Maine Fall Foliage in Grafton Notch part 1

Guest post from Maine photographer Stephen Beckwith of a life-long outdoor enthusiast and landscape photographer for the past four years. A champion of all things Maine and capturing his state in all its pristine beauty. You can purchase prints … Continue reading →

Early October scenic fall color explorations

The common questions that I receive in the comments on this blog are usually asking one simple question. “I’m coming in early September or October, what should I see? I almost always invariably have to answer with more questions. First, … Continue reading →

Cell Phone artistry takes on fall foliage

Grist mill shot with S3 cell phone

#Cellphoneography I was reminded last weekend that people are relying on their cell phones more than traditional cameras (notice I don’t say real camera) when I was trying to photograph an event and the SLR users were outnumbered 50-1. The … Continue reading →

In mid-September, how far north are the fall colors?

How far north do you have to go to find September fall colors? In past years, I’ve gone all the way north to the Canadian border during the last 2 weeks of Sept (22/30) and found nice or really good fall colors.(depending … Continue reading →

Cicada song Heralds the approach of fall

Cicada song Heralds the approach of fall foliage Well, August has arrived and I’ve started to hear the song of the cicada. It won’t be long until the fall foliage colors start to show.  With the severe drought across the United States, … Continue reading →

Rainy Day Foliage Photography

Guest post from New Hampshire photographer and waterfall enthusiast Chris Whiton of White Mountain Images. Chris is an active fan of the outdoors and a collector of lost waterfalls.  When he isn’t out hiking, he is busy selling prints, cards, … Continue reading →