Looking out on the fall colors

Maybe you would like to be sitting on this porch, in a rocking chair, where you can look out on the fall colors of New Hampshire changing right before your eyes. The photograph “Watching the autumn leaves fall” can be purchased … Continue reading →

In mid-September, how far north are the fall colors?

How far north do you have to go to find September fall colors? In past years, I’ve gone all the way north to the Canadian border during the last 2 weeks of Sept (22/30) and found nice or really good fall colors.(depending … Continue reading →

Cicada song Heralds the approach of fall

Cicada song Heralds the approach of fall foliage Well, August has arrived and I’ve started to hear the song of the cicada. It won’t be long until the fall foliage colors start to show.  With the severe drought across the United States, … Continue reading →

Rainy Day Foliage Photography

Guest post from New Hampshire photographer and waterfall enthusiast Chris Whiton of White Mountain Images. Chris is an active fan of the outdoors and a collector of lost waterfalls.  When he isn’t out hiking, he is busy selling prints, cards, … Continue reading →

One breakfast spot not to miss!

My #1 breakfast spot in New Hampshire Polly’s Pancakes in Sugar Hill New Hampshire on Route 117 is one of the places that I always try to fit into my itinerary every autumn. With or without gluten and New Hampshire made … Continue reading →

Location tips for great autumn reflections

Lily pond reflection

There is nothing like an autumn reflections of fall foliage in a still lake or pond. Today I’m going take you around to some of the ones I’ve found over the years. Take notes or write these down in your … Continue reading →