyannisport over to Nantucket and see Brant point lighthouse and see all the wonderful homes and businesses of Nantucket. Stopped into the whaling Museum which used to be the Peter Folger Museum (my last name is Folger see you can guess why I’m sending you there) 🙂
      as you can see I could fill up your days with nothing but day trips on the Cape. So while you may be desiring to go up into New Hampshire and Vermont or Maine these are get of the very long days in traffic. I really don’t want to see anybody do that kind of traveling if they don’t have to, just to see the fall colors. Remember you will see fall colors down on the Cape they just will be different than what you would see up in New Hampshire or Vermont at the same dates.
      If you choose to change your location but keep the same dates you would want to be up around Cannon mountain New Hampshire, over to Warren Vermont or possibly Lake Sebago in Maine. If you look at Google maps and draw a line from Vermont to Maine you’ll get approximately the locations of where I suggest you look for lodgings to stay. You could even be South of this line a fair bit and let the fall colors come South to you.
      I hope this helps, I doubt it is what you wanted to hear but I don’t sugar coat my advice.

  44. Hi Jeff

    We are arriving in Portland, ME on 17 Oct and have 3 days around ME, we plan to do Coastal ME and go visit Acadia NP, will it be too late then. What are your recommendations

  45. Jeff, we are staying in Jeffersonville, Vermont from October 3rd til the 11th. Would driving to Portland, ME be a good day trip? If so, would a weekend be better or weekday as far as traffic goes? Also, what would you do there? We def want to have lobster and see a couple of lighthouses. Good chance for color in Portland at that time? Thanks.

    • Well first look at your routes, I put it in Google and Google spit out this map. It’s 4 hours from Jeffersonville to Portland, just one way makes for a long day.
      So I would plan on a day to get there and another to explore…
      There will be some color around portland but since they are on the ocean their dates are the following week.
      You have several lighthouses in that area (Maine is chock full) Portland Head lighthouse is of course your first choice. You should get a good map book like the delorme Gazetteers for the states you’ll be travelling through. But also pick them up know and see what lies along the route Google choose for you and if something of interest is a bit north or south of the route I would make plans to visit that spot.
      Nubble light house is on Cape Neddick to the south and in Brunswick there are a couple of more (Owlshead light to mention one)
      Lobster? Red’s Eats in Water & Main St, Wiscasset , Maine http://www.lobsterfrommaine.com/visit-maine-details.aspx?companyID=138

  46. Hi Jeff, my family plan to drive from Virginia to New Hampshire during October 23-27 to see Fall color for the first time. Is it going to be too late? Would you please recommend some driving routes? Thank you

    • Hi Jun, I would say skip NH unless you head to the coast. I would say explore southern NY and south western CT this year. (maybe the Litchfield hills also) but the only color will be along the ocean in New England and you will be in the southern NY zone for color down there… Hey I’m saving you from driving an extra 170 miles! 🙂 Am I good or what…

      I know you may have your heart set on the White mountains but with those dates I have to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you might like to hear…

      • Hi Jeff

        We are landing in Portland, ME on 17th Oct and have 18-19-20 Oct to explore the region. We were looking forward to seeing Acadia NP is that a good idea ?
        What do you recommend we do to make the most of the 3 days for fall foliage and get some great pictures.

        Thanks in Advance.


      • Jeff, you are exacting right that I was thinking about White Mountain. Thanks for your suggestions. I may combine the trip to visit NY city too.

  47. Hello Jeff,
    I have been following your website with great interest.
    I’am a photographer from Belgium and my wife,me and two friends of Michigan are planning a trip to the fall foliage of New England.
    We are leaving from Niagara Falls the 8 th October and plan to drive to Speculator in one go.
    We need to be back in Niagara Falls by the 16 th of October.
    Can you give us any advice on which route to take and which places to visit.
    Do we make reservation for lodging?
    We want to go in the North Eastern direction as far as time permits but as you know photographers are traveling slowly !!!
    Thank you very much for your time and hoping for a reply on your website.
    We also subscribe for your news letter by mail.
    Ludo & Irma Jacobs

    • I would travel across I-90 from Niagara Falls to Manchester VT (5 hours+) I would travel up route 7 on the west side to the Green mountains. You could also travel up Route 100 on the east side.
      I think you can get away with out reservation on Monday-Thursday but for Friday – Sunday I would have reservations.

      Places to hit would be Reading VT, Woodstock VT and Quechee VT. (several covered bridges in these areas)
      I have so many comments to answer so this is short but it should give you an idea. Have you picked up a Map book yet? if not look on my website in either the tab at the top of the page for planning tools and look for a gazetteer for each of the states you will travel through. or an atlas that is more general. (I prefer the Delorme Gazetteers)

  48. Jeff, Just a THANK YOU for all you do, based on the tidbits we’ve gleaned from your page(s) we’ve turned our day-trip excursion into a 4 day wander-around using Lincoln as the hub. We going to have a great time. .

  49. We will be traveling to Acadia Park in Maine around Sept. 21, are we likely to see any fall foliage? Also Sept. 22-24, will it be likely to see color in White Mountains of New Hampshire or Montpelier, VT areas? If these are not areas for color, do you think there will be color in other parts of the states during these dates?
    Thank you

    • 23 September fall foliage color on Hazens Notch Hi Jane, good question… during the 21st to the 24th I know I’ve seen nice color in Hazen’s notch in Vermont and there will be some “nice” color north of the white mountains. But other than on Cadillac mountain (higher elevation) fall foliage color will be limited in Acadia due to its proximity to the ocean. The coastal zone is among the last areas to change.

      I hope this helps…

  50. Jeff, we are from Florida and are planning to visit relatives in South Lancaster, MA Oct 8-15 this year. Are those dates good to see peak color?

    • well, the simple answer is yes those dates are just fine. As I look at the map you have a lot of areas that you can go to from the Quabbin reservoir to the West and route to or the Mohawk Trail runs just North of your spot. If the color is moving faster than even I think it will, then you can head South into Southbridge and old Sturbridge village.
      You can also jump on 190 which will join up to 395 and take you into the quiet corner of Connecticut and that is always a beautiful area to visit (not that every spot in New England is beautiful visit). But I think you shouldn’t have any troubles finding things to do when you’re not visiting with family. I hope you stop and visit my fall foliage page on Facebook and update us with what you’re seeing in real time during that week. Click this link to go to my New England fall foliage Facebook page.

  51. Jeff, we will be traveling from Buffalo to Burlington on Oct 10th. We are from Oklahoma and have no idea what the timing for leaves on that journey may be but perhaps you could give us a hint? Will we be too early, too late or fortuitously just right? Should we plan our trip a week later or earlier?

    • Well Michael and Lana, I think you should be good. You don’t tell me your route or other spots your visiting (if any) but I think you’ll be ok. you may want to drive down route 7 from Burlington to the western side of the Green mountains to see how the color is down that way and then come accross to the east side and up route 100… Time permitting of course…

      I hope this helps.

  52. Thank you so much for all the information. This will help a lot in our planning. We also love covered bridges.

  53. Your blog is very informative. We are planning to fly in from Oklahoma City to Burlington, Vt. Do a fall folliage route and then drive to Montreal, Canada. What route would give us a great tour of color? Would it be better to book our flight Oct. 1-8. Or 5-1? Will theses dates be good times to come?

    • The dates look great but I would travel on the first set (BTW I spent much of my AF career in Tinker AFB) 🙂
      When you arrive in Burlington, head to Montpelier and travel south on 12 to Norwich there are five covered bridges there (see this article: The Northfield 5) You could head south on 12 (quite a ways) until you hit 107 and head west to route 100. Now.. head north on 100 enjoying every little town along the way. In Granville watch for the Moss Glenn falls (http://www.jeff-foliage.com/2014/01/moss-glen-falls-easy-waterfall/)

      When you hit 89 and if you are short on time head north on 89 but if you have more time continue on 100 and when you hit Stowe watch for the Cold Hollow cider mill.. A must stop and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream… I’m missing so much… It really depends on how much time you have to do all this… Leave Stowe on 108 and smugglers notch and incredible twisty road but great in a car…
      Hit 118 off of 100 and then 109 and catch the Morgan covered bridge… Have you guessed I love covered bridges??? Especially in autumn… If you skip this and stay on 100 then at lowell make a left onto 58 with turns to a dirt road and Hazens notch (should be plenty of color).
      You will come though to 118 and could head south and see the Hutchens covered bridge and then back up 118 to 105. Now again depending on time allotted you can head north and cross into CA or head west to St Albans and Highgate and cross into CA that way… Does this help?

  54. Hello Jeff – thank you so much for your prompt reply. This is a day tour (leaves Manhatten at 9am and returns at 6pm) that goes as far as Newburgh but stops at Cold Spring as well. We’re wondering if it’s worth doing and a nice trip or whether we are just as likely so see enough nice foliage in Central Park without taking a day out of our week in NYC at that time of October – what do you think? Are you saying from your reply that this trip won’t take us up far enough to find good colour? Would it be beneficial if we wrote to you again in about 3 weeks, closer to our arrival date, although we probably should book this cruise, if we want to, earlier rather than later as it falls on the Columbus Day long weekend? Thank you for your time.

    • Well as nice as I hear Central park is (never been myself) I have been told it turns later in the month… I’m sure there will be color, just not as peak as it will be later in Oct. So the short run up the hudson may be very nice. It depends on what your desires are. I’m all about finding fall foliage on little back roads but that may not be what floats your boat… Do what makes you happy!

  55. Hi Jeff! We are flying into Boston from Florida on Oct 8, driving to Vermont on the 11th, and on the 12th driving to NH . In NH we are staying at Mount Washington Hotel for 3 nights and then driving back to Boston to catch a flight back home. We were told it might be snowing in the Mount Washington area. This would defeat the purpose for our trip since our goal is to see the fall foliage. Are these October dates to late for viewing the changing of leaves? Thanks !

    • Well when folks say that it may be snowing in the Mount Washington area they may be referring to up at the top of Mount Washington where it may be snowing up to and nothing down at ground level…
      There is nothing I can do to guarantee that you/we won’t have snow on those dates. (In July I’m pretty confident about saying there won’t be snow) but in October? I’ve only seen it snow twice in Oct in the past 16 years… Are we due don’t know and I try not to worry about what I can’t do anything about…
      I think you will see fine color at these dates but you may have to drive south through Pinkham notch to Conway to see better color (30 minutes give or take… not too bad…
      I hope this helps.

    • the 11th of Oct is kinda late for Vermont–you should get there at least a week earlier–Stowe would be a good area for first week of Oct

      • Well Greg 🙂 Sandy in over in NH but I think I take your meaning that the northern areas of Vermont and from… lets say the Kancamagus highway north will be bare or nearly there which is why I told her to head south. Of course I just posted that North Dakota just had the first measurable snow of the season.
        So who knows what we will get? but if the cold persists then by the 11th she may be relocating to Alton Bay or further south in NH…

  56. Dear Jeff – we will be in New York for a week from the 8th of October we are thinking of doing a cruse on the weekend 10th or 11th to Cold Spring up thr Hudson River- we only have the week and we are from Australia so every day is precious – do you think there will be enough of a show from mother nature given we would be giving up a full day to do the trip – will it be worthwhile?

    • Cold spring isn’t that far up the Hudson. Is this a one day trip? But since NYC is normally peak around 1 Nov and this year may be a little early for that… I would say you would have to still be well up the Hudson towards Albany… Will you see color? I would bet on it. But will it be a wall of color along the river… I can’t call that one.

      I don’t know if that helps…
      Just in I checked another NY site and they say that the Hudson Valley is peak the last two weeks of Oct so I would say the 3rd week of Oct should be great based on those reports…

      I hope the trip is a great success!

      • As a Hudson Valley resident I’d say you’re about correct, Jeff. Cold Spring is rather south as the Hudson Valley goes. Figure that the ADKs peak usually the first week of October.

  57. Hey Jeff! Last year was my first exploring VT and taking in the gorgeous country side. I want to take my husband back have a few questions…

    1) do you happen to know if the British School Of Falconry (formerly part of the equinox resort) has opened it’s doors again??

    2) last year I started in arlington, manchester and ended in woodstock. Any suggestions on other must see areas?

    3) are you still predicting mid October/15 as a good timeframe to arrive if we have about 3-4 days to explore?

    4) We will be coming from upstate NY/ fingerlakes. Any route suggestions?

    Any additional tips are MUCH appreciated!!


    • 1) do you happen to know if the British School Of Falconry (formerly part of the equinox resort) has opened it’s doors again??
      (don’t think so, but on the resorts page they have a emblem for the Green Mtn school of falconry so there maybe another place nearby or maybe the Vins (https://www.facebook.com/VINS.VT)

      2) last year I started in arlington, manchester and ended in woodstock. Any suggestions on other must see areas?
      Bennington, Grafton, travel up route 7 and over 125 and back down route 100, exploring along the way every little road that sounds interesting.

      3) are you still predicting mid October/15 as a good time frame to arrive if we have about 3-4 days to explore?
      Yes, see #2

      4) We will be coming from upstate NY/ fingerlakes. Any route suggestions?
      Well it’s up to you because if I came from that far I would explore the whole way and might never get here! 🙂 But maybe 90 to utica and then head NW to Fort Ticonderoga (great visit at this time) come across on the ferry and then see #2…

      Helpful? let me know!

      • Hey Jeff,

        Just checking in bc the weather has produced some good yellows, oranges and early reds here in Syracuse. We have flexibility for this coming week or the next few weekends. Do you think we should hit the road this week or wait another 10 days or so? I would love to catch that elusive purple color!


        • Well it comes down to where you want to go? The weather isn’t cooperating and for this week I’m directing folks in the southern part of NH/VT for color, if not MA.So it all depends on where you want to go. ..

          • Hi there,

            Sorry about that! – we will be driving from Syracuse up to Southern VT; Arlington/Manchester perhaps Woodstock.

            Could go this week/ weekend or any of the next few weekends. Richer oranges and reds are creeping in down here in Oswego territory! If you’d like me to send (amateur) pictures to add to your reports let me know!


          • For that area, I think the sooner the better. But the weather is partly cloudy this this coming weekend… and that may be a continuing pattern until Tuesday but after that I see rain so I would take a chance… 🙂

  58. Hi Jeff,

    First time making a trip to New England after hearing so much about it. We are from Texas and looking forward to catching some of the amazing fall color that we have seen in so many photos. Luckily, I have lot’s of flexibility as far as when to travel. We plan to fly to Portland, Maine, from there we are thinking to take Hwy 302 to the White Mountains to do some hiking for a day or two.. From there we will head south on Hwy 10 to Lebanon, then head west and pick up Hwy 100 and head south to Wilmington. We will finish the trip through the western edge of Massachusetts and Connecticut on Hwy 7 all the way to Danbury and New Heaven. At the end we will be heading to NYC to spend a few days with our daughter before heading back to Austin. Right now I have flight reservations for the following dates, but I can still easily change them.

    Tuesday, Sept 30th through Tuesday, Oct 7th.

    My other two options are:
    Tuesday, Oct 7th through Tuesday, Oct 14th or
    Tuesday, Oct 14th Through Tuesday, Oct 21 st

    I’m assuming after the 21st would be too late. I know we are covering a relatively large geographic area, but want to know your recommendation as to the best week for this trip based on your experience and projections for this fall. Thanks!

    • Hi Martin, The only problem so far with the 1st set of dates is the the Fryeburg fair runs till the 5th and 302 will be a bugger until it’s over. Also the colors may be better a bit further north during those dates. I would go further north and come in on Route 2 into Gorham. working from that angle may be better and the colors should be better up that way. By the 7th the colors will be (should be) just down to the southern foot of the White mountains.

      If you come in on the 7th to the 14th then you will definitely want to be south of the Whites and into the lakes region. towards the southern portions of NH/VT and western Maine.

      After the 21st isn’t too late but you will be in CT or RI and the Cape…

      I hope this helps…

  59. Jeff,
    I will be driving between Williamsport, PA and New Bedford, MA on Nov. 14th (give or take a day). Is there any possibility of catching the tail end of fall foliage anywhere along the way? I live in AK, where our season of color can be counted in days rather than weeks. Any recommendations for a stop-over location would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Look for lakes to drive by and head south out of PA (not 90) and cut across NY on a southern route since closer to the ocean or large bodies of water will be the last to change. Also my NY website for fall foliage (on my page on the left side for foliage links) says Nov 1st is peak in Central park… So you should see some late colors but how much is up to Mother Nature.

  60. Jeff, thanks for all your hard work…great website, The wife and I are headed to New England for our first visit in the fall. We ate leaving Florida on September 29th and plan to drive to Bar Harbor, arriving on October 1st. We will be in Bar Harbor for 3 nights. After Bar Harbor, we plan to head to NH for 3 nights. After NH, we have 3 nights, we have 4 nights in Woodstock, VT.

    My question is, where to go in NH? North Conway sounds too busy. Jackson sounds like a good option. What would you suggest?


    • hi Gary I’m glad you’re enjoying the website it’s a labor of love on my part. You must be a driving seemed to drive all the way from Florida to Bar Harbor in just two days.
      Jackson is a good plan it’s centrally located and you can go North to mount Washington if the color is late and you can head South through Conway (shopping, shopping, tax-free shopping) and on down to Ossipee but hopefully you wouldn’t have to go that far. As of right now and if you read my mornings blog article that comes out at 6 AM EST you’ll be able to get an idea of what we’re looking at for September weather. Print out the scenic New Hampshire route that I wrote a month or so back as if the color is a little bit late you’re going to want to travel up to the North side of the white mountains and do some exploring up there. But I think running around route 302, route three, and route to will give you lots to do.
      If you get lucky and the weather cooperates you might take a drive to the top of mount Washington or take the cog railway for a really impressive view of several states.
      I hope this helps

  61. Hi Jeff,

    A long time lurker on your site and first time commenting here. I am planning a visit to the White Mountains in NH from Oct 10-Oct 13, staying in Milan, NH. I know it is hard to predict, is this too late to catch the fall colors in this region at this time?



    • HI Eeraj, in a normal year I would say you’re going to be a bit late. Those dates are usually a little better further south. Milan New Hampshire is usually pretty around the first second of October. If you are hardwired into that weekend and in Milan, then you’re probably okay for staying there. But you should be prepared to drive South to the other side of the white mountains.
      this year is being difficult as far as how to call the timing of the colors and it all depends on what happens in September as we could be almost a week early.
      So I would say if you could get your reservations a little earlier (one week) or see if you could find lodging on the southern side of the white mountains (Ossipee or Tamworth or just North of Lake Winnipesaukee) then I think you’d be positioned better.
      here is a link to a short video that I made last year on 27 September from the Milan fire tower: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfYP87p7z10&index=14&list=PL5AzROxSdxwwHIyeWQrF4DfuandB5PHPi
      and finally this is an image from one October 2012.
      view from Milan NH fire tower

      Always here if you have more questions!

      • Many thanks Jeff! Appreciate the information. I am hardwired for Milan but can shift the visit to be a few days earlier as you suggested. Do you think a drive up RT 16N from Milan to Rangeley Lake is worth it? Hoping for a glorious fall!

        • Maybe but be ready to head south on Route 17 if the color has fled south already. Sept is the big question mark and we’ll see what she does to us.
          Also keep an eye on my blog and FB or twitter because I’ll be up in Greenville on the 25th of Sept and then Rangely on the 27th and I’ll let you know what I see then…

  62. Hi Jeff, What a great site! Thank you for creating all this. My daughter is in college in Virginia and we are talking about a road trip to see some beautiful fall foliage in October. She has a fall break the second week of October. I am coming from South Florida (No fall colors here…) so we would like to maximize our opportunity. Any suggested travel routes up and back. It will be from Lynchburg, Virginia and we have about 6 days. Thank you, Susan

    • Hi Susan, sounds like a great Mother/Daughter trip to take. First I’m all about getting here fast so I would jump on Route 81 to come north. Then 88 and then 87 to around Albany. No matter how I look at it, you have a 9 hour drive to this point and unless you two are driving nuts you should stop by this point and sleep (Probably around Albany) or in CT near Danbury. Stopping in Danbury is only 8 hours and very doable and now we’re nearly in the colors. (there is an Inn of Wiccopee near 84 and the Taconic State Parkway.
      From here I might drive up the Taconic State Parkway north to North Adams MA.
      I’ll leave the exact route to you but this would be 2.5 hours depending on stops and this is where it starts to slow down. We don’t have to go a lot further but I would say taking a drive into Vermont would be nice so I would take a drive up Route 7 to Rutland (1hr 40 min) or if the colors are still in evidence even further… But lets talk lodging… I would stop back in Manchester Vt (college town) and there are great places to stop eat and stay. I stayed just up the road in the Silas Griffith Inn in Danby just north of Manchester. and you might stay here for a night or two.
      Near Manchester is the Todd Lincoln home and in the colors or out of them, it’s a very nice stop. Being in this area as your base you can drive north to find colors or cross over the green mountains to route 100 to head north on that.
      Its very hard to say what the colors are doing this year but VT has gotten a lot of rain so the trees should be very healthy and they could be a bit slow on the color change… (depends on what Sept does)
      Now we’re on our third day and I would drive east and south. I would if time permits dive down route 100 to 112 and cut over to Historic Deerfield (https://plus.google.com/101700183951673079241/about?hl=en&gl=us) and also the home of Yankee candle company and a wonderful stop along the journey.
      If you do your time differently than me then I would say drive over to the Quabbin Reservoir and New Salem (http://www.jeff-foliage.com/2011/08/fall-foliage-in-new-salem/) on the West side of the reservoir and Petersham on the eastern side.
      But I’m thinking by now you need to be heading to the south west to get back to school… Maybe you’ve already run out of time since you will find out that every little stop for a pumpkin coffee or pumpkin muffin or… you get the idea, will add to your drive time.

      So even though you have 6 days, the miles up and back are quite long and unless you bite the bullet and drive long hours to get up here, you will only have 2-3 days at most to drive around. So I would not try to do much more than I’ve outlined and really enjoy the time together doing what you two like to do.

      I hope this helps… Leave more comments and I will try to fill in more if I can.

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  64. Hi there my husband and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary on the weekend of the 20th Sept. We live in Toronto and can travel in Canada or the USA. Where would be our best fall colors destination at the this time? Thank You! Liz

    • Hi Liz, Well with a date of 20 Sept I think southern Canada would be your best bet. Maybe Montreal and points south… I’m thinking or hoping that the color will be across the border to Moosehead lake a week later by the 26th or the 27th.
      Congrats BTW and best wishes!

  65. We are planning a trip to Boston Oct 22-26 for our Florida fall break! Where is the best place to see fall leaves! We will be excited for anything!

    • Well with those dates I would say take a drive from Boston and down into Rhode Island. Tiverton and Compton is a very pretty area. Maybe coming across into CT and up the NE corner (known as the Quiet corner) Route 69 goes through Pomfret CT with beautiful old homes and farms. After that day drive you could drive to Mystic Seaport in CT with tall ships and pizza… What?? Remember the movie “Mystic Pizza” Just a thought… 🙂 Then a day exploring Boston and the Freedom trail. All the trees in Boston should be turning, so as you explore the history of Boston you should get to see fall colors at the same time.

      You could also take the train (commuter rail) from North Station to Salem. Each weekend in October Salem will be putting a party on in preparation for Halloween. You could take in a haunted tour through Salem learning of the fun ghost tales and history of Salem. If the weather is nice it would a nice part time to visit. The reason I say take the train is because driving to Salem is the last thing I would put you through. People will be coming to celebrate Halloween the world over and it makes for horrible traffic issues.

      Ok those are a few off the things you can do during this time and now you may be asking about why I don’t mention specific foliage views. Those change from year to year and if I send you in search of places in the above areas, then you will find all the fall colors you can want in the search to areas to visit. Do remember to get a good map book for any area you visit. (look on the side of the webpage and you will see an amazon link to some wonderful books called gazetteers from Delorme).
      They may be topographical but they usually will list secondary and tertiary roads as well as everything to see along the way. Remember to bookmark this page because clicking the link takes you to Amazon and I don’t want you to have trouble finding your way back. 🙂

  66. Hi Jeff, I am planning to do some trip on Labor Day weekend. I have already covered Texas, California, New York, Florida and Vegas. I am in St.Louis, MO and looking for some road trip. Which place can you suggest best for me?

    • Hi Charu, if you are looking for some general ideas on a road trip, I’m sure I can come up with something. Like up route 7 in Vermont and down Route 100. That would be an all day drive or even two if you get out of the car. But if you are hoping for serious fall colors on that drive then you will want to wait until mid September.
      While I’m leaning towards some early color this Sept (if mother Nature cooperates…) I don’t think we’ll see serious autumn foliage colors until after the middle of Sept.
      Let me know your goal and I’ll come up with a few suggestions.

      • Hi Jeff
        I’m considering having a fall wedding on the coast in Watch Hill Rhode Island in mid November.
        Is that totally missing the window for beautiful foliage?

        • Hard to say but I generally send people RI in mid to late October so if you had a chance to move it, you would have better color. I’ve shot weddings so I know the answer to that but I just don’t have a positive feeling about that late date… sorry

          But!!! if any place in New England is going to have some color left over that would be it.. Talk to your local photographer there and make sure he/she knows your wishes for fall colors and see what they tell you.

  67. Your site is the only one I am following. I had a work aquaintence in CT suggest we start in the northern part.

    • Well don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings and sometimes if you find someone more “local” than me is good because they know their back yard better than me. I paint with broad brush strokes based on years of driving all over and getting a feel for how the colors work. But if I lived in Saint Johnsbury (for instance) I would expect me to know that area and how it turns intimately.
      I may have said before talk to the resort folks and get their opinions when it’s get closer to Oct. They will have the benefit of seeing things on a daily basis. They in Jeffersonville will know if things are running early or late (you can always let me know what they are saying as I can update and bounce it off friends in that area.

      And yes your friend was right about starting in the north…

  68. Oh no Jeff. Once we make it down south from Jeffersonville, we will fly home from south. We wont be going all the way back up to depart home. We will just change our departure flight from Burlington to maybe Hartford.

  69. Well as it stands right now we fly in to Burlington on the 3rd and fly out of Burlington on the 11th. To see more states we thought we’d change our flight to arrive inHartford and work our way up. No hotel arrangements have been made yet except sterling Ridge for the entire week. We were going to just revise the amount of days there and stay in other states while making our way. But with your suggestion, we may make our way down instead of up. Wanted to stop in Hyannisport to see the Kennedy Compound by boat tour.

    • Well Angie, there is nothing wrong with your plans, they are, after all, your plans. If you want to drive down to the Cape to take the boat tour, then you should do so! Because this is your vacation and no one elses. I just need to understand what are the things you want to accomplish. So, based on this current info, if you fly in on the 3rd to Burlington you will be able to enjoy your time up in the North East Kingdom of VT and into New Hampshire but to do Hyannis you will still need to drive the 5 hours to get there or most of a day. Just allow the time to get there and then drive back. I’m guessing that you may be hitting several travel sites and getting many different viewpoints to see what every other person says…
      opinions on when and where the fall foliage will be are like buttons AND everybody has a bunch of them. (including me)

      The locations I outlined below are usually safe for your time period but it all depends on what mother nature hands us. If we get a week of rain?? All the color comes to a screeching halt until we get sunny days again so it pays to pay attention to what you see the weather doing in this part of the country.
      BUT! remember there is nothing you can do to guard against a rainy period throwing my plans and every single other persons “opinion” of schedule…
      I always tell folks do things and explore and don’t hook everything on finding PEAK fall foliage. Because if you miss the peak then you might be unhappy… And one more secret, ready… Anything between 50% and 100% is incredible! so if you don’t hit peak, your jaw will still be sore from hanging open half the day! The picture on this page in the comments was not peak! it’s nice but I added contrast to make the color stand out. it was rainy and misting as I took that from my car window.
      Also peak is not a single day but if we are lucky it’s 5-7 days leading into and another 5-7 days exiting and anywhere in the window will be very pleasant, ok?
      There is no way I or anyone can pick a day and say that on the corner or Routes 117 and 18 on Tuesday the 3rd of Oct you will find peak… It may very well be there waiting for you but if you read my articles I spend days driving back and forth to see how the colors are developing. I will see some really nice color along one stretch of road and then for the next 6 miles it’s all green and then you come around a bend in the road and all the trees for as far as the eye can see are in all the shades of the rainbow and then some… You go another 1 miles and guess what… ALL GREEN… that is the way of it. sometimes a single tree gets it signal early and it’s a week or two ahead of the rest around it. So you find it glowing in all it’s peak color and the trees up and down the road are just tinged with color… This is very common.

      I don’t want to discourage you, I want you to come to New England with vacation plans, and I want to give you guidance so that you have the best chance of find color… But mostly I want you to have a great vacation. Explore all that New England has to offer and if we can knock your socks off with incredible color, BONUS! 🙂

      So where does this leave us?
      If you can change the exit plan for burlington, I would make it Boston (Logan) or even RI. so you don’t have to drive all the way back to VT. (yes there will be a charge for leaving the car at a different airport) but if you can’t do that then enjoy the colors as you drive back north because you will drive from down on the Cape with no color back into the thick of it as you head to Burlington…

      And I still stand with the locations that I gave you because they are still good for central VT and NH to points north 3-8 Oct (assuming 8-11 down south).

  70. Jeff- will let you know about the resort. Some are suggesting we start in Jeffersonville, VT on Oct 3rd and finishing in Hartford on the 11th because we may miss peak in the northern New England states. What is your opinion?

    • Well I made the following assumptions.
      A. Hartford was set due to airline reservations
      B. Hyannis was set for reservations or other reasons
      If you don’t have to land in Hartford the by all means land in Burlington VT and start up there then flow south with the color finishing the last 3-4 days in Hyannis and then drive to Boston or Hartford and fly home. The color starts up north and then flows south. There is on a little color comparably on the Cape so the biggest reason to go there is to relax since most everybody has gone home from the cape.. Very quiet and great if you want the beaches to yourself.. or nearly so.
      Sorry if I misunderstood…

  71. Jeff, glad I found this site, we’re doing our annual vacation later this year in hopes of seeing some “COLOR”. We’ll be driving up and arriving around Oct. 5th. based out of N. Prov. R.I., we have no time line other than being back in FL recharged and ready for work on Oct. 19th. Any suggestions for extended day trips while we’re up?

    • Well I’m assuming you will take 2-3 days to drive back? So I will assume the 16th is your last day. So lets say 6 to 16 Oct. Basing yourself that far south you will be spending a while on the road (unless fall does start early like in 2012 and we were getting color early north to south at roughly the same time.. (very unusual)
      I’m going to give you some reading to do and have a pad of paper so you can write down questions for later.
      First is this page on this site. http://www.jeff-foliage.com/locations-state/ This way you can explore several states with routes and info on the locations.
      Second page is for purchasing some Gazetteers if you don’t already have them. http://www.jeff-foliage.com/planning-tools/
      Third page is from my planning archives and everything on the right hand column of this page http://www.jeff-foliage.com/archives/ will help with narrowing down your search. Lastly here is another http://www.jeff-foliage.com/foliage-safaris/fall-foliage-home-page/

      I realize it’s nice to have me detail it all out for you but you need much of what I’ve already written.. 🙂 So after you read these 30+ articles (I’m not kidding) you will know what to ask about when and where in your journey. That way I can surgically answer what you don’t know and may not be in these articles.


  72. Sorry Jeff. We are arriving in Hartford on Oct 3rd and We are flying home to Louisiana out of Burlington, Vermont on that Saturday, October 11th. After leaving Hyannisport on the 5th we are making our way up to Sterling Ridge Resort in Jeffersonville for the remainder of our trip. Hoping to see some of New Hampshire on the way up. We’d like to see Maine also but not sure what to focus on there without it being too far from our cabin. From reading your posts it looks like not much color first week of October in CT and Mass. How about the rest at that time? Thank you so much for all of your time answering all of us leaf peepers.

    • Well like a lot of folks you want to go for the big three, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. But to do this you need another week or three.
      I think you’ll be much happier if you work on Vermont and maybe a little of NH. I’ll reply tomorrow with a suggestion for NH but my ideas for Vermont stand.

    • Ok Angie, now we have your dates so we can firm things up a bit. BTW after you stay at this resort let me know how it was. Value for your buck and amenities and so forth. Now I would say driving up the highway (Route 93) to 89 is the best way to get up there (Google says 5.4 hours) so there is your first day. If you get in early enough, then see if there are any walks you can take to get familiarized with the area. (Something relaxing).

      This summer is more like earlier years as far as temps go (we’ve only had 4 days at or slightly exceeding 90 around Boston unlike 13 days last year) But August hasn’t arrived yet and that is when we usually get 4-7 days in the 90s. But if these temps are an indicator of anything and in Sept we go early into the 40s and 50s at night then we could get some early color changing. (keep reading my blog updates and on Facebook to see what is happening.)

      So! trips I would be looking at are, for NH over into Sugarhill NH. You can take 302 over to Route 112 and the 116 North to 117 and into Sugarhill. (On route 117 is Polly’s Pancake Parlor and is a must stop for a meal I usually get there around lunch. As a side note Route 112 goes into Woodstock with several nice places for Lunch and the beaver pond is along that route (here is an article to read about the Beaver pond).

      South of Montpelier on Route 12 is a scenic area around the town of Northfield and Norwich University. They also have 5 Covered bridges. and back to New Hampshire with a run along the Kancamagus highway which is a classic ride taken by everyone. I would do this earlier rather than later due to the Columbus Day holiday traffic on Friday through Sunday.

      As far as the traffic goes as long as you are heading south and not north at any point on Fri-Sat you should be ok.

      Let me know if there are more questions.. Have you picked up a gazetteer yet? If you visit this page on my website you can order them and bring them with you.
      Gazetteers are great for planning and they include everything that you might be interested in locating while you are exploring…

      P.S. Just thought of a few mountains that have gondola rides… Cannon mountain and Loon mountain… too many ideas going through my head.. 🙂 A view from the Flume Gorge parking lot on a misty rainy day in early October

  73. Hi Jeff, we are flying into Hartford, Connecticut on October 3rd spending the night there and heading to Hyannisport for a couple of nights. Then making our way up to Jeffersonville, Vermont for the remainder of our trip which will be flying out on October 11th. What route do you suggest to make it to Jeffersonville where we would see the best scenery?

    • hi Angie, I’m not sure what your exact arrival date is or how long you’re going to be on the road which makes it hard for me to direct you. But assuming that you’re allowing for a weeks vacation, plus a day to travel back to the airport (it depends if you’re flying out of Manchester or Concord or Portland or Boston or Hartford.) the further the airport the longer the draw (it goes without saying)
      for the most part assuming you are driving up on the third or fourth of October, I’m also assuming your driving up route 89 which will be the fastest way to get there, coming in from the West on 104.
      The first thing that strikes my mind is that if the color is late you could drive up 109 to 118 and visit Montgomery Vermont with its covered bridges and then from the center of Montgomery pick up route 58 which will take you up and over hazes notch which could be quite a lovely drive.
      From there you arrive in Lowell and hit route 100, you follow that down through Eden and hit possibly route 15 or hit route 100C and pick up route 15 further West and come back into Jeffersonville and finish your day.
      On another day if the color is a little further along you can head South on route 108 out of Jeffersonville and follow that through Smugglers Notch which can be quite beautiful in the mountains you’ll pass underneath Mount Mansfield rising majestically above you and come out into Stowe. From there you can either hit route 100 and head north back to Jeffersonville
      as you travel down route 100 and you get past Little River state Park keep an eye open for Ben & Jerry’s and a tour there usually includes free ice cream. Continue down to route two follow that to the West and North annual be traveling into Richmond Vermont. In the center of town there is a Richmond Congregational church which is also called the Richmond round church. you can make your way onto route 117 two route 15 and follow that backup taking bridge and back into Jeffersonville.
      if you can and have another day free take a look at going South by East to gratin state Park which is East of route to and North of route 302 there’s some lovely hikes in their and once you’re in the state forest area they can direct you to the overlook above kettle pond which is a favorite of photographers.
      if you still have time free consider heading south into Middlebury along route7 it’s a college town and from there you can catch route 125 up and over the northern green mountains and then head North on route 100 look for route 12 or 12 A to your East and Northfield Vermont. The town of Northfield is known for the college of Norwich University but it also has five covered bridges and if you’re like me and love covered bridges this is the place to be when the colors are changing. The image that I posted in the comment of this page (http://www.jeff-foliage.com/2014/07/fall-foliage-forecast-new-england-2014/) is of the slaughterhouse covered bridge and that is one of the five covered bridges of Northfield Vermont. I hope this helps give you some ideas at least to get started with.

  74. Hi Jeff! I am planning a trip out to Durham, NH to visit my brother and I’m trying to plan it so I can see some great fall colors. I plan on flying in to Boston, then driving up to NH. The two dates I am debating between are Sept 25-28, or Oct 16-19. Since we will be closer to the coast and southeast NH, would you recommend Oct 16? Thanks!

    • hi Lydia, I would say your second set of dates are right on the mark. Durham and the area around great day will be slow to change due to the warmth of the Bay and the proximity to the ocean. (You must have been reading my blog ):-)
      but I would say that you still may benefit from exploring North and West of your area. It really depends on what mother nature gives us and if the season is slow I would drive up to Lake Winnipesaukee and circle around it and see what the colors are like up in that area you could also travel through the Merrimack Valley which is West and South of Durham and North along route one following the coast from Portsmouth up into Maine and Kittery. There will be no lack of farm stands and events going on that you can enjoy the autumn harvest season.
      It looks like most all of the festivals or fairs will be over but you do have the Keene pumpkin Festival on October 18 which is in Keene New Hampshire.
      I hope this gives you some ideas on things to do. Also check my site for touring ideas you might be able to find some hiking or bike paths or even a scenic train to take to see some foliage.
      Jeff foliage

  75. Hi Jeff, I had an aborted trip starting in Burlington, VT right before 9/11 and have only now some time to revisit a portion of that trip. The time I have available is Oct 30 – Nov 6. I could drive out of NYC or fly out somewhere and then rent a car, i.e. flexible as to the where to go. Just wanted your insight as to where the best opportunity to see great fall colors in the area would be. Thank you.

    • Hi Lee, well with those dates I will make a few recommendations. First, this is the tail end of the season and I would be looking at anywhere along the coast. IF, yes I say IF we don’t have any major storms in Oct then you may find really nice colors further inland but I wouldn’t want to take those odds. In the last 5 years we’ve had anywhere from rain and winds during Oct to Hurricane Irene.

      So I would look to balance these factors. There is also pumpkin/harvest/Halloween festivals to think about. Halloween is on Friday this year and Salem MA comes to mind. 🙂

      If you are limited to VT (wasn’t sure from your comment) You could also look at traveling around Lake Champlain. The lake stays warm and like along the ocean the colors will be delayed a little near it. You could try Route 2 that follows the islands on the lake. North Hero can be very nice.

  76. Hi Jeff, my husband has surprised me with a Birthday gift to see the fall foliage sept. 26th-oct.4. We plan on seeing ‘Cher’ in concert in Boston on the 27th and then on the 28th. driving to New Hampshire, Vermont, the Cape and take the ferry to Nantucket and back to Boston. In the past we’ve visited the third week of oct. and our anniversary in May. My concern is we are arriving too early to see the trees change colors and or any of the brilliant colors from past visits. Any thoughts or suggestions on our itinerary would be more than appreciated.

    • You are right it will be a bit early and I can recommend places like Montgomery and Hazens notch in VT as well as all of the NEK. Then into NH from Canon Mountain to all points north. I think I can say you’ll see some color but the further north you go the better (longer drive). 3rd week in Oct means you’re much further south and into MA, RI, CT. As we get closer I’ll get a better picture. We’re still 76 days out and even for me that is a bit of a stretch to even being close to accurate… 🙂

      • Hi Jeff, I checked out the places you recommend and I can’t wait to explore new territory… there is so much to do and see. I think driving north will give us the autumn beauty we are wanting to experience. Your photos of these areas are majestic… they truly are a selling point. Thank you for sharing your time, expertise and adventures with us so we can plan our dream vacation. I look forward to your updates as we get closer to the fall season. I am recovery from major foot surgery this summer and your site/photos give me an escape. Your work is a treasure.
        Be well,

  77. Hi Jeff, my husband and I are planning to travel to Bar Harbor, rent a car, drive to Portland, Maine and drive down the coastal highway to Boston and fly home to Tennessee after that. We have 7-10 to spend on this trip. We’d rather not run the risk of getting caught in the first snow storm of the season and my husband is especially sensitive to extreme cold temps. My dream has always been to see the beautiful fall foliage, quaint bridges, steeples and lighthouses. When would you recommend that we make this trip to have the best chance of meeting the criteria I’ve laid out. I won’t hold you to it; just your best guess please.

    • I would say if you arrived around Oct 15th you should be pretty happy. If the color is later it’s wouldn’t be much of a drive to come inland a little to find the color but most of the trip to Boston should be a colorful one. With 7-10 days you will be able to zig zag through all the fingers of land on your way down.. The only downside is that Reds in Wiscasset (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Red's+Eats/@44.002532,-69.664201,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdf6136272c1d7296)
      Will be closed by then (great lobster rolls but you should be able to find some along the way (make sure they butter and toast the rolls!)
      Pick up a Gazetteer (here is a link: Maine Atlas & Gazetteer)

      You don’t have to get a Gazetteer (the link has them between $7 (used) to $15) but I find that are great to use to explore with. But any good atlas will point out locations. If you find anything really great, please come back and let me know, so I can mark it down… 🙂

  78. Hi Jeff!!!! I’m very grateful of your kindness!
    As you can imagine when I sell tours in the USA, they are organized by local tour operators. But this is MY journey and unfortunately I don’t have so much time….We will visit the region in 6 days….. so sad….one of the route I wouldn’t miss is the Mohawk Trail. What do you think?
    We take the hard decision to avoid Boston and Cape Cod….
    My regards from Arezzo. Have you aver been to Italy?????

    • Well Jessica, the Mohawk trail will have some color especially in the western portion because of it’s elevation. (highest point in Massachusetts. but other part will be spotty to green. inother words it will be nice but… not bright and colorful. But if you do go make sure you stop in Erving at the Freight house antiques. they have a little dining counter for sandwiches and their pies are homemade and delicious!
      Here is an article that covers a small portion of the Mohawk trail: http://www.jeff-foliage.com/2012/05/take-a-fall-foliage-trip-to-florida/
      I will say in 2012 there was good color as of 29 Sept (not great but 35% towards peak in some areas which is very unusual. It was a very dry year (7″ less rain than normal) This year is so far also a dry year but not nearly as bad. maybe 1″-2″ below normal but that could be fixed in a week or two. The trees are healthy and if we go into late september with this deficit in precipitation then we could have outstanding colors.
      Now the reason I mention all this is because the colors start waaaay up north in Canada then as we hit the middle of Sept they start flowing south and from higher to lower elevation. AND! just to make it more difficult, if we get early cold temps in Sept (again in 2012 we had night time temps in the 40s for several weeks in Massachusetts and this caused our colors to turn early) This can also throw a wrench in the calculations.
      So this is never an exact science, Mother Nature is fickle, at best… AND just when I think I have it figured out, she changes the rules!
      Today is June 26th and the outside temp at 8:26AM is 64 degrees (17C for my Italian neighbor) 🙂


  79. Dear Jeff,
    I’m an italian travel agent and I’m very pleased to read all you post on your website and on facebook too.
    You’re so great!!!
    I’m planning my trip to your wonderful country next 3rd October (this is my 40’s personal gift).
    I’m starting my foliage tour from Burlington (VT) to visit the Kangamagus, then we would reach the Maine. We have only one week available. Do you think does it worth to visit the Acadia Nat Park?
    Furthermore, is it easy to drive from Burlington to Belfast (ME) in a day? This would be to reach the Acadia…I’m so confused.
    I’m looking forward to see your new photos and 2014 prediction.
    My warmest regards from Italy,

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