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Bright New England fall colors to be found! — 10 Comments

  1. Some nice fall color starting in Clinton, CT heading east on I 95 toward RI. Drove through there yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the color was. I drove as far as I 395 North so I would imagine if you keep heading east out toward Mystic, CT it should still be pretty nice. Not sure whether they call that route I 95 North or East, but either one will get you there as long as your heading toward RI.

    • In the western part of the state where Kent is more then likely has bare trees at this point. Sorry.

    • Hard to say as I haven’t had to make it all the way over there with my work schedule. But after the rain and winds I doubt wholesale color will be found anywhere. I think it’s more likely that you will find small areas of great color and in between that, a lot of bare trees. If you do what I tell everyone to do which is plan for having fun with farms or farm stands along with Pumpkin festivals (pumpkintonwe USA in CT comes to mind) and over in RI there is a zoo (Roger Williams) that does Halloween up big. I hope this helps a little…

  2. Jeff,

    Drove yesterday from route 684 NY/CT line to route 84. Traveled across route 84 to route 9 (mid state) south all the way down to the shore in Old Saybrook. Sorry to say it was all well past peak. The trees in western part of CT were already missing most of their leaves. There we’re some spots of dull color along 84 closer to route 9 and some of the same south on route 9 to Old Saybrook. Coming back west along 95 from Old Saybrook to New Haven which is also along the CT shore was all well past peak.

  3. Hi Jeff – thanks for the update! Question for you – where do you think the best places to view peak colors will be around this coming Thursday/Friday (the 23rd/24th)? My husband and I will be in CT and would love to hear your thoughts.

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