The first video is my favorite and I got permission from Cheryl Wheeler to use her “When Fall comes to New England”  that had about a million views but the sound got corrupted so I created a new one to replace it.  If you like the music you can buy the album via the Foliage suggestions in the sidebar.

The rest of the video’s below are simple slide shows or ones shot with my android phone. They are just  short ones as I catch the fall colors around New England. and a few are from Halloween if you like Halloween.

Please enjoy!

2011, Oct snow

Cathedral Ledge

Another view from Cathedral Ledge

Dianah’s Baths New Hampshire

27 October at the Edgewood cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire

28 October foliage on my deck

Eerie Hollow Cemetery-home haunt w/music by Nox Arcana


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  1. One more:

    New England Fall Foliage Aerial Video

    Beautiful New England fall foliage from in and around North Conway and Lincoln, New Hampshire.

    Features the Conway Scenic Railroad’s “7470” steam engine and dramatic aerial views of the White Mountains area at high peak color.