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Fall foliage drive in New Hampshire & Vermont — 2 Comments

  1. The temperatures have gotten more reasonable around these parts at nights for now at least. The low to mid 60’s have been the average. It is a nice break that brings us all the closer to fall :).

    • We are also receiving some very nice temperatures over the past few days. The morning temps have been cool and in the afternoons I’ve been hearing the siren’s call of the cicada. These two events are usually the transition from summer to fall. Will we get another batch of 90+ degree days? could be… But I would only be concerned if we hit September and then had a run of 90 degree days.
      I prefer to enjoy the warmth now as summer is slowly sliding into fall and I love these more moderate days. I like to enjoy each day and appreciate it all… Of course this is one of the last days this year where the sunset is 8PM or later.. Within a day it will be next May before we get a sunset past 8PM. 🙁 and at the same time 🙂

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