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Fall foliage trip on 5 Oct 2010 — 6 Comments

  1. Some of those more northern pictures are really fully of good color. Love the pumpkin people as well.

    • Well I will say that when I do these foliage safari’s I don’t just post the really good pictures. Maybe a good photographer would only show you his great stuff but I post photos from all along the route. I post what you might see if you followed the route I took and I have the thought that someone might see something that they want to explore more of.
      That is my reasoning behind showing even my images with the warts and all… These are my journeys on these dates and this is what I found. Sometimes a foliage safari will yield great autumn shots and other days it’s merely an excuse to get out and explore. 🙂

      • Are you posting your blog posts on Yankee magazine on here as well? Or do both spots need to be checked?

        • Well the best part of this answer is that you don’t have to go anywhere but here (for the most part) to get my foliage updates. I’m not Yankee’s foliage blogger anymore and I have this blog as my primary foliage blog and for general scenic New England subjects I have my Scenic New England travels blog and then new this year I started the New England Photography Guild. This is where I’m bringing together some of the finest nature, wildlife and landscape photographers That New England has to offer.
          I hope you won’t be to disappointed that I won’t be on Yankee anymore.. I’m going to miss them but that’s life! Change is inevitable… 🙂

          • Ahh I saw your foliage drives blog posts from late last week and got a bit confused. I did notice that you are no longer their blogger which was a shock. Glad to still have many options!

            • Well they (Yankee) are on my foliage resource list (even if I don’t work for them anymore) They are a very good resource and their new Foliage blogger (Jim Salge) tells me he’ll be doing it differently. I’m not in the loop on what that is exactly but he will forecast the foliage (Jim has a meteorology background) So he has a good feel for what the weather is doing to the foliage. I know Jim as he is one of my NEPGuild (New England Photography Guild) Photographers so I know his photography is good without question.
              I have to admit he’s a better writer than I am and his first article shows this.. But from what he says he won’t be driving to check on the foliage so it will be different and we’ll have to see how the fall goes. I did notice that we both agree that this fall has the potential to be a really good fall foliage season. He thinks Sept will be a bit above norm temp wise but October will be inline with our normal temps.
              What this tends to mean to us is that the colors could start off around mid Sept but the won’t really get going until Oct. This will leave us wide open to those early fall wind/rain storms that took or leaves down last year… Assuming all this comes to pass… Let’s hope for no wind/rain storms between 15 Sept and 1 Nov, Only a gentle misting rain once per week…

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