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Fall foliage on Cape Cod — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff! Love your work!
    I am planning a fall foliage color tour and I am heading from Michigan and ultimately ending up spending time on the cape through early to mid November. I’m hitting the Green Mountains the first week of Oct then I’m planning on taking the Mowhawk Trail and was wondering if that is usually peak or near peak durring that same time, first week of October? Any other great places to visit between West MA and the cape on my way?

  2. Making a trip to Barnstable, MA Oct 8-15. Where can we go from there to see great foliage?

    • North Gili, in general the colors get into MA around the 15th of Oct in general you’ll need to drive an hour or so north to have a chance of real color

  3. Greetings Jeff, great to hear from you. Great Autmnal rustic photos. Both of my F-1’s are true classics from the mid 70’s & are in great pampered condition. The lenses are the special coated lenses from that era as well, 55 mm. My trusty Leitz Tiltall tripod. Always enjoy conversing with another fellow photographer. I main photo interests are architecture, nature & travel. Look forward hearing back from you Jeff.

  4. Jut read your extensive articles of New England, great photo pics. I will be visiting a friend in Yarmouth Port Cape Cod on 10/13 til 10/18/2016. Hope to take in some breathtaking scenery & architecture, as this is my first visit to this area. Thanks again for your great articles, have a great day, hope to hear from you. By the way I am also an avid photographer, with my two trusty Canon F-1’s & various lenses.

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