If you are like me when traveling and you don’t know where you’ll end up each evening after searching for New England’s fall colors, then please try this hotel combined app. It works well and do I get a few pennies if you purchase through this window.
Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.com

I’ve used it several times during the past fall foliage seasons. All reservations were from my smart phone and late in the afternoon. (3-4PM) The places I ended up in were clean and no frills (some did have cable, flat panels, and free wireless) and how much more could you want? 🙂

I was able to put in my location, and generally find a price I could live with and even reserve it all from my phone.
IF you have an unsatisfactory experience, I want to know about it. I once drove all over not wanting to stay in Stowe because it would be too expensive and I finally broke down not able to find any place decent and hit my page for this app.

Wouldn’t you know it! The cheapest place in the areas at
$96 was in the heart of downtown Stowe Vermont… So don’t rule a place out because you think it’s be too expensive until you have tried the app…


Thrifty lodging — 4 Comments

  1. Well from Montpelier down to Plymouth for a central region… I’m gazing into my crystal ball and its a bit foggy… Oh thats just my glasses! Ok I would say on the early side you could hit it 5-7 Oct and best guess would say 10-12 Oct and if things get messed up with rain and lots of cloudy days then you’re looking at 15-17 Oct… But we’re in hurting status if we go that late…
    The one time I saw it that late was 2011 and we hit Columbus day before color started showing up with any meaningful color in central VT or NH… Lets just say I hope we don’t see that again for some time.

  2. Now that would make it really handy… I don’t know… I’ll see if they have anything in the works… But it’s a good idea… But! as long as you have a signal you can reach it through my site 🙂 But as someone said Hotels.com also has good prices. Maybe they have an app?

    • I used it twice, like I said this past Oct. Once up in Northern NH for a place near Lincoln and I did have to get into Gorham so I had a good signal and the other was late Oct near Middlebury VT and both times I got rooms for $79 which I find very doable.. Both times were from my phone as I was traveling around… I found it (in my opinion) to be a good value.