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Where is the “Peak” fall foliage in 2011? — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff

    Just came back from my first foliage trip to NH & VT. Thanks for all your help in providing continous updates that helped me to plan/change my trip as time progressed. In White Mountains, the color was ok, Kancagamus was the best color we could see, although still not the best compared to the prev years (from what I’ve heard). Being my first foliage trip, I was a little disappointed but Vermont made it up for that. Vermont was simply beautiful, all scenic and the color was great. I was around Quechee/White River Jn and drove on 83 upto Stowe and it was beautiful. At one of the visitor centre in VT, when I asked where the color was, the person said it was everywhere and at the end of my trip I realized that was true 🙂 Thanks again.


    • Well Kishan, it sounds like you had a good trip and something to build on when you come up next time… What was you’re favorite “find” in NH or VT?

  2. Jeff,

    Found your web page very useful! I am coming from Miami this weekend and staying in Lowell, MA. I have been to all 50 states but never seen the fall foliage in New England. If you could suggest a couple of steller routes, one by car and another by bike (and if you know where I might rent a bike). I can certainly go to places that are within 100 miles or so from Lowell so that should not be a restriction. I am bringing my brand new Nikon too so I am psyched! Thanks! Tom

  3. Crossing my fingers that this rain isn’t too tough on us. I am hoping to explore Route 9 throughout southern NH into southern VT next week. And maybe the Berkshires as well if they peak up. Thanks for all your reports. Feel free to use any of my stuff that I have put up if you want to report on Rochester/Milton/Union/Ossipee/Chocorua.

    I drove 25 west today then down through Meredith and Laconia then to Belmont, Gilmanton and Alton Bay on my way home. Some great color areas on 25. I felt that 140 through Belmont on to Alton Bay was colorful but really bare. A lot of leaves down. Not sure I got great pics today. The ones from yesterday are up. I will work on getting some from today up now. 🙂

    I hope you got out to take some pictures!


  4. Jeff,
    Wow, what a difference a week can make! We went from total green when we landed in Manchester on the 3rd to dull in Vermont, to some lovely color on NH Rte. 302 and the Kanc to absolutely gorgeous color today! We left Sandwich on the Cape where the colors were just beginning to show to head north back to Manchester. We couldn’t believe how much beautiful color we found along I-495 and I-93! The colors are bright, vibrant and plentiful. We decided to visit the Canterbury Shaker Museum just north of Concord and we found the kind of color we brag about to our envious friends back home in Arizona! We have had absolutely gorgeous weather these last six days and today was no exception and perfect for taking picture after picture. We go home tomorrow and we will send some of our favorite pictures then. Too bad rain is forecast for the next several days just when the colors are really popping! It will be interesting to read what people have found in Vermont which was quite disappointing color-wise (but still beautiful!).
    Kathy and Tyler the Arizonans

    • Well I didn’t see you there.. I went the Shake Museum from 1:30 to 3ish but I didn’t notice you!!! Where were you?.. You’re right the color was very nice there although not quite peak but it did look very close. Their big trees are still not quite turned and that was what I was hoping for… I’m heading back with Lisa on Sat since they have a classic car show that day and if it’s sunny!! Bonus…

      • We also arrived around 1:00 pm; however, we did not go on the tour. We had done that several years ago, so we just decided to take pictures from outside the actual farm. We also continued up the road just to enjoy the beautiful rural countryside. It would have been nice to say “hello!” How did your visit with Mary Jo and LeRoy go?

        • I can’t believe I missed you!!! Our visit went well and we walked around Salem a bit and I had to work some things in Salem while they were there. and they headed to Maine and I told them to head up to Rangeley and they emailed back saying that was the best color of their entire trip… Well at least they got to see some…
          Where was your best color found?

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