Carter’s Tower of Foolishness.

he is reported to have built this rock tower which he may have called "Carter's tower of foolishness".

Stone tower on route 2 in New Hampshire Don’t you just love it when you’re driving along and you look up and somebody has built something that makes you just go Hmmmm? Well this is one of those things, a … Continue reading

Three techniques to improve your fall foliage trip

Golden leaves glow brightly in the New England autumn

My 3 techniques to improve your fall foliage trip Today I’m going to give you three very important techniques that will help you minimize, bad fall foliage experiences. We all know you love coming to New England and finding great fall … Continue reading

Favorite Franconia Notch Autumn Views

Two more favorite autumn views at Franconia Notch. Well, I guess I lied a bit. We’re still in Franconia Notch State Park. I couldn’t leave without showing you two more  dramatic views while on the trails. While I was on … Continue reading

My favorite fall shots of 2013

A look back at some of my fav fall shots of 2013 I’m looking over my fall shots of 2013 and I’m disappointed to say that I only shot about half of what I did in 2012. I’ll try to … Continue reading

Favorite Coffin Pond

 A mirrored reflection at Coffin pond in New Hampshire’s White Mountains You are out Looking for fall colors and all of a sudden you see a break in the trees and you see a wondrous sight! You slam on the … Continue reading