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Best fall foliage seen in years! BUT! — 8 Comments

  1. Jeff, an amazing sight! Many thanks for the articles, photos and updates.

    Arun,I just got back from the Kancamagus Highway. Today’s weather was spectacular. It was just like a late summer day. The foliage is just past peak but still very colorful. There are lots of yellows, browns and a bit of orange. I did not see much red during the drive- at least up close. If you view the trees from afar at one of the vistas, they do appear a bit more.

    After finishing Rt 112 (Kanc) I drive Rt 16 south to Rt 25. There are more green colors and lots of yellow. Chocorua lake was very nice.

    The Boston area has a lot of maple trees that are still red/orange. Rt 16 around Wellesley has some vibrant color. My favorite spot is a church with a large maple or two.

    My own plans are to drive Rt 2 West through Massachusetts and meander into Rt 100 in Vermont.

    • Thanks, I passed the word along on the Foliage FB page… I hope you find some really great color.. Have you tried sliding over into Maine? Rangely is sounding like it’s got great color.. (I’m heading there in the morning)

      • Wasn’t able to get over to Maine or NH.Today (10/6) I ended up driving Rt 2 in Central Mass. The areas near Boston are still pretty green- that means there is till plenty of time for anybody who has not visited the area yet. At Rt 2, starting at Concord it’s mostly green. Going West, at the foot of Wachussett Mountain the maples are now red, green and orange.I would definitely recommend the mountain for a hike. They may also have the road to the summit open to cars.

        • Thanks Josh.. I was out that way today near Sturbridge Village and then the Quabbin. There are many areas that are still spotty or full green and we need some sun and cool temps for the other trees to catch up… 🙂

  2. Jeff, I will be in Concord, NH from Oct 12 to Oct 15. Do you think Kancamagus Hwy and White Mountains region will be past peak by then? If so, where do you suggest we drive to see great colors and some covered bridges?

    • It’s sounding like the Whites will be past peak by that time and I would say Lakes region or even Massachusetts… It’s great color this year but it’s happening fast and furious also…

  3. Jeff, I am really enjoying your blog and fine it very helpful. My husband and I will be coming to the New England area Oct 8 -18th from Oregon. We will be in the Concord, N.H. area on Friday, Oct. 12. I would like to go to Henniker, so my husband could take pictures of the covered bridge. How can we find the location from which you shot the above picture? Best regards, Sharon

    • Downtown Henniker is a college and there is one river cutting through the town. If you don’t make it too tough you will come into town on the main road and drive over the stone bridge look to the left or right (depends on which way you cross the bridge and you will see the covered bridge. You will also be sitting or driving over the bridge that I shot under… I hope this helps.

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