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Tree lined road with fall foliage — 28 Comments

  1. Hi, was “Peabody Scenic Byway” taken in Peabody Massachusetts?

  2. It was close for me too. It was between the Vermont Back Road or Mohawk Trail. I’d have to go with the Mohawk Trail as my favorite. Thanks for all the effort you put in to the pictures each year!

  3. It was very close between Vermont Back Road and Peabody Scenic, but I think I have to go w/Peabody Scenic.

  4. Jeff, I love your work! all pictures are stunning….difficult to decide…anyway, the one name “yellow foliage above showers…..” called my attention….

  5. the yellow foliage is my favorite. It was a pretty close call with the one in Vermont though.

    • Thanks Kara I have the same trouble… I love them all like they are my children so this helps me decide which one might be better to put into a gallery or put on greeting cards for sale.

  6. Hi Jeff, all the pictures are great & bring back memories of our recent fall trip. It was hard to choose, but my favorite is a Vermont back road lined with fall foliage. Best wishes

  7. The cemetery path pic is my favorite. It was a tough choice as I love road pics too, especially ones with curves. Maybe next year you can branch out into the Catskills area of NY. I know it’s a bit of a hike from where you normally go, but I haven’t found anyone with a great blog like yours for that area. I enjoyed all your updates this fall! Thanks!

    • Well the big problem is the distance… I have a really big territory to cover as it is.. I have a guy named Bill who keeps me up on what is happening north of Albany where he has a farm. He doesn’t blog but he does feed me reports… So you are saying you’d like me to add these reports into my blog? How about I see if I can get him to put reports into the foliage forum? Would that work?

    • Thanks John, I always love finding little back roads tucked away like that. Now I have to decide if I should count my replies or or just comments by all of you… There are 6 comments in just one day (there is one that is hidden and I can’t find it??? It’s visible from the back end but not out here… And my replies aren’t showing up out here either.. We’ll see if this one shows up and stays here when I’m done. So right now there is either 6 or 10 comments… (11 after I post this) hmmm what to do…
      To make sure we hit the required 50 though, be sure to pass this article to your friends… so they can enter their comments and help hit the magic number.. 🙂

  8. The photo labeled “A back road lined with yellow fall foliage” really speaks to me. I visited NH and VT the first week of October and took a lot of your suggestions during my week’s tour. After visiting the Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH, my wife and I drove west on a small rural road (I think Center St.) on our way over to highway 91. We found ourselves driving very slowly through a tunnel of yellow leaves as the branches from the trees on either side of the road were interwoven above us. It became breezy and we were engulfed in millions of leaves raining down on us. It was a truly magical experience, lasting for several miles. One of my favorite moments during a wonderful week’s tour.

    Jim Farrell

    Burbank, CA

  9. Beautiful photos! I love them all, especially the one of the road with yellow foliage.

  10. I love your work. I look for it on all of the photographers pages. I live in Memphis. We never see anything like this in the south. I enjoy all of the photos of the New England states.. Keep up the good work. Your photos are just beautiful. Thanks Pamela Thompson

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