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Fall Foliage and harvest events for  21-31 October — 2 Comments

  1. How is the color in the Litchfield Hills for the next 3 days (Oct. 20 to 23) The Ct site is too general….Thank you for your helpful hints!

    • Hi Pauline, the reason they are general is they don’t want to held accountable and their job is to get you there to spend money…
      I heard from a photographer on my Facebook page that Litchfield is looking good But I will say that I fear that the big hill sides of color will be gone for this year.
      Look instead for smaller areas of color and ponds with nice reflections. I think there will be many areas like this but if you find really great color drop a note back here for all to read and post a picture on my New England fall Foliage Vistaphotography on Facebook.

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