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5 covered bridges you may have missed — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for those detailed directions. I’m totally confident that we’ll be able to find all of them. Can’t wait!!!!

  2. I just read your blog on covered bridges. I looked on the map and WOW, our planned route takes us so close that I just HAVE to divert and go see them. Let me see if I have this clear. They are all on 12 except for one which is on 12A? Cutting south at Montpelier, are the first four located before the12A fork? This October 4 trip is just sounding better and better. Thank you for all of your valuable information.

    Marietta, GA

    • Hi Cheryl,, well if you are heading south out of Montpelier on Route 12, you’ll head 8.3 miles until you hit Cox Brook rd. (the first 3 covered bridges. Then come back out on Route 12, heading south and you will travel a short distance (like your next right…) Is the Slaughterhouse covered bridge. (#4) and the south past the college to where 12A turns off. (just a mile or two) then another 1-2 miles until Stony brook road and about a mile to the bridge. (5.1 miles from Slaughterhouse to Stony Brook (or Moseley covered bridge) Two names, same bridge)

  3. Thank you for the information Jeff. We will plan to travel on RT 12 in Vermont. Any new updates on the foliage season for Sept when we are up there.

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