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Autumn leaves outlook for 7 Sept 2012 — 6 Comments

  1. Jeff
    Thanks a million for your mail,have only come across your blog in the last two weeks and was taking in what you were saying and kind of knew we had it backwards.However things are booked and some prepaid so we stick to plan.I will incorporate your advise where we can,thanks for the cranberry bogs this is new to us so we will see if we can find somewhere we can go when at Cape cod.
    On the 9th of oct we go toTilton NH we were going to spend the morning in Mystic but think now that we will go up to lake Winnipesaukee for the day and if foliage is good the next morning our hotel is we think about an hour away.Than we travel on to white mountains and check out The Flume Gorge also we want to do the cog railway and the Auto road to mount Washinton Jeff do these both lead to the same place?? We will then do the Kancamagus pass and on into Bethel overnight and cross over to Bar Harbour From here to salem we plan on seeing Cadillac mountain some whale watching ,lighthouses etc.I will leave the Nightmare factory to my husband and I will check out the House of the seven Gables,next to our b+b.
    I am a member and Treasure of our local Carrick Camera Club and plan on holding a small exhibition in Feb of next year and I think I will make this visit the theme for that.
    Thanks again and I will keep watching your blog and will let you know how we got on.

    Elaine Whelan

    • Well to start the cog railway and the Mt washingto auto road both end up in the same place. The biggest difference is cost Autoroad 5-10$ per car and the cog rail is $59 (last time I checked) per person. So you can drive up and save money or have a real unique experience and take the cog up… Also if the weather is much colder? then remember that the cog is an open window type cars… It can get very chilly at the top of Mt Washington. 30-50 colder than ground level, even snowing… 🙂 So to the traveller beware.
      As far as the Cape Cod portion and the bogs. Go over to my facebook page for fall foliage
      Look up Pam Martin on the page. She lives in Carver and should be able to point out a bog still being farmed (if there is one)
      Lake Winni should be ok for fall colors and if the weather is nice go to Weirs beach and get a ride on the Mt washington paddleboat.
      I keep looking at the rest of the plans and I think you may have to skip a few things but we’ll see how it goes. I just did the Capt Jack? whale watch out of Gloucester (north of salem) I think that will be your closest whale watch. There are 4-6 whale watches in Gloucester and maybe one in Rockport. (not sure about that so if a whale watch is important you will head to Gloucester MA.
      All in all a very full trip..

      I hope this helps a bit…

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Starting to panic now, have wanted to visit new England for years and with the big 50 birthday coming up decided to go this year.Am I going to be to late ???bringing my SLR to capture the fall,light,colour,covered bridges, lighthouses etc.We start in Boston 1-4 oct ,cape cod 4-7 oct ,white mountains 11-13,and down from Bar Harbour to Salem 15-18 oct. As I have pre-booked can you tell me if I will get those beautiful shots of the Fall that I was hoping for?



    • Why Panic? Have you been reading my blog for any length of time? Then you would know where to place yourself throughout your trip…
      The bad news is you are doing the trip backwards. (In my opinion) Arrive Boston, then up to the Whites, over to Bar harbor, down to Salem, The cape and the last few days in Boston.

      The good news… Boston will be very scenic and historic and photogenic. On the way to the Cape you go through Carver and you should spend the day at King Richards Fair ( or see if there is a cranberry bog to see. Then continue to the Cape which will be empty with few other visitors but you have several lighthouses to photograph.. Get up early and get to Nauset Lighthouse on the National seashore (a great beach to relax on), It’s lovely in the early morning light.

      Now… 11-13 in the White mountains you are a lot closer to where I would want you to try to be. Now by these dates i think you may want to be in the lakes region instead but that doesn’t mean the trees will be bare (at least I hope not). You should still get a nice ride on the Kancamagus. Visit the red jacket Restaurant Parka steakhouse (junction of 302 and 16 up near Bartlett NH). Lets see… Albany covered bridge just off the Kanc…( read this and Two covered bridges just out side Conway (read this article for more info

      Bar Harbor has Bass harbor light and sand beach and early morning on Boulder beach… all sights that shouldn’t be missed… Don’t forget catching the sunrise from Cadillac mountain then down to Salem and haunted happenings are in full swing… (hint… best haunt is the Nightmare factory in the east india mall) (great scare)

      Now will you get the beautiful shots of fall that you are hoping for? Most likely, I mean you are crisscrossing New England and the areas you will be traveling through will at one time or another, be at peak fall color… But you will also get tons of shots that will be a great memory for your 50th birthday. Focus on enjoying all these things. I think you will see some very nice color along the way but don’t focus on that, just have fun and enjoy it.

      I hope this helps…
      Jeff Foliage

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I just found this blog. I’m a painter in New Mexico ( and we’re thinking of making a trip to MA coast on the 22 sept to Oct. 3. We don’t travel much and I haven’t had much success with reservations or a solid decision on where to go. I was going to concentrate on Cape Ann, then Cape Cod then go to miiddle of Connecticut. We came to New England for the first time 2 years ago and did a whirlwind Vermont, Ny and Connecticut trip. My dream is to come back for 6 weeks. At this point I may cancel this trip and just go into Colorado and aim for NE next year. But do you have any suggestions for places to stay on the coast area. I love your photographs. They inspire me to get there. I will keep following this blog. It’s great. ( I have a small sketch I did two years ago in Farmington Ct on website)

    • hi Valerie, I assume as a painter you are looking for ocean views over fall foliage at least with the dates that you’ve provided and the locations. There be some color in coastal areas such as Cape Ann (Gloucester and Rockport) and if you set your heart on Rockport I can think of a couple small hotels that are on the water in that area. Plus I have a photographer who lives in Rockport (Liz Mackney) and I can double check with her on comfortable and clean establishments in that area.
      As far as Cape Cod, it’s wide open on any place you want to stay. I might suggest Hyannis,South Yarmouth, or Chatham. (also all the points going up the outside arm of the Cape.
      Now if you’re hoping to get seacoast and some fall foliage in your images then you’re going to have to wait until the end of October (the third week sounds good to me right now) because the fall color gets to the coast last because the water is warm (warm by our standards and not New Mexico standards) and heats the air new the coast preventing the colder temperatures from turning the leaves to quickly.

      So if you’re locked into 22 September to three October then you’re going to want to be up in the white mountains and points North or the Northeast kingdom (not much seashore to see in that area but we can find some nice ponds and lakes)

      I don’t know if this helped or not but you can read this article on fall foliage, and this article on finding peak fall foliage which has a little bit of everything and dates down near the bottom that are suggestions not guarantees. Finding peak fall foliage in New England.

      I hope this gives you a starting point for research and of course questions.
      Jeff foliage

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