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The Opening Act of New England fall foliage — 3 Comments

  1. I think you’re awesome! Great information and photos! Wondering if it’s too early to bank on any particular days in fall to see some beautiful colors? Going to take a tour this fall and if we register within the next 5 days, we get a $300 discount per person, but the days available for the discount end mid-September and starts back up in mid-October, which would generally not be the most colorful times to visit. Was wondering if this extra snowy winter would also have an effect on the foliage. Thanks for reading! Just noticed you may have posted some info for this year’s foliage or it may be other years (which I’ve read previously)–I’ll check it out.

    • Hi Doris, well lets see if we have this right a tour group has blocked out the good dates for VT and NH and much of Maine. 15 Sept is a bit early but 25 Sept on would be the best. The 15 Oct on time period is best for Massachusetts and CT/RI… Tell me the dates and locations that they are going to travel and I can make a better guess.

    • Hi Doris I haven’t heard back on my reply to your comment. Check your spam mail to see if it ended up in there. Also it appears I pulled your email for a gift and I need to know if you get this.

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