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New England’s foliage outlook – brightening! — 10 Comments

  1. Let me rephrase to make it simpler. Is October 9th a good time to be in the White Mountains of NH? Franconia Notch S.P. to be specific?

    • Hi Bobby, you should be good through the White Mountains on the 8th but the color seem good now as it goes through this coming week. So you should see good bu maybe fading color in the whites. A drive over Routes 3, 302, 16, 112 in NH will let you know what you have. I’ll be over that way this coming week and I have photographers who may have more reports on the area by Wednesday also.
      You should also plan to be down in the Lakes region if you don’t find the color up in the mountains. Taking Routes 25 or 11 around Squam lake or Winnipsaukee will yield many good locations.
      I’ll know more as we go into this coming week. I just spent Friday up in the NEK and while Route 91 was glorious color the second we jumped off on to side roads at lower elevation the color was dull and not nearly as prevalent as the tops of the hills. More info on this will be found on my weekend recap…

  2. I’m flying into Boston early October 9th and will spend 8 days exploring NE photographing foliage. Any ideas as to where the best concentrations of peak color will be during that time span? Hopefully I won’t have missed it.

  3. Jeff thanks do much for your posts. My husband and I will be arriving in VT Oct 8th in the Wells area….is your guess that this will be after peak??

    • I sure hope not… 🙂 I see that Wells is farther south and near the southern end of Lake Champlain. Both factors will have me say that the week you arrive will be fine for foliage… In fact I think you may drive north to find peak (Route 7 should be a very colorful drive and the cut over to 100 and come back south. There are lots of roads and trails to explore in that area. Get a good map book and see what you can find. I think you are very safe where you are.

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