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  1. Ah, sorry! Definitely should have clarified better there. We are driving up to Jackson,NH Saturday morning then heading towards Warren, VT. We are staying in Waterbury, VT Saturday night. Actually doing a hot air ballon ride with Above Reality on Sunday morning too. Then driving back Sunday to Rhode Island. So I guess my original question was if there were any good spots to stop and have snacks/picnic between Jackson, NH and Warren, VT. Also any suggestions on any places as we head back to Rhode Island? Jenne farm seems like a must

    • too many places and not enough time to write them down but two that come to mind… As you leave I think you’ll head up 302 to Littleton and over to Peacham VT. Find the volunteer fire company in town. Park way away from the firehouse and there is a field behind it and you sit there over looking the town with church.
      Next over in Seyon Lodge State Park, find Noyes pond and there are usually some adirondack chairs set up around the pond… I usually eat lunch in my car so I’m drawing a blank but anywhere along here you will find town commons where no one will mind you laying out a blanket and a lunch…

  2. Hi Jeff!!!! I absolutely love everything on your site. My girlfriend and I are new to New England (we moved to Rhode Island last October for work from Chicago). We are actually planning to make this trip from Jackson to Warren based on the info you have provided here. I was just wondering if you knew of any good areas to pull off and have a picnic or something like that with a nice view? I am not sure how I would find a good spot unless by chance. I also wasn’t sure of the etiquette to do something like that when we find a nice area.

  3. I am thinking the best approach is to book a room in a central location for a couple of days and explore that area and move to a new area and do the same thing. That way we can be at a comfortable place and know we are booked. Of course, the trick to this plan is to somehow gauge the right place to stay at a time when the colors are historically present. Since I am not used to New England’s time line of fall colors, that is the million dollar question! I have read some of your advise about higher elevations and starting north first, but that is all I know. I am definitely going to book Columbus day weekend. Where in Vermont would be a town to book for that Columbus day weekend?

    • What you are talking about is a base of operations. I’ve talked about this a few times and as long as you get close you should be good. I would say if you are near Woodstock or that vicinity you should be good. I just heard a report of stressed swamp maples turning in CT but I’m waiting for pictures… Even if the colors are slow like I think they will be you will be able to travel 30 minutes to an hour north to find good color…

  4. Jeff,
    I will be retiring this year after teaching over forty years! Since school always starts in September, I have never seen the fall colors of New England. At the top of my list is to FINALLY see them next year. I am a planner and that is why I am starting my research now. We would like to spend two weeks feasting on the colors. Am I right thinking arriving around September 29 and departing around October 15 would be good choice for dates? We are particularly fond of Maine, New Hampshire and especially Vermont as our area to view. I guess my dilemma is that if you follow the foliage, which is leaving it up to mother nature will there be places for us to stay with vacancies on a short notice (like just come across a place with vacancies that day). To be honest I usually plan trips to find the most quaint and atmospheric b & b and book before I leave. The balance between following the foliage and having a reservation ahead of time is hard for me to figure out. If you have an itinerary for these states with an emphasis on Vermont I truly would appreciate it. We live in California I want to make the most of the trip and not feel like I should have booked reservations, and we find ourselves stranded without anyway to stay and it is getting dark on the road.

    • As I’ve written about before. Midweek is “usually” not a problem but! The weekends and especially the Columbus day weekend is tough. You will have to be ready to leave your comfort zone of b&b or Inn behind and you may have to take a motel with a smoking rooms instead.
      We quite literally fill up on that weekend. Also that weekend is when accommodations cost the most…
      Except I will note that last Columbus day eve I was heading to Stowe and it was late (dark) when I started looking for a room. I found a place in Stowe that was only 90$ so it can work out but you have to be ready to take what you can find. Sometimes you’ll have to keep travelling to the next town.

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