Late July foliage forecast & Comment winner

Late July foliage forecast Well folks here we go again… I always hope for an easy forecast and Mother Nature throws some wicked curve balls. Right now much of the Northeast is in a drought condition and some of the central to eastern parts of Massachusetts are in serious drought. … Continue reading →

Mount Chocorua seen from Tamworth

Exploring a view of Mount Chocorua YES! another article from the same day last October 14th, 2015. This day is just one surprising vista after another. If you are just joining me on this exploration through central NH and Mount Chocorua, then please hit the links to these articles from earlier on … Continue reading →

Chocorua River fall reflections

Fall reflections on the Chocorua River Welcome back foliage fans, last week I was talking about the dam in the Chocorua River and some of the shots you can get there. This week we’re going to work our way upstream 100yds… Yup, that’s it, a hundred yards. As I was … Continue reading →

Hidden Cenotaph, in plain sight!

Today we’re taking another look at Tamworth NH First! You may be wondering what the heck a Cenotaph is? And what does that have to do with fall foliage. You might also ask, What is the difference between a tombstone and a Cenotaph? A tombstone is where someone is buried … Continue reading →

Foliage travel plans

Questions about foliage travel plans I’ve gotten behind on my post this week (Next week Hildene in Vermont)… I just got this question from France, saying they are travelling from New York city, to Woodstock, to Vermont and the White mountains and they were wondering if their dates of 5-10 … Continue reading →

6 covered bridges in a day part 2

Capturing 6 covered bridges on a scenic drive Welcome my fall foliage friends. In the last article I started the day at 6:57AM at the Jenne Farm and we only got to the Dingleton covered bridge and that included 3 of today’s covered bridges. We ended the article at 10AM … Continue reading →