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Weekend fall foliage report for New England — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff, I’m hesitating between this weekend (the 5th) or next (the 12th) to go up to NH from Providence with my boyfriend to see the fall foliage. We were thinking Jackson, NH but I want your opinion about which weekend will be better to see peak foliage. We plan on spending the weekend there. Thanks!

    • I was just up in North Conway and Bartlett all last week (Sep24th). Barlett was looking mighty beautiful and all along the higher elevations in Pinkham notch as well as Crawford notch. North Conway wasn’t quite there yet, but the next two weeks will be perfect. Enjoy

    • I just got back from the northern NH and like Stbradle said Pinkham Notch and points north are looking great. In fact I would say draw a line across the Kancamagus and most all points north are looking very good. I did feel as of this afternoon that Conway and Jackson weren’t quite at peak yet. Conway and Jackson always seem to take a little longer. BUT! they both have good color so you should still be happy (I’m just picky) There is rain in the forecast between now and Sat so it’s your call.. If you wait until the following week you will be looking at the lakes region instead of the White Mtns.

      • Thanks! I might just wait until the weekend of the since virtually all hotels are booked during Columbus day weekend in that area! I’m not kidding. Do you have recommendations on routes/towns in the lakes region? Alternatively, since I’m not dead set on NH, I could go up to Maine.

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