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  1. Thanks Jeff for your prompt reply. We are travelling that itinerary due to circumstances, and those are the dates we will be in those places. Ideally, it would have been better to come earlier, but that’s just the way it is. I hope, though, that we will catch some pretty color, and breathe in the New England air before flying back to Israel.

    • I think you will find that even with those dates you will have an interesting visit. I get a lot of visitors from Israel and they have told of their wonderful visits. I think if you visit with the idea to explore the location and see what you can find then that alone will make it worth it. I will hope that you find a few trees that are trailing the rest and they deliver to you the color to make your heart sing and make you want to come back in October and really explore when most of New England is all decked out in it’s October finery!

      If you have any questions post them in the foliage forum and we’ll see if anyone knows your locations.
      I will say that your best chance for fall color will be in Framingham and the area around there. If you can drive south of Boston and even take a short drive down to the cape. The Cape (Cape Cod) has a lot of Pines (not good for colors) but also a lot of Oaks and oaks are the last to turn colors and they have a great dark red color (scarlet oaks the other oaks not as much).
      It depends on your arrival date (you didn’t post that but in rereading your comment it may be October 25th or so, so you should see a bit of color. in Years past Susan Cole Kelly (who resides in Boston) was post colorful shots well into November from Boston…
      I hope this helps.
      Jeff Foliage

  2. I’m a former Bostonian, living in Israel. We will be in Boston and Maine Oct 25-Nov13. What do you predict to be the folliage situation at that time? weather? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Shelli Stenzler

    • I think you’ll be catching the end of the color but depending on the route of travel you’ll still find nice color.
      the big question is no snow storms like last october. As long as we don’t have any big weather extremes we should be good for coastal color.

      • We will be in Framingham, Mass for a lot of the time, China Lake, Maine the first week in Nov. and the Mohawk Trail area Nov. 8. Does it seem like me may luck out with the folliage? Thanks, Shelli

        • hi Shellei and it appears to me that you’re going the wrong direction by going from Massachusetts up to Maine and then back down the Massachusetts. The first week in November you will most likely find occasional trees with color still on them but were talking after Halloween so I don’t expect to see much color even in Massachusetts.
          But I guarantee it, you will find a few trees that are late coming to the party.
          When you hit the Mohawk trail don’t forget to stop in Irving at the train depot antique shop. They have wonderful deals and my wife loves stopping in there. (The ice cream is pretty good too). to get an idea of when and where to visit and find peak fall foliage try my article here

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