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Journey from olde Salem to new Salem — 2 Comments

  1. we would like to do some biking and enjoying the fall foliage! I can find biking suggestions and your foliage tour suggestions, but would like to have both together! can you help? since you know the area so well, can you suggest quiet/safe country roads suitable for biking and enjoying the fall foliage? we live in Missouri and will probably fly to Boston and rent car, but we could fly to a different place, if you have suggestions. we are open to almost anywhere in the New England states.

    • Hi Barb, well I have to admit I haven’t been on a bike in quite a while but there are so many bike tours that you can do that I don’t know where to start. I’ll throw a few links in at the end and you can do some research from there.
      One thing you don’t say is are you two full time bikers? Meaning are you in shape for a long bike ride through rolling hills or are you looking for something more even like a trail made for biking. I mean we have the battle road in Lexington MA that has a nice historic ride through Concord towards Boston (about 16 miles, one way and then you have to turn around again.)
      I was looking at some tours that involve wine tastings and wineries up near Stowe. So if you can leave a note on some of the particulars I might have a bit more to add.
      Next! your dates.. If you’ve been over on my website and done a little reading you will know that the earlier your dates the further north you will be looking for…
      If you are a die hard bike fan and you just want to have me throw some roads at you to explore… I might say early Oct in Northern Vermont (north of Stowe) around Montgomery VT (Five covered bridges in that area) Also my wife says head even further north to Highgate springs taking Route 7 north to 78 west in Swanton which will take you over to Route 2 which will take you out onto lake Champlain… You did know there are a bunch of Islands out there that Route two follows south through North and south Hero.
      Lisa says that this route is a popular with bikes since it’s quieter and I know for a fact that this route does get good color. I look forward for more fall foliage questions… 🙂 I hope this starts to answer a few questions for you.

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