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July comment to win contest — 39 Comments

  1. i love autumn so much..i was married last year in October..I wish I could get married every October just to have a huge big fall party every year…i feel so lucky to live here and have been married here..every anniversary now we will be setting out for leaf peeping 🙂

    • Sounds great and a great reason to get out and explore… Just so you know I picked the winning name at 9PM But in a few weeks you’ll have another chance…

  2. You are so lucky to live where you live. My eyes would be exhausted all fall from all the beautiful sights you get to see.

    • You made it in just before I closed the contest for the night… I was waiting and had to go and redo the number generator. 🙂

  3. After being very ill the entire summer of 2012, I loved our trip to New Hampshire & Vermont that fall to see the fall colors. We hit the Kanc in its peak and it was glorious. What a time of refreshment and continued healing. I read your website religiously preparing for that trip and still enjoy it. Someday I hope to be able to take that trip again. Thanks for you marvelous photos year round! I always look forward with anticipation to your new fall ones 🙂

  4. Your messages are helpful reminders to keep up the trip planning!

  5. I love that you keep the fall foliage spirit alive all year round! Thank you for your commentary and your amazing photos!

  6. Jeff, I enjoy reading your blog and all of the comments. We are looking forward to spending time with our relatives and enjoying the crisp air and beautiful scenery of Autumn. Thank you for all the beautiful photos. teresa young

  7. Hi Jeff,
    Every year I read your blog and then drive around VT with a cup of GM Pumpkin Spice coffee. Quentessential fall!

  8. A half dozen visits to Vermont in the fall tells you I love it! A hot air balloon ride near peak is fabulous as well as all the gorgeous sites and friendly people. I only hope I can go to Vermont some year and stay until the first snow fall. That would make it perfect for me. Thanks for your amazing pictures and head full of great information and a super web site.

  9. We are sporting 100 degrees with high pressure right on top of us and there is no end in site, and I feel every humid bit of it. I have to keep my eye on the near future when we can view the beautiful fall foliage in October. It keeps me marching on.

  10. Love your photos, posts and website Jeff. Our first trip to Vermont was October of last year. We’ve already booked our return this year in October to include Maine, New Hampshire and a return to Vermont. Thought I loved Texas…but left my heart in New England last year and just have to return to find it again! In fact, found a spot in a cemetery in Vermont and told my husband when the time comes, bring me back here. Whether you bury me or sprinkle me, just bring me back here! Far from retirement, but already looking forward to spending a lot more time back East when we get the chance and long before I have to go ten feet under!

  11. I grew up in Connecticut, but live in Colorado. My husband and I plan to move back to the East Coast within 5 years or so, as I am still a New Englander at heart and miss it every day!! <3

  12. Your Fall Foliage information has inspired us to visit the New England area this fall. We have never visited this part of our beautiful United States. Each time we read your posts and look at your amazing photos, it makes us want to skip passed the 100+ degree summer temperatures in New Mexico and head straight into fall!

  13. Fall is the best time of the year here in southern Delaware–for many reasons! Can’t wait!

  14. Hi Jeff! I just love your webpage and your pictures are amazing.

  15. Hi Jeff. We are looking forward to our fall visit to New England and appreciate your predictions! I’m a California native but lived in Michigan for 15 years. I realize Michigan isn’t New England, but the fall colors there were beautiful. I’m living back home in California now and I do love California, but I still miss those fall colors in Michigan, and I can’t wait to see New England in the fall—-thank you for your website!

    • You are very welcome. just make sure to share it with all your friends who are getting tired of 100 degree temps. The temperature on my site is a constant 68 degrees during the day and a brisk 42 degrees at night. The days are always sunny and each night is clear and cool. It only rains while you sleep and when you get on the back roads and you get lost, you always find a general store serving great coffee and directions to incredible fall foliage views… At least that’s what I find on my site… 🙂

  16. Hi Jeff, had to laugh about the pressed leaves! I just found 2 red maple leaves on the floor of my SUV yesterday – must’ve fallen out of a book or magazine. We bring them home every year, bringing back a little New England with us.

    • I have several books full of leaves… Some have been soaked in glycerin and I’m trying to see if that is a good way to do it… but either way if I keep at this long enough I need a bigger library…

  17. Your beautiful cemetery picture reminded me that I’m going to visit Hope cemetery in Vermont on my fall trip from Georgia. I should be at Hope around October 7. The purpose of the trip is to see fall foliage but if I can see some quirky sites, I’m up for that too.

  18. I am insanely envious of your job. Especially in the Fall. Your photos and posts are a welcome sight on my news feeds. I just wish I was out there with you.
    As George Eliot says: “Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive Autumns.”

  19. Your photos and comments are always a highlight of my day. What better way to start the morning!

  20. I love your photos, Jeff! My Fall Foliage photos always look so washed out that I now tend to shoot only against a blue sky or scattered leaves on the ground. I need a class! Thanks for sharing your photos and giving me a chance to see New England again.

  21. We are coming from UK in October most of the time will be in Vermont but travelling round. Your website is great and with each new post I get more excited about our trip.

  22. I adore the fall, it is my favorite time of the year and I am so excited that this year I will be experiencing it in New England :o)

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