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Tips for creating your autumn vacation itinerary — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I know it is a busy schedule but we don’t know when we will be able to afford to visit again so want to make the most of it. Thanks once again – please feel free to use it in your articles 🙂

  2. Hi Jeff, I love your site and have visited it several times, and am now looking for some advice 🙂

    My husband and I are flying from the UK to NY on 30 Sept and staying in NY until 04 Oct. We are then getting the train to Boston and staying there for one night. We then have 5 clear days to tour New England by car before our return flight on 10 Oct (evening flight).
    I have put together the itinerary shown below – do you think it is ‘doable’? is there anything we should skip in favour of something else?

    Our absolute must do’s are Salem, Portland and Stockbridge (my husband is an artist an a massive Norman Rockwell fan so we need to see the museum) but other than that we just want to experience the beautiful views and take hundreds of photos.
    Your advice would be much appreciated – thank you

    • Arrive in Boston Sunday 04/10
    • Salem
    • Portland/ Maine (Lighthouse cruise/Marine Maritime Museum)
    • White Mountains (New Hampshire)
    • Burlington
    • Green Mountains Scenic Railway
    • Benningtons Covered Bridges Museum (Southern Vermont)
    • Stockbridge/The Berkshires (Norman Rockwell Museum)
    • Old Sturbridge Village
    • Back to Boston on Friday 09/10 ready for flight home on Saturday

    • You’ve picked a lot of good items… I may copy that and paste it in one of my articles. Salem will take 3-4 hours at a minimum. Start at the Visitor center and they will give you a really good map. The three things I suggest are this: Count Orlock’s nightmare gallery (not real scary but definitely worth a visit). The Witches Dungeon. NOT to be confused with the Witch’s lair, the witches cottage, or the witches museum, but the WM is pretty good also. The Dungeon is a one act play that details the trial of Sarah good (I think) and a little about the witch trials and what spectral evidence was. Then you go into their remake of the dungeons that the victims of the witch trials had to endure. Last visit the Friendship of Salem, a recreated 1797 east indies trader and the National park service runs this and their tours are free.
      There is also the pirate museum but that will be pushing your 3-4 hours.

      Portsmouth- tons to see. The Strawberry Banke village is the main thing that comes to mind. Haven’t done the Lighthouse cruise or the maritime museum but they sound fun.

      White Mountains… Conway, covered bridges, Jackson(go to Ravenwood or you will be sorry if you don’t), Pinkham Notch, Mount Washington cog railway ($99) to the top of the tallest mountain in New England. Across the Route 112 also known as “The Kanc” The Kancamagus highway is the Grand Dame of Scenic roads.

      Burlington VT tons to see…

      Chester VT and the Green Mountains Scenic Railway. I don’t know which way you are partial to but the route to Rockingham has the two covered bridges. The Worrel and the lower Bartonsville covered bridges. Also if you get back in the car and follow the same route you have the Vermont Country store in Rockingham. and going down to Route 5 on the Connecticut rivver and head north a few miles is The Fort at number 4 which is a recreated 1700s fort, call to see if they have an event that day or any tours

      The covered bridge museum is interesting.
      Stockbridge is 3-4 hours by itself… Eat at the Red lion…

      Old Sturbridge village has 2 covered bridges and one you will only see if you get on the boat ride. The first is the Dummerston Covered bridge at Sturbridge Village. and the other is the old entry into OSV. The covered bridge at Old Sturbridge village can be seen by clicking here.

      I will say it’s a very busy schedule. Also! You are traveling up into the colors but you are going to head back south just a little early. That isn’t to say you won’t see fall colors at the beginning of the end but I thinking they will be a little light still very nice especially once you get up into the Whites and over to the Green Mountains.

  3. Where are bed and breakfasts on Maine coast, Vermont , New Hampshire and Newport?

  4. Jeff, your site is terrific and topics excellent. However, would be good to learn about summer stuff also.

    • Well Jacob, I couldn’t agree more. My wife Lisa and I have the blog called the 4 corners of New England. You see I want this blog (Jeff Foliage) to bo a narrow focus on autumn in New England. Whereas the 4 corners as it sounds is about any thing else going on in New England. She will talk about recipes of New England favorites and I will talk about places I’ve photographed and there is usually some overlap there, like the Fort at Number four that she wrote up since French history is a favorite of hers. But most of the pictures are mine.
      Do you have a subject that you are passionate about? We just go back from the Quechee Vermont balloon festival and I heard from a friend that this mornings balloon ascension was they best in 20 years… But I’m working on the pictures as I type… So back to work.

    • Another great thing Jacob, is that except for the specific harvest festivals, most everything else will be going on all summer long!

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