Fall Foliage Trains

Guest post by Connecticut photographer, Mark Spremulli. Trains and Fall Foliage go hand in hand. Its the smell of the coal smoke, the sounds of the diesel, the squeaking of the wheels as well as the clickety-clack over the joints, … Continue reading →

Top 20 signs that fall is arriving

These are my top 20+ signs that fall is arriving! Before you panic, these have not all happened as I write this. YET! But even as I think about going out to the beach and soaking up a little more … Continue reading →

Fall foliage outlook for New England

My July fall foliage outlook My first part of this fall foliage outlook will be for those who love to geek out over the statistics of El Niño and computer models of weather prediction. Those who just want “what I think … Continue reading →

Colonial Meeting Houses in New England

This weeks fall foliage article covers: Another notification sent out and a winner? time will tell Colonial meeting houses in New England Jeff Foliage contest! I just sent an email to Linda Burton (going by the email address) and we’ll … Continue reading →