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Maine fall foliage report 26 Sept — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks wish I could but my house and my great sitter for both the house and my collie King George doesn’t work till Monday when I fly out at 12pm and get in Manchester at 2am on Tuesday

    • Well Paul, we all have to work within the schedules that we have. So this coming week is so-so but not terrible. More rain the following weekend. This is the enemy of fall foliage. I think a coastal trip up to Canada will be better but any direction will see short lived fall colors. This year the weather is working against us. You can keep up on the foliage reports as you get here and check in with me on Facebook also. Things tend flow out of there faster due to many other eyes making post with pictures.

    • Hell leave right now! 🙂 Heavy rain tomorrow could erase all the leaves. If we get a light rain and no wind then you are ok for Sunday. But apparently the colors have been showing up this week in spades in the white mountains…. It all depends on the rain received.

  2. Hi, my name is LeoPaule Fortin, on the 7th I will be coming from Idaho to travel to Trois Pistoles to meet family I never knew existed until last yr. My father Roland who died from injuries firefighting just a yr after I returned from my 2 yrs in the Vietnam war. My family never knew of any relatives but knew where his family came from Trois Pistoles. Last year at TP I found a ancestory center, the 2 very nice ladies helped me with my little understanding of French and their English ability. When they finished they traced my dads family to 1640 in Northren France. Then Julie the youngest said I am your cousin and the older lady said so am I but more distant. So this yr I fly into New Hampshire at Manchester. I’ve never driven little in New Brunswick, what do you think the colors would be like this time of year. Paul

    • 7 Oct should be very good in Manchester and as you will be driving north to Quebec, you will drive right through the fall colors and then the further north you go the more the colors will fade. Depending on when you come back south you may have to drive south of Manchester to see more colors. It all depends on the schedule.

  3. Jeff, we will be staying 3 nights in Stowe from Oct.16 to Oct 19. I sure hope it won’t be too late to see the colors! What do you think?

    • Well the colors haven’t hit peak there yet at least no one has reported it yet but they should be fading by this time. we have rain due in this next weekend and that can affect many things. We’ll see what that does to it..

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