Scenic New Hampshire drive to Beede Falls

Squam Lake in the distance

Scenic New Hampshire search for early fall color Labor Day arrives in early September and generally you won’t find much concentrated fall color. Lisa and I headed up towards sandwich New Hampshire, with an eye for finding Beede falls. All through … Continue reading →

Fall Foliage – Franconia Notch & Flume Gorge covered bridge

Flume gorge covered bridge

Fall Foliage – Franconia Notch New Hampshire You can say “Franconia Notch”, and many leaf peepers will simply nod their heads as they remember their hikes into Franconia State Park.  It’s also known as the home of the Flume Gorge covered bridge and while … Continue reading →

Bright New England fall colors to be found!

The fall colors lead the eye to the Canterbury Shaker Meeting House

The New England fall colors are still around… IF your expectations aren’t too high! Let me explain. Lisa and I just drove this morning, up into New Hampshire and we found only hints of color. (See the bottom paragraph for … Continue reading →

Are the fall colors slowing down?

The road not taken through fall foliage

Are the fall colors slowing down? The fall foliage season has been going gang busters from mid-Sept till the 3rd of Oct, but over the past few days the Fall colors seem to be tapping the brakes. I’ve been getting … Continue reading →