Fall Foliage colors for the 2nd wk of Oct

Small white New Hampshire church surrounded by bright red fall foliage in New England.

Greetings my fall foliage seekers Follow @Foliage_Reports Are you wondering where to go the week of CDW (Columbus Day weekend)? This week starts with a sound. This sound is of everybody heading south to get back home. (Ok, most everybody, … Continue reading

15 New England fall foliage locations not to miss on 1 October

15 fall foliage locations not to miss for  On Oct 1st, Greetings my fall foliage friends! I wish I could say that the chill in the air was normal since it was mid-September and cooling down from a nice warm summer but … Continue reading

Towering white steeple into fall colors

Life is what happens while you are making other plans! (unknown author) In this case I was making plans to write this article that will explore white church steeples set against fall colors and then my desktop computer died! Don’t … Continue reading

Carter’s Tower of Foolishness.

he is reported to have built this rock tower which he may have called "Carter's tower of foolishness".

Stone tower on route 2 in New Hampshire Don’t you just love it when you’re driving along and you look up and somebody has built something that makes you just go Hmmmm? Well this is one of those things, a … Continue reading