Weekend fall foliage update 3-4 Oct

This Special foliage report is just a compilation of yesterday’s and today’s reports, and any general guidance sent in by your fellow travelers… Generally the fall colors have been slow to come in fully in Vermont and Maine with color … Continue reading →

Foliage Report & Weekend events

The Fire tower in Milan State park is a favorite of mine to visit. #Vistaphotography

Foliage Report for 30 Sept… The cool September nights’ are having a big impact on the fall foliage colors throughout northern New England and the colors are moving south. But! we have weather issues to contend with. Lisa and I went … Continue reading →

Fall colors follow as temps drop across Northeast

Welcome to the First day of Autumn Last week we were wondering if the cooler temperatures of autumn would ever arrive. But just in time for the first day of fall the summer temps have broken and it feels like … Continue reading →

Fall colors slow to arrive in New England

My first actual New England fall foliage report for 2015! Yaaaa… 🙂 Yes the colors are behind this year we have all those folks who wanted another week or two at the beach to blame for it! My route yesterday … Continue reading →

September’s arrival heralds worries about fall colors

The fall colors are on the way! Well I’m going down my top signs that fall has arrived in New England article  and I may have to change the fall colors order since I seem to be on number 8 … Continue reading →

Looking out on the fall colors

Maybe you would like to be sitting on this porch, in a rocking chair, where you can look out on the fall colors of New Hampshire changing right before your eyes. The photograph “Watching the autumn leaves fall” can be purchased … Continue reading →