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Reflections of a white church and fall foliage — 7 Comments

    • It’s looking pretty good so far and God willing I’ll be able to get out and do more of what I love in the way of exploring New England’s many different seasons… And sharing them with everybody here… 🙂

  1. Love those shots Jeff, I was there the day before you were and got a bunch of shots but there was more cloud cover on the 9th. Also went back on the 20th and got a couple of unique shots with a cloud bank just above the church but not high enough to obscure the top of the trees above the church along with a nice reflection

    • Hi Matt, I would love to see what you got on your days… If you’d like to share you can post the images over on my Fall foliage Facebook page
      Or if you have a lot of them create an album on your FB page and share the album to my page… I’m sure there are lots of folks who would like to see what you got.

      • Hi Jeff, thanks for posting my cloud bank pic on your page. I just posted three more for you and your followers. I don’t have alot of great pics from Crystal Lake as I am pretty much a novice just starting to learn some finer points of photography and many of the ones that I have are a result of trying different camera settings and aren’t all that good even with enhancements. As I am now retired, I will be taking lots of photos in the White Mountains as I’m up there quite often. I’m mostly a fan of fall and winter landscapes and look to learn more as time goes on. I appreciate all of the pointers that are available on the Guild website from yourself and all of the other photographers as they really help alot.

        • Well Matt, we all are learning something at some point. I just shot my first star trails and they turned out ok but I’m going to keep trying and learning so that I can make some really good ones on a regular basis. (Check Mike Blanchettes articles on the Guild Blog.) But Fall foliage is my first passion

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