This page is for my radio interviews that I do in the Sept to Oct time period to inform people where we are finding peak fall foliage.. Or! at least finding it. I hope you find these past broadcasts entertaining at the very least!

If you want to see my video slide shows please follow this link to my Autumn foliage videos.

red and orange fall foliage in New England

orange maple trees

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These are weekly radio interviews on Thursday’s at 10:15AM and you can listen in to the streaming radio on the show here – Jack and Mike at WCAP 980, Merrimack Radio.   If you want some real funny things to watch I can put a couple of clips up from when the Weather Channel interviewed me live on TV…  For those who thought I couldn’t talk and chew gum at the same time… This might back you up… 🙂


2011 interviews

Sept 8th 2011 WCAP 980 interview

My Sept 15th interview with Jack Baldwin

22 Sept interview on WCAP 980 suggested routes

 My 29 Sept interview with WCAP980 talk radio

October 6th Interview on the status of New England fall foliage

Jeff Foliage talks to Mike and Jack about fall foliage on Oct 13th, Is there more?

October 20 interview with WCAP 980 talk radio

 28 October radio interview about Halloween and foliage

3 November 2011 interview talking about the last of the leaves.

2010 Foliage interviews

14 Oct 2010 with Mike and Jack at 980WCAP

2009 Foliage interviews

My first interview with WCAP on 24 Sept 2009

Interview for 9 Oct 2009 – The color is coming!

Radio interview from Church Landing in the lake region of NH