Hidden Cenotaph, in plain sight!

Today we’re taking another look at Tamworth NH First! You may be wondering what the heck a Cenotaph is? And what does that have to do with fall foliage. You might also ask, What is the difference between a tombstone … Continue reading →

Delorme Gazetteer review

Delorme Gazetteer review Welcome foliage friends wherever you may be. This week I’m doing a simple article about the new (it was new in 2015) Delorme Gazetteer for New Hampshire and Vermont. Anybody who has been reading my blog for … Continue reading →

Vermont scenic drive to Hildene

A Vermont scenic drive to Hildene Vermont This Vermont scenic drive will reveal the the historic home home of Robert Todd Lincoln. It’s hidden away near Manchester Vermont. He was the eldest son of President and Mary Todd Lincoln. He loved … Continue reading →

Scenic Vermont Drive on Cloudland road

Iconic Vermont locations We’re going to take a Scenic Vermont drive in central Vermont near Woodstock VT.  Today we are going to hit 3 of scenic/iconic locations with a couple extra stops thrown in for good measure. Today’s route has been saved as a … Continue reading →

Ding, Dong the foliage is dead, or is it?

The question of the day is: The foliage is dead, or is it? After 1-4 inches of rain you would think it would all be on the ground but the foliage is proving more resilient than I was thinking. I … Continue reading →