Best Fall Pictures-fond memories

A New England fall foliage reflection of the golden leaves in the puddles on the dirt road.

Best fall pictures! What do they mean to you? Well I just put a log on the fire next to me and while the temperatures outside are not conducive to thinking ahead to the 2015 New England fall foliage season, … Continue reading

Fall Foliage Forecast 2015

This is my first Fall Foliage Forecast for 2015 I’ve found that everybody comes to this page first so I’m creating it as a landing page. Below you will find my first fall foliage forecast  (better known as a prediction) … Continue reading

Bright New England fall colors to be found!

The fall colors lead the eye to the Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

The New England fall colors are still around… IF your expectations aren’t too high! Let me explain. Lisa and I just drove this morning, up into New Hampshire and we found only hints of color. (See the bottom paragraph for … Continue reading