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Best Fall Pictures-fond memories — 4 Comments

    • I wish I could say I invented it but I was inspired by another photographer who shared it with the world… But I did finally discover where in New England it was taken… Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do, find where a shot is… Many photographers don’t like to give up their secrets.

  1. Hi Jeff, I especially liked the information about (and photo of!) Kinsman Notch, particularly that it’s the westernmost of NH’s major notches. The notches (“cloves” we call them in the Catskills) are geographically and historically important, and, as you’ve proved here, they are prime photographic material. Thanks for this great article.

    • Kinsman notch and the Beaver pond is definitely one of my favorites to visit early in the morning and just after dawn if possible. The earlier you may find it a mirror like reflection and a foggy misty morning is just as good as a sunny morning (IMHO) Also Tom Schoeller caught it at sunset with a red and pink sky and it doesn’t suck at that time either… 🙂 Art Prints

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