Fall Foliage report 4 New Hampshire

Jackson falls New Hampshire

When is peak Autumn foliage in New Hampshire? This is probably the most asked question that I ran into, right next to when his peak autumn fall foliage in Vermont? Okay, you can also replace Vermont with Maine, Massachusetts, well, … Continue reading

Best Fall Foliage Comments of the week

 Do you check the Fall Foliage comments? I’ve been getting a ton of questions in the comments section under my articles. I’m looking for a way to turn all of these into a searchable FAQ section but if you have … Continue reading

Favorite Late September fall colors

horses in fall foliage on VT farm

How far do you have to go to find late September fall colors? In past years, I’ve gone all the way north to the Canadian border during the last week of Sept (27/28) and found nice colors. But do you have … Continue reading

Early fall colors for 2014?

Many of my friends have been sending me the article links about an Early Fall from different newspapers around the country and then they ask the big question. What am I seeing in New England??? And what do I think … Continue reading