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Vermont’s twistiest scenic autumn drive — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you. I will take your advice, but I am also willing to drive into western Massachusetts and southern Vermont as well if there are any good routes.

  2. Love your photographs and your enthusiasm Jeff! I welcome any suggestions you might have for me. I will be visiting my daughter in Albany, NY in October this year. I wanted to head out for a day trip from there while she is in class on the 17 th and again on the 18 th. I know from your blog there are no guarantees, but keeping in mind I would want to see some interesting sights and catch peak leaves if I am lucky what routes could you suggest to me. I was thinking of venturing out and returning by another route to spend the night with her on each of those days. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Jo Ellen, I think you are asking about NY and according to the drought map, I think you’ll be looking into the eastern portion of the state and north of Albany

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