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Fall foliage hurt by rain and wind — 7 Comments

  1. I agree, the foliage has been less than spectacular here along the seacoast of NH. The rain definitely has put a damper on the autumn leaves, causing them to fall the trees quite quickly. Still there is some color to be found. Just not nearly as vibrant as one would hope.

  2. I have been in Maine since Saturday, October 6. When I startef planning my trip back in April I chose a rental in Richmond thinking I could drive north if needed, but I would still only be 45 minutes from Portland.

    Overall the colors haven’t been mind-blowing. Sunday we drove north to Mooselookmegunic Lake. The view was spectacular, but the foliage lackluster. It wasn’t until we got into the Rangeley Lake area that we started to see some vibrant color. I wished we had had more time to head further north in that area.

    Tuesday we headed to Acadia NP. Same thing: spectacular views, mostly muted or past peak. However we did do the beautiful Emery Path hike and O spent hours photographing the forest…particularly mushrooms that are flourishing right now. We also planned it just perfectly to be on Cadillac Mountain at sunset, which was breathtaking!

    Wednesday we decided to head more directly north to see if we could find the vibrant fall foliage I have been hoping for. We headed towards Moosehead Lake on the backroads. We stopped in a small town and asked for some suggestions from a local. They suggested Borestone Mountain near Monson. As we drove down Elliotsville road I stopped many times to take photos. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but so far the most vibrant we had seen. The hike at Borestone Mountain was amazingly adventurous. For most of the hike there was no discernable trail…you follow green arrows on trees. Once again the foliage and the forest kept me snapping pictures along the way. We took a slight detour to

    • (cont.) Greenwood Overlook where you can see the landscape for miles. Back on the main trail we continued to the Visitors Center where we sat by the pond and ate our lunch.

      The other days we spent our time in Portland, Peaks Island, Kennebunport, and Portsmouth, NH.

      I leave today and it I would consider it a semi- successful Fall Foliage trip. I don’t regret coming, it was a grand adventure! Thank you Jeff for your helpful tips, tricks, and updates.

      (P.S. I’ll post some pics when I have WIFI access)

      • Hi tressaR, I seemed to have missed replying to this… (sorry). Well I’m glad you had pretty much a good time. The rains came in at the worst possible time making it very tough for a lot of people… No you weren’t the only one!… 🙂

        Anyway the rains finally cleared out and the fall progression did continue but it threw off most folks. Even I had trouble figuring out where to look… and then the nice days triggered the colors and we were off to the races in very quick fashion. I would hit a good patch and just as quick it would be gone.

        The mild drought we had this year really helped and hurt the trees… On one hand it intensified the colors and in late Sept through 2 Oct we had incredible color…

        Then after that the colors were short lived and even after the skies cleared and the leaves started to turn again, they didn’t stay on the trees for very long… I believe that is the result of the drought. It prevented the leaves from holding on with the rather mild winds and rain we got…

        But over all the season was a really good one with lots of opportunity for good if not great fall colors. I can’t wait to see you pictures. my Facebook page is

    • It sounds like instead of letting the weather get to you, you made the best of it. This what I want everyone to do. Plan for a great vacation and also see the foliage.

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