Touring ideas

Touring suggestions. Click on the Image and it will open a new window with links to that subject.
(I’m still working on the hiking/walking page)

So far I have listed links for Scenic Railroad trips that you can take and I have several Bike rentals (some with) trails nearby and I hope to add more scenic suggestions like walking and hiking trails. I’ve also been asked for kayak info and I’ll be adding gondola rides and the zip lines for the adventuresome.

New one but I need a picture: Cranberry Bogs in Massachusetts

Agri-tourism, better known as farm stands,and apple orchards or any place that sells harvest items. From maple syrup to honey to fresh corn to my favorite Cider donuts… Farm stands, orchards and more in New England

Biking amid the new England fall colors

biking in the color

Woman walking on a rail trail in New Hampshire

stretching the legs

Cog railway in New Hampshire

Rail road travel






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