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New England fall foliage is showing up early! — 3 Comments

  1. Great! Love to see the pics.. You could upload them (if it works in the foliage report topic of the forum). Yes the leaves seen above are early even by Vermont standards but I also heard from an insider at Yankee Magazine that some early beginnings of color can be see in the swampy areas around the Monadnock area near Dublin NH.
    I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about and the trees like to see how much panic they can get the humans into by turning a few leaves early…
    It’s when I see what appears to be healthy trees all turning before the end of August.. Then I’d begin to worry…
    So if I don’t tell you to worry, then don’t worry…
    This is a worry free zone!

  2. A bit early don’t you think Jeff? We have a lot of similar “break-through” type trees/bushes around here, but I thought it was just due to the stress of cold/rain -> warm/dry -> rain again. Not sure what to attribute them to. I’ll try to get you some pictures to show you what we are seeing around here.

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