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Foliage report for northern NH — 14 Comments

  1. We have friends up in Jefferson, NH and they are saying peak is at least a week away if not more than that due to the warm temps which look as if they are going to continue for at least the next ten days.

    • Hi Bob, your friends in Jefferson will know best. I came through Gorham today (28th) and it was as peak as I’ve ever seen it! simply gorgeous. Their claims of warmer temps seem optimistic. Accuweather says temps during the next 10 days drop into the 60s daytime to upper 30s to low 40s at night… with only a little rain during this time.. sounds about perfect to me… BUT Gorham is just east of Jefferson so I would assume they will be peak some time in the next week. And your friends should be the best to know this… 🙂

  2. Really appreciate your expertise on foliage, Jeff. Which would be the best bet for the Conway/ White Mtn area…Sept. 29/30 or Oct. 6/7? I have my choice of those two time periods to visit the area. Thanks!

    • I tend to go with the later dates just for the simple fact that things may be a bit early today but are bound to slow down and you will be better off catching the middle of peak… Hear that Mother Nature.. Middle of peak 6-7 Oct for the area!!! 🙂

      • It’s Sept 28 today. Do you still hold to the above? Wait until the 7th…or go back to the original date, Sept 30/Oct 1. Don’t want to be a pest, but….. 🙂

        • Well Lori I just came through that area today. From Pinkham notch south on route 16 was was on the green side and at least a week away. So I stick with my previous call. If you were interested in North of Pinkham Notch? then 30th and 1st would be best as they will be going into Peak or high color this week.

  3. HI Jeff, its been a while, but I’m reading your post whenever I get a chance. I fractured my firth metatarsal almost two weeks ago, I’m healing quite nicely, this is not going to stop my dream vacation I have planned for October 17th. Thanks for all the updates, I can hardly wait to see the foliage. Take care!!

  4. Your site has helped so much in our planning to visit New England this fall. We really appreciate it!

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