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The fall foliage in New England is such a fleeting thing so people want to know when is the best time and where the best colors can be found. By signing up for my blog updates, you can make decisions based on what is really happening here in New England.

I have links to each New England states fall foliage hotlines that you can check with as well as my reports from photographers that I know in the different areas.

If a event is happening that will affect the fall colors I will do my best to get this news out to you as quick as I can. Speaking of fall events I have a partner website that will update me with fall foliage events from around New England. So once September arrives you will start to see harvest/foliage festival/Halloween events begin to grace my page.


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  1. Jeff…love the information on here. Looking at flying into Niagra on 10/3 and then working our way east, leaving on 10/11. Is this a good time frame, given your experience? Also, what should be our key focus points? Open for suggestions on a city to fly back out of. Thanks

    • Ludlow in central VT on Route 100 should have foliage this fall…

      Oh! you mean when? depending on all the usual variables, I think 10 October give or take… there is some drought issues but with the river running through town and the ski resort right above the town it should be ok in that area. I don’t know specifics for the area though. So if you talk about lodging with persons there ask how dry it is and… are the leaves turning brown. (They are in my neighborhood) this year is going to be interesting. Do you remember my stated advice? Always have plans for lots of activities in case the colors fizzle… Hit my Twitter/Facebook pages and let me know and I can try to make recommendations but if you have other activities planned. Okemo should have hiking, biking, gondola rides to the top and as I remember one or two very nice restaurants downtown…

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