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Zone planning for fall foliage — 6 Comments

  1. We booked our B&B’s in April and in doing so came across your blog. From California- 9/27/15-10/7/15 … flying into Boston then Quechee, VT, Jackson, NH, Orguquist, ME and then a couple days back in Boston! I enjoy reading all you have to say. In fact I open your mail before any other when it appears in my inbox! It is fascinating to me that mother nature is so magical and has such a flip of the coin approach when it comes to fall foliage colors. I am a planner when it comes to travel and will continue to plan fun sights to see over our 10 day trip and hope we are somewhere in New England at the “peak time.” Any color will be magical for us being from Cali. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Well Robyn, I’m glad you enjoy my site… (share it with all your friends, the more the merrier) 🙂
      Your dates look pretty good. as to the start in Quechee. You will see color in that area but you will want to dive up into the NE corner of VT, also known as the North East Kingdom (NEK). You will want to explore places like lyndon (train museum. Also Danville VT is very scenic and in a few weeks we should have dates for the NEK fall foliage festivals. They usually start around the 27/29th of Sept and then each day it continues in a different town… I have links on my site but the dates aren’t out yet. you can read about them and I’ll update the events soon…

  2. Oh it’s so confusing! Bottom line for me is: I’m flying from Georgia to Portland. I had to decide when my best chances would be and make airline reservations. Also plan a route into New Hampshire and Vermont and make lodging reservations in order to not worry about getting shut out. Leaving Georgia on October 4. I’ll iust be excited to be there no matter what the condition of the trees.

    • I know Cheryl and I hope I didn’t make it tougher. There are no easy answers on finding the fall colors. That is why I say don’t come JUST for the colors. I tell folks to come for the history, the small towns, the mountains, and all the things you can you can discover here. In between all those things you will very likely find incredible fall colors.
      It’s the whole package that people should come for and it sounds like you did all the right things… If you need to ask a question from the road.. you can reach me on my Facebook page… 🙂

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