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The fall colors of New England come early to Dixville notch in New Hampshires white mountains

Dixville Notch in fall colors

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Vermont hillside aflame with a tapestry of fall colors in New EnglandThe New England Fall Colors stretch out across all of New England. Click the title for suggested scenic photographic locations/drives. I’ve tried to give maps or directions and you may have to use a DeLorme Gazetteer or GPS to find these places. Over the winter I will try to convert them to PDFs so that you can download them onto your smart device.  Scenic drive  for New Hampshire, VermontMaine, MassachusettsConnecticut  and Rhode Island.  I may add New York  this next year  depending on if anyone sends me  suggested routes.

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  1. I am taking my 88 year old mother on a week’s New England Fall Foliage Trip arriving in Manchester, NM the night of 10-3. I have the 4th & 5th lodging reserved at Bear Mountain Lodge in Bethlehem. I thought it would be convenient and maybe a bit away from the crowds down in North Conway. Here is my dilemma….Since she is 88, we can’t really hike or do a lot of physical activities. However, she loves scenic drives. I was thinking on the 4th and 5th, we could view the scenery around White Mountain. Could you provide some suggestions as to where we should go after that? Vermont? If so what would be your choices of drives? Or perhaps, Acadia? Berkshires? Maine? Connecticut? I am open to any suggestions. Since physical mobility creates some limitations for us, I just want the week to create stellar memories for her. She walks very slowly and doesn’t have a lot of energy but loves beautiful scenery and wildlife. Our return flight is early Saturday morning, 10-10 from Manchester. So, we would need to stay in Manchester, NY on Friday night.

    • You’ll have to judge how far by how she feels. Click here to pick up a Gazetteer for New Hampshire, Amazon can deliver to you.
      Leave Bethlehem on route 302 and down past the Mount Washington resort and through Crawford Notch state park. steep mountain sides make for great views. In Bartlet you’ll find a covered bridge with a little souvenir store inside.
      (You’ve been on the road for one hour at this point)
      Take a drive north on 16 (3 way junction of 302 and 16) Up ahead is Jackson Nh. Another Covered Bridge and nice little stores and next tot he fire house is Ravenwood and well worth a stop if you/she likes eccentric artsy places. Places to eat and explore. Next to the Wentworth hotel is a road up the mountain (more of a big hill) and paved so don’t worry about driving it. If we have had any rains there are waterfalls next to the road on the way up and some roadside parking spots. Easy to walk and view the streams.

      IF she is still full of energy then by all means drive the rest of the way up 16 past Mountwashington to Gorham and west on route 2 to route 115 back through caroll to route 302 and west to Bethlehem

      Next day drive out to I-93 and south to Route 112 (lincoln). Drive the Kancamagus highway (Route 112) To Conway and you can either drive up route 16 from Conway (check your Gazetteer for the 2 covered bridges in Conway) then north on 16 to 302 and back to Bethlehem.
      This is a breakfast or brunch thing – Drive from Bethlehem on 302 west but don’t get on 93, This time take 18 south for 5 minutes (3.4 miles) to Coffin pond, can be very pretty reflections (drive along its border) Then follow 18 south to Route 117 and take that west to Sugar hill and on the right you will find Polly’s pancake house. 2.3 miles or about 4 minutes. Unless you mom hates home cooking and pancakes this is a do not miss!
      Now you can drive west on 117 to where it joins with 302 and head south. At the 302/112 junction take the 112 south by east.
      You will be running along the Ammonoosuc river much of this way and at proter road make a left and a short distance is the Swiftwater covered bridge. (distance from Polly’s is 18 miles or 27 minutes give or take…)

      Now another 18 minutes and 12 miles along route 112 will bring you to the Beaver pond. There should be great reflections depending on time of day and weather. There is parking and it will be good to stretch legs. It will be on your right as you come up a hill. This is also known as Kinsman Notch and the Appalachian trail run through the hills above this. View of the Beaver pond at Kinsman Notch on a foggy morning

      At this point you could travel over to Vermont to stay. The choices are many but a very nice in on the west side of Vermont is in Danby VT. The Silas Griffith Inn is very comfortable with views of Mount Tabor rising in the afternoon sun above it.
      Take a look at this for items of interest… https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2013/10/new-englands-foliage-report-weather-locations/

      This will get you started and get your mom involved in the planning as she may not care about covered bridges… 🙂

  2. Jeff, I am pretty sure you said you live in Salem, MA. We will be there October 9th. Can you tell me photo opts that I do not want to miss? Will there be color there for maybe a colorful cemetery by then? We will only be there one day then headed to Boston for the night then on to Cape Cod for a night then to Rhode Island, and finally staying 5 days in Cheshire, MA. Is there a certain area/street in Salem that offers alot since we are so limited to time? Thanks

    • Yes I live in Salem. Oct 9th is a bit early for serious color but you should see some. The oldest cemetery is the burying point. But the trees in there are oaks so little color there. You can check a few others in town but they aren’t as old. The town is very walkable and most everything is in a one mile radius. Start early at the visitor center. This is run by the national park service. They will give you a walking map and tell you about all the don’t miss stops along the way. I’m on the road and will put a list of my photo ops together and post them tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Your article about using a phone as your map, GPS, is right on the money. I recently retired and headed out for a trip South to the beach. My wife and I used both WAZE and Google Maps. We both have a two gig plans. I used my phone 98% of the time for directions while on the road and I was streaming from Pandora and Spotify. We were gone for a week and upon my return I got a message that my part of the plan was 90% used up. Not good timing. I had three weeks until my data rolled to the next month. Live and learn! I have an old Garmin that I am going to break out for future trips.

    • Hi Jim I’m glad I’m not the only one but I sort of wish folks didn’t have to worry about it. It complicates how we get out and explore. Can I ask what carrier you have? I’m wondering if it the app or maybe its the carrier?

  4. Wow, that was some good and quick advise, thanks a lot!!! We’ll definitely look into it and start planning…

  5. Hi Jeff,
    maybe I missed something out on your blog, so I’m sorry if my question is already answered somewhere…
    We have one week of vacation in the US from about Nov 1 to 7 and are wondering whether it makes any sense to head up north to New England for some late fall foliage. Internet sources seem to disagree about how long the colors might stretch into November in some place or the other. What is your opinion and experience? I know noone can give a guarantee, but I’d just love to hear some sort of advise. 🙂
    We’ll spend the week before in NYC (have to for work and can’t change the travel dates), so the question is: New England or fly somewhere into the US south… We’ve travelled a lot across the US but have never been to New England so far.
    Thanks from Germany

    • Hi Simone, (or Guten Tag) that’s about it for my German… 🙂
      Yes I have answered this once or twice but finding it can sometimes be tough sooooo….
      That is a great time for NYC but you can also head into Connecticut along the ocean routes and even up to Boston which usually is putting on a wonderful show about then.
      As I say in my article it really depends on the weather we get in the weeks leading up to October and through the month. But as of now I think the leaves and trees will be happy with the leaves staying on except in cases of high winds and rain (which will bring down most leaves.

      Places to visit might be Mystic CT with all the tall ships, great food and near the ocean you will find the best chances for fall colors. Also place like Norwalk and Bridgeport have roads to drive out to Islands just off shore.
      Get off I-95 (our autobahn) and go down to smaller roads like Route 1 or even Route 136 and these roads will allow you to get a real feel for New England and CT. There are hundreds of places to explore like Sherwood Island state park. And this late in the season you don’t have to worry too much about reservations as most of the tourists have gone home. Also the water is very warm (by New England standards) at this time.

      Get a good map book and if you get on Amazon, you should be able to find books auf Deutsch, that will make your trip better by offering side trips. You can also go inland once in a while and I think you will still find good color in the trees.

      The same advice will take you up into Rhode Island and even the coastal areas of Massachusetts and Boston. I usually see reports of fall colors in the parks and arboretums in Boston through the first few weeks of November… But it all depends on the weather.

  6. Hi ! Great Website! I hope you can help… when I click on the “Connecticut fall foliage photo gallery” the page that comes up is a bunch of symbols and no pictures. I would really love to see the fall foliage photos of Ct as I am planning an outdoor event in October 2016 in Norwalk, CT ,Thanks !


    • Thanks Cassandra, this always seems to happen if I take a vacation… Figures… I think it’s all fixed for now. but please let me know if you see that again…
      I don’t have anything for Norwalk but I have a little here and there in the Quiet corner and a few other areas. (I’ve gotten a bit worn out by the time the colors get down into CT..). which is my loss…
      Happy foliage travels!

  7. Hi Jeff, Charlie and I and friends Lynn and Jan Waller are coming to upstate NY to see Niagara Falls this October. Hoping to catch the full colors. What can you suggest? Mollie


  9. We will be leaving Boston October 2 (picking up rental at 9 AM) and returning October 16. I have gathered 100 is curvy with a lot of potential stops and side trips. I was hoping you could give me an idea of a realistic 1st and 2nd night stopping point prior to getting to Stowe. I definitely want to spend 2/3 nights in that area. I appreciate all of your help. Sheila

    • Well, if I knew all the little Inns, B&Bs and motels along route 100, then I would be a travel agent and this would cost you a couple hundred easy. Lucky for you I don’t know all the little places along that route.
      What I will say based on your route and allowing 2 days travel time. You could leave Boston and travel up to historic Lexington and Concord where the shot heard round the world was fired.
      But this is only 40 minutes (depending on traffic) so after visiting the old north bridge, the old Manse (home to notables like Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau) If you travel another 1:29, you will be in historic Deerfield MA and this is also the home of Yankee candle. The homes of the historic Deerfield are all kept in their pre-revolutionary design for the most part and it’s makes for a great photo op. It will be early for the colors but I bet there will be a few early maples to be seen.
      If you head over to Route 112 which takes you up to the VT border it will deposit you on Route 100 and you can proceed north on 100. About 1:50 into this leg of the journey you will be near Londonderry and this is about the halfway mark.

      Londonderry, VT is about 2:45 from Boston (in case you want to drive straight through. From here you can enjoy the southern Green mountains and you are halfway there because you have a drive of 3:40 to drive from here to Stowe.
      here are a couple alternatives where you drive half the way one day and the rest the next.
      Jamaica VT is 2:49 from Boston. Cute little town and the coffee shop makes really good coffee.
      Plymouth VT is 2:43 to 3:18 depending on route taken (big highway vs little highway.

      Now you may be wondering what to do with all this info. 🙂
      I would plug it into tripadvisor or yelp or Frommers and see what others have to say about lodging in those areas. I’ve stayed over on Route 7 near Danby and I stayed in Morristown up north on Route 100 in a small roadside motel. nice place and clean but I don’t remember the name. Thats why I’m a lousy travel agent…

      Now on 100 when you hit Granville you will have to keep a look out for the Moss Glen falls, in fact you can’t miss it because the highway is right next to the parking lot BUT! you can get going to fast and not be able to stop quick enough… So watch for driving through a high walled canyon and slow down because you will be near it. Here is an article on it https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2014/01/moss-glen-falls-easy-waterfall/

      Also near then is one of my favorite little barns on Route 100 see in this article https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2011/05/secret-new-england-fall-foliage-routes/
      AND! when you get to Stowe check this article out: https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2015/03/vermonts-twistiest-scenic-autumn-drive/

      I hope this helps and check my scenic locations by state page for Vermont and Massachusetts and New Hampshire https://www.jeff-foliage.com/locations-state/

  10. I’m working on our itinerary – I believe we will do route 100 – you had me at “waterfalls”. Since we will be leaving Boston on a Friday, I was wanting to start planning where to stay Friday and Saturday night – either the same place for two nights or different towns. Do you have a recommendation if we are heading North on 100 ? Thanks, Sheila

    • Well I’ve gone back through your other comments and you haven’t told me your dates. IF you are coming the last few days of Sept, then you will be looking for lodging up near Jay Peak resort in Vermont to the Canadian border (Note* thats not that far between the two) and just to note on the distance on Route 100 that you can travel. You can go from the Canadian border down to Stowe in a hour or two. Which is why I say if you are doing this right you will take two days to do that distance.
      I know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and the last thing Route 100 is, is a straight line. And if you check the map books, Texas falls will take between an hour to explore and three hours if you get out on any of the groomed trails and hike the area. The trails go up and down but they are easy to navigate. I wish I could say this is a water fall of several hundred feet but in general it’s several cascades that drop anywhere from a few feet to 25 feet, into the final pool.
      The other “Waterfall is Moss Glen falls and this one is quite easy to find. The only problem I forsee is that the parking lot (there is no parking on Route 100 for it) can be filled up and you could end up passing it by and explore south of it and turning around and driving by to see if the parking has a space open yet.
      But! I’ve never once had that problem so you “should” be ok. Also if, the rains have been light in Sept and Oct??? That means the “waterfalls” will also be a bit light if not a trickle. But we will see what kind of rain we have when you get here.
      I really need to know your ideas of dates. I know you also said over to the Maine coast so I would assume 5-15 Oct are your targets. But I’ll wait for more info before hazarding a guess further.

  11. Hi Jeff – So much beauty and a limited time to see it all.  It seems overwhelming.  We will be arriving in Boston on Fri., Oct. 2 and will depart Sat. Oct. 17.  Our desire is to spend one week seeking autumns splendor, then drive down part of the coast of Maine (in essence making one large circle). One of my thoughts was to visit green mountain, over to white mountain and then hit the coast.  What are some must visit areas going towards green mountain.  We enjoy whitewater rafting, so if there is a good place for that I would appreciate your thoughts.  We really do not plan to spend a lot of time in Boston – as to me that is a vacation on its own.  Please help this OCD person is planning a trip.  Thanks!

    • Hi AU Mom, Well, where to start… I would like to first point out that my recommendations come straight from Google as I haven’t tried any white water rafting. I don’t know why but camera’s and electronics come to mind. I’ll photograph it but don’t want to be out in it… 🙂
      Found on http://www.rafting.com/vermont/new-england/
      also http://www.crabapplewhitewater.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Geo%20Targeted%20Conversion%20group&utm_term=white%20water%20rafting%20new%20England
      and last but not least… http://www.northeastwhitewater.com/

        Write ups I found said…

      Massachusetts’s Zoar Gap run on the Deerfield River is rated at beginner, For intermediate, Vermont’s West River offers an excellent day on the water (III+).
      Rafters looking for the thrill of Class IV rafting have The Bulls Bridge Run on Connecticut’s Houstonic River and another is Maine’s Kennebec River. The deep, sheer walls of the Kennebec’s gorge provide a stark and beautiful backdrop for rapids like Rock Garden and the Alleyway.(IV)
      If you are advanced (class V) then The steep gradient on Maine’s Penobscot River creates raging rapids and breathtaking thrills.

      Again these are Company write ups and not personal experience. One thing to check back through the summer is how dry we may or may not be. If you read my June forecast we’re about average as of this writing but that could change. If so you will want to call these places and see how it affects the rafting. small narrow gorges may go semi-dry by October and this has happened but the big rivers they talk about.. it may raise the class.. I just don’t know.

      don’t know right now too many Inns or B&B in the Greens but I’m sure tripadvisor will help out there. The color will be developing in the greens and all points north. I have an article that lists many of the places I have stayed in and one was the The Stowe Inn in (of course) Stowe.

      So that takes us from the 24th to the 28th in Boston. The 28th to the 1st of October in the Greens and points north… I’m stressing the points north as there are places like Northfield and Norwich University. They have 5 wonderful covered bridges. I talk a little about them in this article on the Northfield five. The middle picture was taken on 2 Oct in the late afternoon. If you show up much before 29 September you may be disappointed in the color since I shot the Northfield 5 on the 23rd of Sept once and the color was very spotty.

      There… Now were into the Whites and its the 2nd to the 5th of Oct. Color should be all through the mountains to the Kancamagus highway (do it during the week to minimize traffic but its well worth it). Elevation is 6,000′ plus.
      I would look at Jackson on 16B or Bartlett or anyplace you can find in that area. Inns and B&Bs won’t be cheap but will be nice. You could stray over to the other side of Route 93 to Sugar Hill. (it gets its name from all the sugar maples) And take a walk to the flume Gorge in Franconia Notch. You have to hike the well groomed trails to get to it and Pine sentinel bridge but both are worth it.
      down below you will find several articles to read… and the middle one is a NH (White Mountains) scenic drive. That one alone lists the following: “It’s a great one with 3 churches, 1 stone tower, 3 covered bridges, a Grist mill (really in VT but only just) and a fire tower with incredible views. This scenic drive has everything.”
      You will find other locations in the other articles as well. I would also suggest Eastern VT as you have Woodstock VT and the Jenne farm just a bit south in Reading VT and once done with the Jenne farm you can look for the Sleepy hollow farm and a few others. There is a little pamphlet (How to find photo-scenics in Vermont) that was written by Arnold Kaplan some years back. He passed a year back by his kids still publish it and it’s very cheap with great locations listed.
      It helps to find those places though in a Gazetteer and of course if you haven’t picked one up yet… you can find them at most book sellers like Barnes and Noble and one or two gas stations. If you want to order through my planning tools page you can order through Amazon.com (yes I’m an affiliate)

      Go to my Scenic locations by state andScenic locations by state And pick the state you want to see that I have articles on…

      Places like driving the Mount Washington auto road are bucket list item and on the way there you can find Joe Dodge lodge and Pinkham notch, I could keep listing places all day and not even come close to naming everything… Either way start making notes and when you have questions, stop back by and leave a comment. I usually try to answer in a day or two.

      Oh did you find my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NewEnglandFoliage I sometimes will answer there as well but prefer here.

      New Hampshire:

      More questions? You know where to find me…

      • Thank you so much for your recommendations. Will definitely start marking them now. I am following you on facebook to keep up with your forecasts. I thoroughly enjoy all of your beautiful pictures.

        I have purchased 3 New England books to study (a little overkill I know!) I have one book that recommends driving hwy 100, another hwy 7. Do you have an opinion? Would it be too much to incorporate Kent? or just head towards the Green’s and spend more time there? Of our two week trip, I do want to spend 3 or 4 days on the Maine coast.


        • Hi Sheila, I probably have 3-5 times that number lying around my office and then I have all the Sept & Oct Yankee magazines from 1975 to current and a few Vermont life magazines and Down east fall editions… 🙂 And a few large books with a hundred fall colored leaves in between the pages. 🙂
          And I wonder why Yankee called me obsessed… :-O
          Now Route 7 versus Route 100 which one is better??? I feel an article coming on “Battle of the scenic roads”. To each road there is a time when it shines. Lisa wants me to say that Route 100 is better earlier and Route 7 is better later, especially further north and nearer Lake Champlain. Route 100 has water falls (Texas falls and Moss Glenn falls) and farm buildings and views of the mountains. (Greens and Mansfield and… so on) Towns like Stowe and Waitsfield, Hancock and Stockbridge and a bunch more. Route 100 can be started in late Sept up on the Canadian border and during the 1st week of Oct you will enjoy color down through Stowe. During the 2nd week you will head from Stowe down through Killington and in an early year (the color may be a bit further south).
          But during this 2nd week you can now start up near St Albans and head down along the shore of Lake Champlain to Burlington. There are farms and side trips like catching Route 2 (Note take 78 out of Highgate west to Alburg) following it south on the islands in Lake Champlain. BUT! remember this route is for later in the season because on or near the lake the color will come last, just like on the coast in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, CT and RI…
          Coming down Route 7 during the 5th to the 10th you can arrive at the Shelburne museum with all the old buildings that were collected from around New England. They have a Rhode Island lighthouse and a covered bridge and a paddle boat that used to be on Lake Champlain… So yes its worth seeing.

          On 7 (best time might be from 5 to 15 Oct) you are on the west side of the Greens and from Middlebury south to Rutland and you will be in a valley with the spine of the greens rising on your east side and lower hills dotted with farms, towns and general stores on the west side of 7.

          Now I assume when you say “Kent”, you mean Connecticut and from Manchester VT to Kent its only 100 miles but those miles are packed with things to see and do. So would I recommend it? Not really, but its very doable. You can be there in less than two hours… BUT! also what date are you looking at? If you are looking at later dates 10-15 Oct then Kent will be starting to look nice about then through the rest of Oct.
          Remember it all depends on your dates. The earlier the dates the further north you will want to be. The later the dates the further south you will travel…
          I hope this helps.

          • Yes – This information was extremely helpful! It definitely helps tremendously. I may have further questions as time gets closer – but this definitely answers a lot of questions I had. Thank you so much! Sheila

  12. JFoliage indranu thanks a ton,will keep monitoring your forecast.

  13. indranu Hi, Lake P should be good, Burlington a bit early but nice and as you go up into Newport you should find lots of colors even up to lake massawippi. Rabbit Hill Inn looks like it’s in a good to great location. From there head down to Route 302 over to Carroll NH and then catch Route 115 to 115A until you hit Route 2. Make a right (east) and don’t go too fast. several small churches and a stone tower alongside the road (Route2). Check thi article, https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2014/06/nh-scenic-drive-autumn/ and this one https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2015/01/fall-foliage-franconia-notch-flume-gorge-covered-bridge/
    Now you follow Route 2 to Gorham and south on Route 16 and you will pass wildcat Mtn and Mount Washington and Pinkham Notch, read this article https://www.jeff-foliage.com/2012/06/lake-chocorua-pinkham-notch/ with a few more details. In Jackson visit the covered bridge and Ravenwood (next door to the fire station.
    Take Route 125 from the east side of the Green Mtns of VT to the western side. and is a wonderful short drive. Very twisty but high walls covered in fall foliage. The lake may not by this time have a ton of color but travel up Route 7 to the Shelburne museum. Read the story before you turn it down because its unlike any museum I’ve ever been to. Near by is the ferry over to NY and head home… I hope it helps.

  14. Hi Jeff, we have planned the following to see the fall foliage,please let me know your thoughts.
    30th Sept&1st october-at lake placid
    2nd October-burlington
    3rd&4th-newport VT-visit lake massawippi in canada
    5th -rabbit hill inn
    6th&7th at Jackson-visit white mountain and kancamagus
    8th&9th at Middlebury-visit lake champlain
    kind regards -Indranu

  15. Hi Jeff,
    My wife and I are planning a 2/3 week trip to New England in the Fall. We live in Cornwall, England and although we have been to many parts of the world, we have never been to the USA. I am a keen photographer and am staggered by the beauty and colours of New England. We are planning to visit New England later this year and will be there for 2/3 weeks. We are planning to fly to Boston, spending 3/4 days there, following which we are looking to stay for 3/4 days each in the Green Mountain, White Mountain and Berkshire Hills. We want to arrange accommodation soon as I guess that hotels/inns will be fully booked out fairly soon. I would be very grateful if you would indicate whether we should plan to arrive in late September or early October to see New Hampshire/ Vermont in all its colourful glory. I fully accept that no one can give a definite prediction as to when the leaves change but a broad indication would be much appreciated. look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Bruce Mackenzie

    • Hi Bruce, I generally find really good color up in the Greens and the whites (or north of the Whites) from the 27th of Sept through the 5-10th of Oct. IF we get more of this dry spell through the summer I would err on the early side because it could mean a weak leaf attachment to the trees and it won’t take much for them to come down. We would call it a flash in the pan, where one day the colors are bright and overnight a good breeze comes through and half are on the ground by morning… (not fun)… So coming a little early means getting them where they are coming into their color and not fully (peaked).

      So to start you say Boston… If you have to stay and do Boston first (I would leave this to last, as in Sept there will be few leaves turning in Boston), so arrive 24-25 Sept and then afterwards head up to the Green mountains (27/28th) I know a comfortable place in the southern greens but you will want to be nearer to Stowe or a bit north of there. You could check Emergo farm B&B in Danville VT. (http://www.emergofarm.com/) This is way up out of the Green mountians and into the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) so it may be further than you want to be. (its 2:55 minutes drive time north of Boston, on I-93, driving map)

      I don’t know right now too many Inns or B&B in the Greens but I’m sure tripadvisor will help out there. The color will be developing in the greens and all points north. I have an article that lists many of the places I have stayed in and one was the The Stowe Inn in (of course) Stowe.

      So that takes us from the 24th to the 28th in Boston. The 28th to the 1st of October in the Greens and points north… I’m stressing the points north as there are places like Northfield and Norwich University. They have 5 wonderful covered bridges. I talk a little about them in this article on the Northfield five. The middle picture was taken on 2 Oct in the late afternoon. If you show up much before 29 September you may be disappointed in the color since I shot the Northfield 5 on the 23rd of Sept once and the color was very spotty.

      There… Now were into the Whites and its the 2nd to the 5th of Oct. Color should be all through the mountains to the Kancamagus highway (do it during the week to minimize traffic but its well worth it). Elevation is 6,000′ plus.
      I would look at Jackson on 16B or Bartlett or anyplace you can find in that area. Inns and B&Bs won’t be cheap but will be nice. You could stray over to the other side of Route 93 to Sugar Hill. (it gets its name from all the sugar maples) And take a walk to the flume Gorge in Franconia Notch. You have to hike the well groomed trails to get to it and Pine sentinel bridge but both are worth it.

      Now we are heading down to the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Now its the 5th to the 8th of October. You should be pretty good and in the higher elevations you should find good color or in the valleys between them. You’ll have your passport so stop in Peru or Florida. This florida doesn’t have much in palm trees but rivers cutting through gorges with colorful fall foliage climbing the hills from the road to the tops of the hills.

      Got a rainy day and you want to be indoors? Head to stockbridge and the real Norman Rockwell museum. or up into North Adams and many museums and things to see there. Mount Greylock is up that way also and the highest mountain in MA.
      I hope this gives you a good idea of things to see and I think those dates will work for the most part…

      • Hi Jeff,

        Just a brief note to thank you very much for your prompt and very comprehensive response. It seems to me that our trip to New England should begin in late September and not early October. i really appreciate your time to set out your views and suggestions and will be checking in on your website as we move forward towards to the Fall. I have to say that I am very excited about the prospect of seeing such wonderful, intense colours in New England.

        I should mention that my wife’s only concern is the possibility that, at some stage, we will be facing the attention of a hungry bear on one of our hikes in the mountains of NH and Vermont. Thanks again Jeff. Your response is very much appreciated.

        Kind regards


        • well that sounds good Bruce, I think the only thing I can say for your wife is that in the past 13 years I’ve only seen one bear that wasn’t in a cage, and the bear was gone so fast that I couldn’t even get my camera up and focused on it before it hightailed it out. this isn’t to say that you couldn’t run into a bear or other large animal but I think you should be safe enough. If you’re planning on overnighting it in the woods I would always check with a local ranger station to see if there been any problems of that nature.

          Oh my wife reminded me, I can guarantee you can see bears! Head to Clark’s trading post in the White mountains. It’s a small amusement park and the have a real nice trained bear show… If you have a need to see bears then this will take care of it. 🙂

  16. Jeff, when is the average peak for Berkshire, Mass and Litchfield, CT.? We are planning October 11 thru the 17th but can change. I know there are lots of factors in color.

    • Those sound like good dates to me. I am seeing (so far) drought conditions start up across parts of New England and I’m going to try and figure the impact of this fall. We had a dry summer in 2012 and that turned out interesting… (more on that later this week) But depending on temps those dates should be good… If we get a warmer Sept (not a cool Sept then the dates might prove a little early but with it being dry then we may want to err on the early side since the leaves won’t need much of an excuse to leaf the trees… (pun intended) 🙂

  17. Sorry, I didn’t realize you had replied to my email. Thank you so much for the information on probable best dates to view fall foliage. I’m on this page because I do not find an area to reply on the page you replied to my comments and question.

  18. Jeff, I had no luck in finding Lynn’s Place for lodging that you suggested.

    • Hi Andrea, I XXX’d out your email since we don’t need to make it easier for spammers. I look forward to your questions here on the website. While I can work through emails I prefer comments since the question you ask may help someone else.
      So! to start off your note says October. You need to plan on where you will be visiting and what you want to see. Look over my articles and see what answers you can find there…

    • Thanks Dan, I want to figure out that holy grail of websites… Making it easy for people to find the information that they are looking for! 🙂