Covered Bridges in New England

Fall colors over the Durgin covered bridge

Fall colors over the Durgin covered bridge

Covered bridges, Kissing bridges, wooden structures with roofs that enable you to get from this side of the river to the other. What is it about an old wooden bridge that warms my heart? The fact that many of them stand the test of time that unless a fire or flood destroys one that will stand for hundreds of years…

Why is it that our iron bridges built in the 50s and 60s Some barely 70 years old and they are so dangerous that we have to tear them down and build new ones… Maybe we should make our new ones, covered bridges also?

I’ll warn you now, I have not gotten all the ones in New England yet… I know, what am I waiting for? Well I catch them as I find them… Sometimes that is half the fun… Finding them…


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